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Big decisions, small data

Big decisions, small data | Decision Intelligence News |
The decision is only as good as the data that supports it” is an often-misunderstood claim. For example, a pollster can reliably predict an election result based on interviews with a tiny percentage of the electorate.
Lorien Pratt's insight:

Often it's the decision that matters, more than the data that supports it.  Why? Because data is just one ingredient.  A complex systems model, human expertise, and other factors are needed to complete the picture

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AI/BI/CI/DI: Decision intelligence (DI) solves the world's most complex problems by connecting actions to outcomes.  It connects collaborating human decision makers to knowledge and also to technologies like machine learning, AI, deep learning, visual decision modeling, complex systems modeling, big data, predictive analytics, UX design, statistical analysis, business intelligence, business process management, causal reasoning, evidence-based analysis, and more. See For an overview, see the webinar at,, and the Decision Intelligence group:   Also, my company offers DI and machine learning consulting services.  See to learn more.  Don't miss the latest DI news! Sign up at
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