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:: The 4th Era ::
Impact of the internet age on human culture and K-20 education policy/administration
Curated by Jim Lerman
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Introducing this work

Introducing this work | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

For the purposes of this site, the history of human interaction with information may be divided into 4 eras. The first (spoken) era ended with the invention of writing around 3000-4000 BC. The second era ended with the invention of the printing press in 1440. The third era ended, and the fourth began, with the invention of the Internet (depending how one defines its operational beginning) somewhere between 1969 and 1982. We now exist early, but decidedly, in the fourth era.


All readers may not agree with this interpretation of the history of information, especially with the division and numbering of the eras. That is not the main point. Rather, it is that humankind presently exists in an era distinctly different from the one that preceded it -- that in fact, this new era is accompanied with, and characterized by, a new - and quite different - information landscape. This new Internet information landscape will challenge, disrupt, and overpower the print-oriented one that came before it. It will not completely obliterate that which preceded it, but it will render it to a subsidiary, rather than primary, level of influence.


Just as the printing press altered humanity's relationship with information, thereby resulting in massive restructuring of political, religious, economic, social, educational, cultural, scientific, and other realms of life; so too will the advance of digital technology occasion analogous transformations in the corresponding universe of present and future human activity.


This site will concern itself primarily with how K-20 education in the US, and the people who comprise its constituencies, may be affected by this transformative movement from one era to the next. All ideas considered here appear, to me at least, to impact the learning enterprise in some way. Accordingly, this work looks at the present and the future through a lens that is predominantly, but far from entirely, a digital one. -JL

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Teaching with AI:: OpenAI

Teaching with AI:: OpenAI | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

"We’re sharing a few stories of how educators are using ChatGPT to accelerate student learning and some prompts to help educators get started with the tool. In addition to the examples below, our new FAQ contains additional resources from leading education organizations on how to teach with and about AI, examples of new AI-powered education tools, and answers to frequently asked questions from educators about things like how ChatGPT works, its limitations, the efficacy of AI detectors, and bias.

"How teachers are using ChatGPT

"Role playing challenging conversations
Dr. Helen Crompton, Professor of Instructional Technology at Old Dominion University, encourages her education graduate students to use ChatGPT as a stand-in for a particular persona—like a debate partner who will point out weaknesses in their arguments, a recruiter who’s interviewing them for a job, or a new boss who might deliver feedback in a specific way. She says exploring information in a conversational setting helps students understand their material with added nuance and new perspective.

"Building quizzes, tests, and lesson plans from curriculum materials
Fran Bellas, a professor at Universidade da Coruña in Spain, recommends teachers use ChatGPT as an assistant in crafting quizzes, exams and lesson plans for classes. He says to first share the curriculum to ChatGPT and then ask for things like fresh quiz and lesson plan ideas that use modern or culturally relevant examples. Bellas also turns to ChatGPT to help teachers make sure questions they write themselves are inclusive and accessible for the students’ learning level. “If you go to ChatGPT and ask it to create 5 question exams about electric circuits, the results are very fresh. You can take these ideas and make them your own.”

"Reducing friction for non-English speakers
Dr. Anthony Kaziboni, the Head of Research at the University of Johannesburg, teaches students who mostly don’t speak English outside of the classroom. Kaziboni believes that command of English is a tremendous advantage in the academic world, and that misunderstandings of even small details of English grammar can hold back students from recognition and opportunity. He encourages his students to use ChatGPT for translation assistance, to improve their English writing, and to practice conversation.

"Teaching students about critical thinking
Geetha Venugopal, a high school computer science teacher at the American International School in Chennai, India, likens teaching students about AI tools to teaching students how to use the internet responsibly. In her classroom, she advises students to remember that the answers that ChatGPT gives may not be credible and accurate all the time, and to think critically about whether they should trust the answer, and then confirm the information through other primary resources. The goal is to help them “understand the importance of constantly working on their original critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills.”

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The AI Advantage: Boosting Student Engagement in Self-paced Learning through AI

The AI Advantage: Boosting Student Engagement in Self-paced Learning through AI | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

How can we ensure learning experiences remain engaging, personalized, and effective? The answer lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

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How to Delete Private Browsing History and Protect Your Privacy  :: MakeUseOf

How to Delete Private Browsing History and Protect Your Privacy  :: MakeUseOf | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

"Most people use the incognito browsing mode when they want to keep their browsing history private. But did you know that incognito mode isn't actually private?

"When using incognito mode in your web browser, you may think that your activities are completely anonymous and untraceable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other third-party entities may still be able to track your online activity, even during private browsing. Not only that but if you share your device with others, even they can find out what you visited in incognito mode."

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The 6 Best AI-Powered Mac Apps to Save Time and Be More Productive :: MakeUseOf

The 6 Best AI-Powered Mac Apps to Save Time and Be More Productive :: MakeUseOf | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

"When time is limited, equipping yourself with the right tools will enable you to accomplish more. Although your Mac already has several built-in features and apps to help you be more productive, you may still need something extra to complete the job.

"Fortunately, several macOS apps have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline your workflow and automate mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on the important stuff. Below, we'll cover the best AI-powered Mac apps to boost your productivity."

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Quizlet's State of AI in Education Survey Reveals Teachers Are Surprise AI Champions

Quizlet's State of AI in Education Survey Reveals Teachers Are Surprise AI Champions | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it
/PRNewswire/ -- Global study platform Quizlet today launched its first-ever State of AI in Education Report, polling students and teachers in the US o
Oskar Almazan's curator insight, September 18, 2:47 PM
Key findings include: 62% of all respondents have used AI technologies Students agree that AI technologies help them better understand material (73%) and study faster or more efficiently (67%) Students who study three hours or more per night are more likely to say they have used AI technologies A similar percentage of students (47%) and teachers (48%) say AI technologies have had a positive impact on the student learning experience 42% of all respondents report that AI creates a more equitable system
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8 Big Problems With OpenAI's ChatGPT :: MakeUseOf

8 Big Problems With OpenAI's ChatGPT :: MakeUseOf | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

"ChatGPT is a powerful AI chatbot that is quick to impress, yet plenty of people have pointed out that it has some serious pitfalls.

"From security breaches to incorrect answers to the undisclosed data it was trained on, there are plenty of concerns about the AI-powered chatbot. Yet, the technology is already being incorporated into apps and used by millions, from students to company employees.


"With no sign of AI development slowing down, the problems with ChatGPT are even more important to understand. With ChatGPT set to change our future, here are some of the biggest issues."

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A Free, Downloadable ‘Assessment For Learning’ Prompt sheet. –

A Free, Downloadable ‘Assessment For Learning’ Prompt sheet. – | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it
Assessment for Learning (AfL) is the process of finding out how much progress students have made in their learning and then planning next steps for them. What does successful AfL look like? Strategies to 'see' the progress of learners are vital in lessons - constant checking of who is excelling and who is struggling.  Once…

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How to Download Any Video From the Internet: 11 Free Methods :: MakeUseOf

How to Download Any Video From the Internet: 11 Free Methods :: MakeUseOf | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it
Thankfully, downloading videos off the internet is surprisingly easy. Almost always, all you need to do is copy and paste the video URL onto a dedicated video download site.

Below, we look at the best sites and apps that allow you to download videos for free. We cover video downloaders for specific social media sites, flexible all-in-one downloaders, and screen recorders so you can be sure to get any video you want online.

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Microsoft's Free AI Online Course for Educators :: Vicki Davis

Microsoft's Free AI Online Course for Educators :: Vicki Davis | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it
Navigate AI in education by looking at essential AI concepts, techniques, and tools, highlighting practical applications. AI can support personalized learning, automate daily tasks, and provide insights for data-driven decision making.
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Totally! Your questions are great and show a real desire to learn. It is inspiring to see someone actively searching for information and participating in lively discussions. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your knowledge and passion. You can gain a better understanding of your life and yourself by asking questions. Your curiosity will prove to be an invaluable asset in your journey. Never stop exploring and using your curiosity. Every question can lead you to amazing insights and discoveries.

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