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Content Distribution

Effortlessly share engaging content to all your social channels and newsletters.
Skyrocket your reach by distributing curated content.


Save time finding the best content for your target audience’s advanced content curation solution helps you find content to keep your social media presence active and interesting. Create and save your content queries with and build up credibility by sharing the best content across networks.

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Schedule content for distribution across all your social channels

Easily distribute curated content across multiple social channels: from corporate accounts and pages to team members’ personal accounts.

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Leverage content distribution via email by creating newsletters in minutes

Create email newsletters with a simple drag and drop feature within your curated content interface.

The and MailChimp integration allows you to export your newsletter directly in MailChimp as a campaign draft.

Nurture and educate your prospects by easily exporting newsletters to your CRM and marketing automation solutions (such as Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Salesforce…).

Work with predefined templates and adapt them to match your brand’s style in a few clicks or build custom HTML templates to create unique newsletters.

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Disseminate top-curated content to your employees

Build collaborative content hubs and newsletters to gather content on your key topics of interest. Manage content as a team and let your employees share the best-curated pieces to their followers.

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Distribute curated content on your enterprise social network

Connect your Yammer profiles and groups to to distribute curated content for your team to leverage.
Increase your employees’ engagement by sharing relevant and high-quality content.

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