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Translational communication jobs
Job opportunities for translators, interpreters, terminologist, and the like...
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Metaglossia Digest 15-04-17

On translation, interpreting, terminology, lexicography and intercultural communication / Traduction, interprétation, terminologie, lexicographie et communication interculturelle by Charles Tiayon!
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Associate/Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Applied Translation Studies (Ref: DHSS160904)

BNU - HKBU UNITED INTERNATIONAL COLLEGEMore jobs from this company >
BNU – HKBU UNITED INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, ZHUHAI, PRC BNU-HKBU United International College (UIC) is located in Zhuhai, one of the most environmental-friendly cities in China, with Hong Kong to the east and Macao to the south. UIC, jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist... More
Associate/Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Applied Translation Studies (Ref: DHSS160904)
Job level Middle
Education Master Degree
Location China
Employment type Full Time
Industry Education / Training
Job function Education / Training > Teacher - Higher Education
Published On 15/04/2017
Candidates with expertise in the following areas: Putonghua-English Interpreting, Chinese-English Practical Translation and Translation Theory.

Candidates should have a PhD degree or have a Master’s degree with extensive working experience in a related discipline.  Successful candidates are expected to be committed to excellence in undergraduate or postgraduate teaching. Preference will be given to candidates who can undertake independent research leading to outstanding outcomes, including publications in high quality international-refereed journals.

Appointment Terms
Appointment to these positions will initially be made on a fixed-term contract of two years. Commencing salaries will be commensurate with qualifications and relevant experience. Fringe benefits include housing allowance (applicable to Assistant Professor and above), leave and medical insurance. Continuation of appointment beyond the initial term will be subject to mutual agreement.

Application Procedures
Please send your application by emailing to Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a completed “Job Application Form” which can be downloaded from Please indicate the position being applied for, including the field of expertise, level and reference number. The College reserves the right not to fill the positions, or to extend the search until suitable candidates are identified or to make an appointment by invitation.

Closing Date: 5 May, 2017 - Associate/Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Applied Translation Studies (Ref: DHSS160904) - is a part of Education / Training, Education / Training, in Hong Kong, placed by BNU - HKBU UNITED INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE!
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Multilingual DTP: Always an Adventure!

As a translation project manager, there’s never a dull moment. Over the course of a day, I communicate with linguists and clients across every time zone and assure the quality and delivery of documents from many different subject domains into many different languages. All sorts of unexpected problems arise requiring me to think outside of the box and find creative solutions.

One area of my job that creates unusual situations is desktop publishing (DTP). Multilingual desktop publishing is the process of reformatting a translated brochure or catalog to account for the different “look” of a new language. What could be so hard about formatting a translated document? It’s more complicated than you might think. There are many reasons why we can’t just use InDesign to put translated text in the space where the English text used to be. Sometimes the biggest challenge of multilingual DTP is reconciling the design preferences of the client with the limitations and idiosyncrasies of the written target language. In these cases, my responsibility as a project manager is to figure out (and diplomatically explain) a solution that works for the client while maintaining the readability of the translation for the client’s audience.

Text length

Complications occur when the client wants the translated document to have the same number of pages as the English source. This is not always possible, because of text expansion or contraction. Romance languages use up to 30% more characters than English; French and Italian “expand” during translation and require more space on the page. On the other hand, some Asian languages contract. A Chinese translation of a document that looks perfectly formatted in English can appear sparse, with too much white space.

We use a tool to create a pseudo-translation to anticipate what design changes may be needed to compensate for this. Pseudo-translation creates a “dummy” translation that mimics the qualities of the target language and predicts the size of the translated document. This is an effective way to demonstrate to a client the impact of text expansion or contraction for the document or application as a whole.

While working on the Spanish translation of a patient guidebook for the non-profit organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer, our desktop publishing team ran into different text expansion-related design issues. Although the client did not need the Spanish guidebook to have the same total number of pages as the English source, they did need to have certain information and images on target pages whose numbers corresponded to the source page numbers.

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Spanish “expands” 25-30%. Had this had been a digital translation project, we might have accommodated expansion by selectively using a smaller font. However, for a print document, a small font size is too hard to read. Working together with the desktop publisher and client, we developed a style guide that addressed their specific needs and also provided multiple solutions for reflowing text. The style guide helped the desktop publishers working on other languages to effectively incorporate the client’s specific needs.

Page structure

I’ve also learned that right-to-left languages like Arabic present their own unique set of challenges. For example, it’s a common misconception that only the Arabic text needs to be oriented from right-to-left. In fact, the entire layout needs to be flipped.

Another design issue I’ve encountered occurs when the text of documents or software strings contain both Arabic and English text. It takes an experienced desktop publisher to know how to reverse direction mid-sentence, to incorporate the left-to-right reading English words with the left-to-right reading Arabic text. Numbers also add complexity, as these are typically presented left-to-right even in the context of right-to-left Arabic. Here is an example of an English-language text translated and localized into Arabic.


A client may want to use their corporate font so that localized documents are visually consistent with their other publications. However, the corporate font might not include the characters needed for the target language. In this case, a substitute font has to be used.

Character encoding mismatch
If a substitute font is used, we prefer to deliver multilingual desktop publishing projects as “outlined” files, in order to ensure the stability of the design. If a client opens a “native” file on a machine that does not have the proper font installed, the computer will either deliver gibberish (because of character mismatches) or substitute an available font, whose different dimensions will destroy the formatting. Although a client might prefer to receive the “native,” editable InDesign files, for Asian languages we provide an outlined version, which freezes the text (like a .pdf) and prevents substitute fonts from hijacking the layout, especially if the file will be opened several times on its way to print.

Line and page breaks

6 characters, 2 syllable blocks
It is relatively easy to create correct line breaks with languages that use spaces between words in the same way that English does. But other languages have different rules about where line breaks can fall. I have encountered problems with text-wrapping and line breakage when formatting Korean texts for brochures and e-learning modules. Korean words are are composed of syllable blocks. Each syllable block contains 2-3 characters. This can cause problems because Korean words are improperly truncated when line breaks fall between the wrong syllable blocks. Similarly, in Chinese, a single word might be composed of one character, or of several characters. If line breaks separate a multi-character word, the meaning of the whole sentence can change. The most skilled user of InDesign cannot format a Chinese or Korean text if they can’t read that language. In addition, it is impossible to translate phrase-by-phrase between English and Korean, because the syntax is so different. Therefore, a request to have the exact same information on corresponding pages can’t always be accommodated. This face especially impacts English-Korean translations for software strings and user interfaces.

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all in desktop publishing, a client will ask for something new. It’s my job to accommodate the request as best I can while clearly explaining why the structure of a particular target language might not allow it. Asking questions before starting a project, creating a style guide based on what worked during previous jobs, and speaking with the desktop publishing team about potential pitfalls are all ways to prepare for whatever unexpected situations may arise.!
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Rédacteur(rice)/Réviseur(e) Espagnol Européen/Anglais - European Spanish/English Editor/Reviser

Gameloft Rédacteur(rice)/Réviseur(e) Espagnol Européen/Anglais - European Spanish/English Editor/Reviser | SmartRecruiters!
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Looking for proofreaders of Christian books -

Source language(s): English Target language(s): German Details of the project: We are Christians. The proofreader needs to have translated or proofread Christian books before. Our book need to be translated from English to German. So we nee!
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Game translation -

We are currently hiring a team of experienced game/marketing EN-NL translators for several projects. These projects will be translated from our headquarters in Malaga, Spain, so remote work is not possible. If you are experienced, detail orientate!
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Office Assistant IV - Interpreter Services - Fixed Term (1.0 FTE, Days) in Palo Alto, CA - Stanford Children's Health/Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford

When you come to work for Stanford Children's Health, you’ll encounter a culture of compassion, respect, accountability, and family-centered care.!
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Sign Language Interpreter I

Sign language interpreters will act as communication mediums in multiple settings such as classes, scheduled appointments and special events throughout the University. Provides sign language interpreting for higher education classes, university appointments, and special events. Reports all class changes and relevant student information to the Interpreting Services Coordinator. Adheres to the RID-NAD Code of Professional Conduct. May assist students in the interaction and communication with other students and staff. May attend department meetings and conferences to endure adherence to university policies and procedures.Performs other job related duties as assigned.!
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Sign Language Interpreter II (Part-Time)

*This is a Part-time Position* Sign language interpreters will act as communication mediums in multiple settings such as classes, scheduled appointments and special events throughout the University. 1. Provides sign language interpreting for higher education classes and university appointments and special events. 2. Reports all class changes and relevant student information to the Interpreter Coordinator. 3. Adheres to the RID-NAD Code of Professional Conduct. 4. Performs other job related duties as assigned.!
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Greetings from China! I am a Beijing girl with overseas' educational experience.!
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Haitian Creole Interpreter I- per diem Rotating Days, Eve, Nights Description at BOSTON MEDICAL CENTER

Learn more about applying for Haitian Creole Interpreter I- per diem Rotating Days, Eve, Nights at BOSTON MEDICAL CENTER!
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Volunteer: Swahili Translator -

This position requires the following skills: Translation, Verbal / Written Communication, Swahili, Reading Comprehension, English, Literacy / Reading.!
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Freelance English into Bulgarian Translator -

SDI Media, the world's largest supplier of subtitling services for the television, cinema, video and DVD industries, is looking for English to Bulgarian freelance translators for an upcoming subtitling project. QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS •Excellent English understanding. •Recognized translation qualification and/or translation/proofreading/editing experience in Bulgarian. •Native speaker in Bulgarian. •Must be able to meet deadlines. •Commitment to upholding the company’s high translation standard. •Must be equipped to work off-site (computer with Windows operating system, internet connection, e-mail access) We provide the English subtitle template file, video file for reference and the translation software. Interested applicants will have to pass a test. Only applicants with relevant experience and/or education will be contacted. To apply or for further details, please email Please put “Bulgarian” and your name in the subject line.!
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Entreprise cherche traducteur parlant couramment l’emoji

Apparemment, la traduction de pictogrammes, dont le sens peut ne pas être le même d’une culture à l’autre, est un secteur « en potentielle croissance ».!
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Translator of French and Spanish to English job | Adecco | 5517180

Translator of French and Spanish to English in Manufacturing with Adecco. Apply Today.!
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Job Vacancies ( $USD 3,700 ) : Online Translator ( English) To (Malay) vice versa

Translation Service for Chinese, Arabic, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, English, German, Russian!
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Translator (French) // Traducteur-trice (Français) (Montreal, QC, Canada)

RESPONSIBILITIES Translate all the product descriptions and designer biographies into French in conformity with the SSENSE guidelines. Monitor, maintain and!
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Translation Manager / Head of Translation

Permanent / Full-Time Translation Manager / Head of Translation vacancy in Bristol, South West England £25,000 to £30,000!
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Sign Language Interpreter (part-time hourly)

Clark College is gathering applications for a pool of part-time Sign Language Interpreter to work in the Disability Support Services Department. Under the direction of the Disability Support Services (DSS) Lead Interpreter, this position will provide sign language interpreting services for classroom and related activities. The number of hours and work periods will vary depending upon student enrollment, but the hours will not exceed 840 hours in any 12-month period. The salary is $25-50/hour depending on certification, education, and experience.!
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French Translator (maternity leave replacement)

National Money Mart French Translator (maternity leave replacement) | SmartRecruiters!
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Finding Native Algerian French Translators, Mechanics Fields with CAT tools -

We are Good Enterprise Limited,a leading translation service provider in the fields of electric, electronics, automotive, computer games, IT and software localization etc. We mainly deal with user manuals, gift box features, marketing materials!
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Afrikaans language teacher needed in Christchurch -

Language Trainers is an international language training company offering private language classes throughout the country . Our clients, either individuals or companies, typically look for tailor made training at their homes or offices. They always tell us their training needs before they book with us and it is our job to recruit the best possible tutor - we hope it is you! While we are looking specifically for tutors for our client (as specified below), we generally seek instructors across the state (especially, but not exclusively for our 5 main languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian)Please feel free to apply (and/or encourage colleagues to apply) even if you cannot take on this particular position. Currently, we are urgently seeking a trainer for one of our clients. Course details are:Language Required: Afrikaans (FACE TO FACE)Location: Christchurch, 8024Length of Course: 30 hoursType of Course: GeneralNumber of Students: 1 adultLevel of Student(s): beginnerPreferred Start Date: asapPreferred Schedule: once a week, on week days during the evening Compensation is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. We require very little administration or paperwork from you. In order to be eligible for this position, you should have a high written and oral language level and/or have a language degree and at least two years experience in teaching. You will also be required a visa/work permit if you are not a citizen.Candidates who do not match these criteria will not be considered in the recruitment process. We offer freelance part time positions, and cannot sponsor any visa. If you think you are the right teacher for this position please send your resume and references.We look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Valeria Almeida Teacher Recruitment Assistant Language Trainers – established 2004“Any language, any time, anywhere”Language Trainers clients include:Gucci Group – Australia Defence Force - XStrataTotal E&P - Citigroup - Siemens - Ernst & Young - ValorizaPreferred Supplier for General Electric and Rio TintoLanguage Trainers Australia5/206 Murrumbeena RdMurrumbeena, VIC 3163Tel: +61 (0) 2 9037 2995 /+61 (0) 3 84004712 Fax: +61 (0) 2 9037 8591 /+61 (0) 3 84004713 Language Trainers is a trading name of Pro Languages Pty Ltd and is an ISO9001:2008 accredited organisation.!
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CV Translation needed, 2 pages only, yet good and accurate Chinese-English -

I need a good, accurate and positive translation. Contact by email to receive the document. 2 pages only, standard CV!
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Needed! Translator for movie subtitles from English to Vietnamese -

I need someone to translate movie subtitles from English to Vietnamese on a regular basis (once a month, maybe more if possible). Movies are between 1h30-2h30 long and tackle various issues around subjects like cities, environment, urban life.!
Duong Ngoc Bui's comment, December 14, 2016 3:12 AM
Hi, I'm interested, how can I contact you