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Chick-fil-A CANCELS presentation before the #NewtownPA Planning Commission Meeting

Chick-fil-A CANCELS presentation before the #NewtownPA Planning Commission Meeting | Newtown News of Interest |

BREAKING NEWS (5/10/2024; 9:04 AM):  The Twp Mgr just notified supervisors: "The Township has been granted an indefinite extension for the Chick Fil A zoning hearing application. The application will not be scheduled for review unless the applicant notifies the Township of its intent to proceed with the application."


Just 3 hours before the April 16, 2024, Planning Commission meeting, lawyers representing Newtown Equities LLC/Chick-fil-A, CANCELED their planned presentation before the Commission. I think they were not prepared to be confronted by the angry residents expected to show up.


When the meeting ended, I spoke to about 6 residents who were still in the parking lot wondering what the next step was. I suggested that they contact their representatives on the Board of Supervisors.


In case you wish to do the same, here’s the names and official email addresses of Supervisors:


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I'm quoted in article:


“There’s a line already to get onto the bypass in the morning from Newtown-Yardley Road. That intersection is going to be quite busy and it’s an important intersection. And obviously I guess it’s going to be developed more like an urban type of intersection,” Mack said.


“I think a lot of people are concerned about the urbanization of Newtown, how it’s changing from when they first came here when it was more of rural atmosphere. Those are some of the comments I’ve been getting.”


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