Recommendations and Interests


An Interest is a group of topics based on the same big idea. Categorize your topic into the most relevant interest group to have your topic recommended by your peers.

Not seeing the option to categorize your topic yet? Keep curating! Once our robots detect your topic has enough scoops, reactions, insights and views, you’ll be able to do so.

Discover by Interest

After categorizing your topic, it will be visible in the Interest directory and will be discoverable by the 75 million visitors to

Topic are ranked within Interests according to the number of recommendations they receive from the community, combined with a little input from our robots.

Curate the best you can to receive many recommendations and level up to Gold!


Your topic is being recommended by other users for being the best content curation on your topic of expertise. Think of this like another user vouching for how great your topic is. Enough recommendations from your peers benefits you by increasing your visibility in the search, as a recommended topic to other users, and within the Interest directory.

  • Silver: Youve done some great curation, been spotted by our robots, correctly categorized your topic, and have received recommendations from your peers. Keep up the good work to level up to Gold.
  • Gold: Youre a giant among curators and your work is world-class awesome. Thanks for being an incredible role model to the curator community!

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