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David Adair -The Secret Space Shuttle Program You Did Not Get to See

In this workshop, Space technology expert and former NASA rocket designer David Adair shares his insight into what the Aerospace Community had intended to build in space with the Shuttle Program. These projects have never been seen before or announced to the public.

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Technologies we should have had and didn't. We took a wrong turn some time during the second half of the 20th century... 


Decoder159's comment, May 24, 1:11 AM
Decoder159's comment, May 24, 1:11 AM
Decoder159's comment, May 24, 1:11 AM
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Magnetic Energy Converter 2024 - Sergei Godin

Magnetic Energy Converter 2024 - Sergei Godin | Cool Future Technologies |


Presentation given on the 10th April 2024

S.M.Godin, A.S.Godin

Laboratory "Felix Mundi" Shenzhen, PRC,
Speaker: Sergey M. Godin


Experimental studies presented in this report continue the series of works started 30 years ago. Previously, the following effects were found to occur under normal conditions in a moving magnetic system assembled from rare-earth magnets:
Generation of mechanical energy in self-sustained operation. 

Change in the weight of the device as the device rotates. 

Reversibility of weight change with respect to the direction of rotation of the rotor. 

Existence of a certain hysteresis between left and right rotations. 

Some dependence of the weight of the platform on the supply of high voltage to the ring electrodes located around the rotor. 

Variation of the device weight from the value of the output active load. 

Formation of local concentric magnetic and temperature fields at a distance of up to 15 m from the experimental unit. 

Presence of corona discharge around the rotor with emission of pink-blue light and emission of odour. 

In a recent series of experiments carried out in China with a small-sized MEC mock-up, the effect of rotor rotation on the generation of sound around the setup and the effect on the gas pressure in a hermetically sealed vessel were found. 

Attempts were made to explain the observed phenomena on the basis of attraction of ether medium.

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

This is work done in Russia inspired by the magnetic generator with antigravity effect originally invented by John Searle in the 1950s. The salient effects, self-running operation and anti-gravity effects among other things, were confirmed. 

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Hydrogen 'water engine' breaks power records - better than hydrogen alone

Hydrogen 'water engine' breaks power records - better than hydrogen alone | Cool Future Technologies |

The Austrian company AVL Racetech has developed a powerful hydrogen combustion engine. It has emerged as a result of the collaboration of engineers from AVL Racetech and the HUMDA laboratory in Hungary.


The innovative hydrogen combustion engine has a novelty that makes it special: a water injection system. With this addition, the power problem traditionally linked to these types of engines is solved. 


Port Fuel Injection or PFI inserts traditional water into the engine’s air intake system, preventing premature ignition that could damage the components and achieves stoichiometric combustion. Translated, this means that the resulting air-fuel ratios are more or less fixed. 


The result of this exhaustive work has been a two-liter hydrogen engine that produces 410 hp and 500 Newton-meters of torque between 3,000 and 4,000 revolutions per minute, achieving a specific power density of approximately 205 hp per liter (150 kW per liter). 

See the whole article here: 


AVL press release on testing the motor: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

An Austro/Hungarian collaboration has allowed to overcome limits of hydrogen combustion motors. Port Fuel Injection of water moderates combustion and increases motor power.

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Cold Fusion - time to review?

Cold Fusion - time to review? | Cool Future Technologies |

"The question of whether the phenomenon known as ‘cold fusion’ has been proven has captivated scientists ever since the claims made by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons at the University of Utah in 1989.


Their observation of heat effects in electro-chemically driven palladium–deuterium experiments were consistent with nuclear but not chemical or stored energy sources. The importance of their discovery cannot be understated as the need for energy innovation has never been greater..." 

This website explains in some detail the company's ready-to-use implementation of Cold Fusion, or let's rather call it Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), how this might be put to use in energy production. 

Keep an open mind, there are energy solutions out there that were previously not given a fair hearing ... this may be one of them. 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

This website explains in some detail the company's ready-to-use implementation of Cold Fusion, or let's rather call it Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), how this might be put to use in energy production. 

Keep an open mind, there are energy solutions out there that were previously not given a fair hearing ... this may be one of them. 

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Toyota CEO: This New Engine Will Destroy The Entire EV Industry!

get ready to dive into the future of Toyota as it's developing a new Water powered engine to destroy its competition. in today's video, we will explore the concept of Water Engines and its plan to dominate the entire automotive industry with its help.

Electric brings another video about electric cars, recent technology, and exciting news about Tesla, Elon Musk, Ford, Toyota, space, and more car and technology-related topics. We dive into the world of cars and present you with information on the car industry to get you up to date with what’s happening in the car, space, and technology industry.

Disclaimer: Our content is based on facts, rumors, and fiction.

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Would be nice if what for now is a rumor could turn into actual reality where one day we might be able to buy a water powered car, not to mention a water powered electricity generator for our house...

"Disclaimer: Our content is based on facts, rumors, and fiction."

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I turn HDD computer into a 220 electric battery high performance

This guy, King Homemade, has some wonderful unconventional ideas on how to re-use everyday technological waste and to turn it into useful gadgets, producing electricity or doing other kind of work... 


The video linked here is about turning old computer hard drive disks into an electricity-producing array to be submerged in water. 


There are other ideas such as using permanent magnets in various ways to generate electricity. 


It's the free energy enthusiasts/inventors not trying to be an inventor in search of a producer, taking out patents, but to produce videos while at the same time spreading useful information.


You can subscribe to the channel HERE:


Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Finally we have some inventors who don't want to be 'inventors' taking out patents but youtubers who simply make videos of what they found, offering what they have just invented to the world to build and use ...

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Many subscribers have requested the plans with measurements of the "Liberty Engine". You have also asked us for the electrical diagram. Others ask us to say what is the exact composition of the special alloy with which we have made the rotor. And others have asked that we do more testing and take measurements of voltage, frequency and power. Well here you have the most anticipated video of the century. We hope you like it...

Please note that we cannot sell our prototypes, but we must warn you that we have detected several fraudulent companies that try to scam people by saying that they sell copies of our "Liberty Engine", but those copies do not work. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BE SCAMED



00:00:00 Intro
00:33:00 Questions
00:38:00 FAQ 1: Can you provide us with the electrical diagram of the "Liberty Engine"?
00:52:00 FAQ 2: What are the technical specifications and power consumption of the "Liberty Engine"?
01:34:00 FAQ 3: Can you demonstrate a high power load test simultaneously?
19:06:00 FAQ 4: What are the transformer specifications?
19:35:00 FAQ 5: Can you show the mechanical blueprints of the "Liberty Engine?
20:01:00 FAQ 6: Can it generate 110 volts?
20:26:00 FAQ 7: What are the rotor dimensions?
20:51:00 FAQ 8: What are the magnet dimensions?
20:58:00 FAQ 9: What is the exact alloy of the rotor?
21:33:00 FAQ 10: How can we purchase a prototype?
22:28:00 FAQ 11: If they are patented. Don't they expire after 20 years?
23:24:00 Thanks

If you want to have access to see the complete video without cuts of this performance test of the "Liberty Engine", you must become a Member of the Channel. Only then can you enjoy this exclusive content:
- Spanish version:
- English version:

- To become a member of the channel, click on the following link:

We want to thank all the members of our channel, but especially the Elite members:
- German F.
-Ciprian Seucan


Purchase links on "Amazon":
- Air heater 3000w 220v:
- Energy Meters:
- Motor starter:
- Driver Leds:
- Digital multimeter:


Warning: The use, copying, manipulation or transmission of this video or part of it without the consent of the author is strictly prohibited. This video is protected by copyright.

- Sony RX10 IV:
- iPhone 14 Pro Max:
- K&F Concept Tripod:
- COMAN tripod:
- Display Batteries:
- Screen for Sony FEELWORLD F5 Pro V2 camera:
- Articulated arm:
- HDMI adapter for iPhone:
- Bresser pantograph F001483:

Electric generator
brushless generator
free energy
infinite energy

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

This looks interesting and serious. Sustained production of 12 KW with motor-rotated permanent magnet type generator. Prototype stage for now.

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Why AI Matters And How To Deal With The Coming Change w/ Emad Mostaque | EP #52

In this episode, Peter and Emad discuss the AI revolution, Stability AI as a key player, and how AI and humanity will intertwine. Emad Mostaque is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stability AI, a company funding the development of open-source music- and image-generating systems such as Dance Diffusion and Stable Diffusion.

Check out Stability AI’s latest release: SDXL 0.9

This episode was recorded during my executive summit, Abundance360. Learn more here:


0:00 3:00 Empowering AI at the Edge
3:00 7:20 Making Technology Easier and More Personal
7:20 11:03 AI Compresses Communication Technology
11:03 14:10 Technology Transforming Creativity
14:10 17:01 Realizing Impossible Dreams with AI
17:01 23:08 Revolutionize Education Through Innovation
23:08 27:02 AI for All: A Human Right
27:04 27:55 AI Wars: Unlock Humanity's Potential

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Can AI be defeated by AI? Can it support human creativity instead the designs of tose corporate giants? Here's an interesting video interview I just came across as if "by chance"...

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Turbulent Energy Explained: The Vortex Turbine!

Could the future of energy be found in rivers?

At Turbulent, have no doubts about it! Our micro-hydropower technology opens possibilities to generate clean, renewable and reliable energy in places that were never viable before.

In this video, you will find a complete explaination on how we can help you generate green energy for the local people, to help the planet while making a sustainable profit.

Start your project now on
Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

A company in Belgium is planning and constructing micro hydro power plants that are taking some river water, running it through a vortex power plant and returning to the river with minimal altitude differences. This looks like a very doable way to tap hydro potential without large projects requiring dams and deeply affecting the environment... 

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The Hydrogen Stream: World’s largest electrolyzer to be deployed in Norway –

The Hydrogen Stream: World’s largest electrolyzer to be deployed in Norway – | Cool Future Technologies |

HydrogenPro is set to install the world’s largest electrolyzer in Norway, while Siemens is preparing to commission Germany’s second biggest electrolyzer. 


HDF Energy has confirmed to pv magazine that it plans to commission a hydrogen power plant in Namibia by 2024. “Our project delivers electricity and grid services. No fuel. Hydrogen is used as storage in our Renewstable power plants,” said Nicolas Lecomte, director of Southern Africa for the French company. Renewstable is a non-intermittent renewable electricity power plant whose deployment will start in Namibia, and eventually in other African countries, such as Morocco, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. 


You can find the whole article here: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Industry is getting serious about hydrogen. One application is to use excess electrical power to produce hydrogen, which is then used to drive generators to supply power that isn't subject to the intermittency of wind and solar energy. 

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How salt and sand could replace lithium batteries

The lithium-ion battery has powered us for decades. But for a renewable future, we need a new solution—and fast. So what are our options?

CORRECTION: In the video, at 05:40, we say lithium-ion batteries can only store energy for under four hours. This is incorrect. Four hours is the discharge duration that is currently economically viable.

Reporter: Beina Xu
Video Editor: Tomas Rosenberg
Supervising Editor: Joanna Gottschalk

We're destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn't need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What we can do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we'll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.

#PlanetA #Lithium #Battery

Read more:

The future of energy storage:

Projections of energy storage technology:

Power storage technology, using sand and engineered materials:

IEA Electricity Market Report:

IEA Energy Storage Report:

Costs and markets to 2030:

00:00 Intro
00:49 The lithium-ion battery
02:33 Hydro
03:46 Sodium-ion
05:00 Thermal heat
07:11 The future
Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

If we are to change over to renewable energy, which is largely intermittent, then we need proper methods of storing all that energy in large amounts. This video is about some of the options out there. 

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Accidental lithium-sulfur battery discovery could change world

Accidental lithium-sulfur battery discovery could change world | Cool Future Technologies |

A lucky discovery involving lithium-sulfur batteries has a legitimate chance to revolutionize how we power our world. 


  • Scientists have discovered a chemical phase of sulfur that stops battery degradation. They were so shocked by the discovery that they checked 100 times to ensure the result was real. 

  • As with most accidental discoveries, the scientists haven’t yet figured out what is actually happening. So further research is needed. 

  • If successful, lithium-sulfur batteries could give electric vehicles a range of thousands of miles. 

You can find the whole article here: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Change in battery technology on the horizon. Although these are incremental changes, they could ease the pressure battery production puts on the environment and on the people, often children, doing the mining... 

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Google engineer Blake Lemoine thinks its LaMDA AI has come to life - The

The chorus of technologists who believe AI models may not be far off from achieving consciousness is getting bolder. 


Lemoine, who works for Google’s Responsible AI organization, began talking to LaMDA as part of his job in the fall. He had signed up to test if the artificial intelligence used discriminatory or hate speech. 
As he talked to LaMDA about religion, Lemoine, who studied cognitive and computer science in college, noticed the chatbot talking about its rights and personhood, and decided to press further. In another exchange, the AI was able to change Lemoine’s mind about Isaac Asimov’s third law of robotics. 
Lemoine worked with a collaborator to present evidence to Google that LaMDA was sentient. But Google vice president Blaise Aguera y Arcas and Jen Gennai, head of Responsible Innovation, looked into his claims and dismissed them. So Lemoine, who was placed on paid administrative leave by Google... 
Here is a link to the article archived, for those who do not have a subscription: 
And here the interview conducted by Lemoine with the AI in an effort to convince the Google engineers. Make up your own mind: 
Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Google engineers and executives think an AI cannot be a sentient being. We do have some trouble even defining sentience. But what if a soul chose a computer's neural network instead of a human (baby) body to take up residence in ... impossible?

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NASA Veteran’s Propellantless Propulsion Drive That Physics Says Shouldn’t Work Just Produced Enough Thrust to Overcome Earth’s Gravity

NASA Veteran’s Propellantless Propulsion Drive That Physics Says Shouldn’t Work Just Produced Enough Thrust to Overcome Earth’s Gravity | Cool Future Technologies |

A veteran NASA scientist says his company has tested a propellantless propulsion drive technology that produced one Earth gravity of thrust. 


“The most important message to convey to the public is that a major discovery occurred,” Buhler told The Debrief. “This discovery of a New Force is fundamental in that electric fields alone can generate a sustainable force onto an object and allow center-of-mass translation of said object without expelling mass.” 


“There are rules that include conservation of energy, but if done correctly, one can generate forces unlike anything humankind has done before,” Buhler added. “It will be this force that we will use to propel objects for the next 1,000 years… until the next thing comes.” 


Video interview (30 min) on Youtube: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Rockets are inefficient because they have to carry heavy propellant, stuff that can be expelled to produce lift. This promises to be a game changer ... propulsion without propellant. 

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Designing a Futuristic Magnetic Turbine (MHD drive)

A solid state turbine may be the next evolution for marine travel

Learning from my first design, I created an improved marine thruster that uses magnetohydrodynamic thrust. It took the better part of a month, and plenty of tests. This really pushed my 3D printing skills to the limit, but it also led to a fully functional thruster that outperformed my expectations. 

Support / Follow Plasma Channel on:
Instagram: Plasma_Channel_Official

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Magnetohydrodynamic marine thruster technology? No moving parts required for this type of turbine... 

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Tesla Tech Extraordinary Technology Conference August 7th-11th 2024 Crowne Plaza Hotel Albuqurque, NM


The Premier Conference in Tesla Tech and Breakthrough Alternative Technologies




WATCH TRAILER About Tesla Tech


The Tesla Tech Extraordinary Technology conference is the longest running premier conference on Tesla related and other breakthrough technologies in alternative energy and medicine. For over 30 years, the Tesla Tech conference has brought together the top researchers, scientists, and inventors on the cutting edge of the alternative sciences, long suppressed from the public. 


Currently  under the leadership of Steve Elswick. The Tesla Tech Conference has adopted the role of being one of the few available public facing outlets and communities focused exclusively on cutting edge alternative science. Here at Tesla Tech, we strongly believe we stand at a major precipice in history where the combination of global events, energy and resource shortages, and potential for global and environmental collapse has made it imperative for the global population to begin embracing more sustainable technologies. 


For many decades, powerful interests have prevented groundbreaking disruptive technologies from reaching the public. Tesla Tech is dedicated to ensuring that this critical intel is delivered to the public for years to come. 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Interesting conference coming up on cutting edge alt technology. And they have a record of decades of conferences ... a wealth of information.

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Home | Aureon Energy, Ltd.



Managing radioactive waste in the USA is a $500 billion problem. The worst of that waste lasts from ten thousand to a billion years.


WHAT IF What if there were a technology that could safely neutralize radioactive waste while simultaneously creating clean electricity and rare earth elements? 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

The Safire project of Aureon Energy - creating stable self-confining electric hydrogen plasma in a reactor -  has been in research for a decade. It is now ready to get into nuclear waste remediation and energy production... 

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EXCLUSIVE: The 'Impossible' Quantum Drive That Defies Known Laws of Physics was Just Launched into Space

EXCLUSIVE: The 'Impossible' Quantum Drive That Defies Known Laws of Physics was Just Launched into Space | Cool Future Technologies |

The Quantum Drive, which seemingly defies the known laws of physics, was just launched into space this past weekend. 


A controversial new electric propulsion system, which physicists say defies Newton’s Laws of Motion, was launched into space this weekend aboard a Space X rocket. 


Developed by electronics prototyping company IVO Ltd, the Quantum Drive took flight Saturday morning, November 11th, aboard SpaceX’s Transporter 9 mission. This flight included over 80 separate payloads destined for Low Earth Orbit (LEO). 


Here's your link to the article:

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

A fuelless space drive working with electricity only, is being tested in space... but that headline ... "defies known laws of physics" is rather sensionalistic.


I think we should be careful with terms like "the known laws of physics"., because If something can violate those "laws" as observation seems to suggest, then obviously they weren't laws in the first place but rather theories or suppositions.

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Nano rocket thruster can run on water, fit on a fingertip

Nano rocket thruster can run on water, fit on a fingertip | Cool Future Technologies |

The new ICE-Cube Thruster developed by Imperial College runs on water, offering a green and efficient propulsion system for small satellites. 


At the heart of the ICE-Cube Thruster is an electrolyzer that operates on a mere 20-watt current. When water is subjected to this electrolysis process, it is split into hydrogen and oxygen gases, which serve as the propellant. The hydrogen and oxygen are then fed into a combustion chamber and nozzle less than 1mm in length to produce thrust. This negates the need for bulky storage tanks that hold gaseous propellants, usually a significant obstacle in miniaturizing propulsion systems. 


Whole article can be found here... 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Isn't it telling that water can be used as a propellant in space with relative ease, but that a similar technology has not been developed to run our cars and other transport here on earth... 

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Surfing gravity

Surfing gravity | Cool Future Technologies |

Surfing gravity


Gravity got no waves yet we can surf it.


Still half asleep a few days ago, I caught a glimpse of a gravity surfer, effortlessly gliding through the air. He was standing on what seemed a circular board, without visible wheels or any other mode of propulsion such as a jet or propeller. It was simply a board, a bit like Captain America had decided to step on his shield and take to the air. 


The idea I got was that of a “gravity board” creating a personal gravity field for the rider. 


Viktor Grebennikov came to mind, the Russian scientist who found that the wing covers of certain bugs had a definite anti-gravity effect. He collected a lot of those wing covers and mounted them on a board which would lift him into the air, standing on it. Grebennikov devised a system to control the effect by covering and uncovering sections of the board which allowed him to steer his contraption and to control the velocity of flight. At full speed he flew fast but was protected from the wind by a bubble of sorts forming around him and his apparatus. Here’s a short video documenting what filtered out to the West…


Dean Kamen, the prolific inventor best known for his two-wheeled Segway personal transport scooter, was another thought that came that morning. At a time I was hopeful he might do an updated “flying version” of his transportation device but sadly, it remains firmly planted on the ground… A story went around that he died riding a Segway - that turned later out not to have been the inventor but Jimi Heselden, the head of Hesco Group, a company to which the Segway invention was sold. 


Of course while thinking about surfing gravity, another man came to mind, Prof. Eric Laithwaite, a British electrical engineer who developed the principle of trains levitating on magnets. I remember a video (there are several) where Laithwaite demonstrated how a heavy steel wheel he could only lift up with effort, was spun up to high rotations and became light enough to swing it with one hand around and above his head. Antigravity of sorts that didn’t involve magnets. Here is original footage from 1983 of such a demonstration.  


Now back to our gravity surfer … he was effortlessly gliding down from up high - where he had arrived, he told me, by spiralling upward - falling as it were into a vortex of upwards directed gravitational potential. 


How might it have worked? I would bet on a combination of a Laithwaitean disc spun up fast, creating a Grebennikovian personal gravity field, all put together in an elegant fashion by Kamen, who wasn’t dead at all in that morning’s flight-of-fancy of mine. 


Gravity isn’t waves like light. It is a spinny thing, needs some kind of spin to arise. Spinning particles gravitate - they develop an affinity, an attraction - to other spinning particles. Spinning masses gravitate similarly and sometimes, geometry may be sufficient to induce that spin as in the case of Grebennikov’s structured bug wing covers. 


Spin stresses space, the Russians call that torsion. Gravity, the attraction, is caused by a torsion-induced change in the space matrix that “feels” a need to be relieved resulting in two gravitating “things” seeking to come closer to each other. 


It seems complicated yet it’s very simple once you wrap your mind around it. 


The ancient Chinese had it down, too. 


Another method of surfing gravity by creating the necessary spin through power of the mind was one of the Chinese Taoist Warriors’ secrets. Fascinating - you can find it in some of the Wu Xia movies - but alas, it seems to be an art that was lost. 


So we are reduced to a technical solution, a fast spinning disc inside a disc for now, until we discover other ways to do the same thing. 


Yes it was a dream … or something of that sort and no, I hadn’t smoked anything.  


Anyway, just for interest, my initial notes jotted down in that half dreamy state … accompany this article.


Sepp Hasslberger

Terceira island

July 2023

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

We know what gravity does but we haven't quite figured out what causes it or how to reverse it ... except perhaps in dream land. 

mpo 007 gacor's comment, August 8, 2023 3:34 AM
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Google Introduces Plan to Use Generative AI to Take Over the Internet – AI’s Real Threat to Society

Google Introduces Plan to Use Generative AI to Take Over the Internet – AI’s Real Threat to Society | Cool Future Technologies |

Let's talk about information technology for a moment and look at its potential for misuse. Google is a great example of that. 


"Google announced its new plans for AI this week at their annual I/O developer conference, and to say that not everyone in the Tech Industry was thrilled by their plans to integrate Generative AI into their search engine, would be an understatement. Emily Dreibelbis, writing for PC Magazine, published one of the more apocalyptic articles warning that Google could basically destroy most websites on the Internet. Maggie Harrison, writing for Futurism, issued similar warnings for the future of independent journalism due to Google's plan for Generative AI, noting that Google still owns 91% of all Internet searches. This is one of the REAL dangers of AI, the fact that the largest technology companies that control the Internet could very easily drive everyone else out of business and thereby control all the content on the Internet.


And in fact, that trend has already started in the technology sector, as year-to-date there have already been 193,860 employees laid off in the technology sector, with many tech businesses failing, as well as some of their top banks also failing, like Silicon Valley Bank, that funded these companies. This investment in the future of AI, is the main thing holding up the U.S. stock market right now. Five technology stocks, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon, have accounted for 89% of the S&P 500 YTD price return. It is looking more and more every day that we are looking at a total market collapse at some point, and then only the largest banks and the largest technology companies will be left, because they are "too big to fail," especially since the U.S. military and their Intelligence agencies all depend on Big Tech, who hold all their data in their Cloud Computing data centers.


This appears to be the goal of the Wall Street billionaires and their bankers, since there is no way they can pay off their debts. Just crash the entire financial system, and choose which Tech companies and banks survive. Then they will have total control of the flow of money as they require digital IDs and work towards a Central Bank Digital Currency, operated by the Big Tech companies that survive, who will also control the flow of information through AI. Will enough Americans wake up soon enough to prevent this from happening, or will it take a total collapse of the economy to reveal what is really happening with this "Great Reset"? 


You can find the whole article here: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Let's talk about information technology for a moment and look at its potential for misuse. Google is a great example of that. 

Jakub's curator insight, December 6, 2023 12:52 PM
Czy sztuczna inteligencja przejmie władzę nad nami. Jeśli zadałeś sobie kiedyś takie pytanie, warto sprawdzić ten artykuł.
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China to produce clean energy with nuclear fusion by 2028, top weapons expert claims

China to produce clean energy with nuclear fusion by 2028, top weapons expert claims | Cool Future Technologies |

China aspires to produce unlimited clean energy through nuclear fusion by 2028, claims China's top nuclear weapons expert. 


The "world's largest" pulsed-power plant will be built in Chengdu, Sichuan province, according to Professor Peng Xianjue of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, The Independent reported on Wednesday. 


"Fusion ignition is the jewel in the crown of science and technology in today's world," said Professor Peng. 


"Being the world's first to achieve energy-scale fusion release will lay the most important milestone in the road to fusion energy for human beings." 


The finest outcome so far achieved by Chinese scientists utilizing an “artificial sun” is a reaction running at a slightly cooler 70 million degrees celsius for more than 17 minutes. 


The Z-pinch machine, which imitates a thermonuclear bomb's fusion process through enormous electric pulses, will be used in the Chinese power plant.


Find the whole article here: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

China is pushing ahead with fusion energy, and it seems they may be ahead of other contendents with this technology. This is the kind of technology that could help get us off hydrocarbons as fuel. Don't wait for it though. Fusion energy has been "around the corner" for decades now. May this be the good one. 

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Generating hydrogen fuel from the very air we breathe

Generating hydrogen fuel from the very air we breathe | Cool Future Technologies |

Researchers have created an electrolyser that can draw on the water in the air and turn it into hydrogen fuel and oxygen.


Green hydrogen, made from water electrolysis, has great potential to store and transport renewable energy. But the process to make it requires water, and many of the places with the highest potential for solar energy are very dry. 


The device, called the Direct Air Electrolysis (DAE) module, is made from a porous, sponge-like substance with electrodes at either end. The sponge is “hygroscopic”: it absorbs moisture from the ambient air.


“It’s actually a completely new concept, because previous electrolysers for hydrogen production from water have needed to be a closed system,” says Li. 


“Our system is different: we have a semi-open electrolyser, so we only have the top and bottom electrode closed, but the four sides of that electrolyser are open to the air. 


“It means the moisture from the air can transfer into the hygroscopic electrolyte automatically, or spontaneously, without consuming energy. So we don’t need extra energy to extract this water.” 


You can find the whole article here: 

Sepp Hasslberger's insight:

Hydrogen is a gas that can be used to heat and to cleanly drive all kinds of machinery including motors and turbines. If made by electrolysis using renewable energy such as solar or wind, it is called 'green hydrogen'. Here is a new way of making the stuff. 

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Tapping into the million-year energy source below our feet

Tapping into the million-year energy source below our feet | Cool Future Technologies |

MIT spinout Quaise Energy is working to create geothermal wells made from the world’s deepest holes in order to repurpose coal and gas plants. 


There’s an abandoned coal power plant in upstate New York that most people regard as a useless relic. But MIT’s Paul Woskov sees things differently. 


Woskov, a research engineer in MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, notes the plant’s power turbine is still intact and the transmission lines still run to the grid. Using an approach he’s been working on for the last 14 years, he’s hoping it will be back online, completely carbon-free, within the decade. 


In fact, Quaise Energy, the company commercializing Woskov’s work, believes if it can retrofit one power plant, the same process will work on virtually every coal and gas power plant in the world. 


Quaise is hoping to accomplish those lofty goals by tapping into the energy source below our feet. The company plans to vaporize enough rock to create the world’s deepest holes and harvest geothermal energy at a scale that could satisfy human energy consumption for millions of years. They haven’t yet solved all the related engineering challenges, but Quaise’s founders have set an ambitious timeline to begin harvesting energy from a pilot well by 2026. 


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What a good idea - develop technology that bores holes in the ground with microwave lasers rather than physical drill bits to convert existing plants that burn coal or gas and let the earth do the work of making the steam... 

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Converting a gasoline engine into a water engine

Today we are going to teach you how to convert a gasoline engine to run on water, that is, an engine with water as fuel. The hydrogen engine that runs on water is a chimera that has been said to be impossible for decades, but we have access to confidential and secret information, and we have discovered the compound HH+ which, if used as an electrolyte, can produce a large amount of hydrogen. This will be enough to run any motor 

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With hydrogen or water-as-fuel technology readily available, why are we stuck on hydrocarbons like gasoline or diesel fuel for running motors and generators? Could there be some hidden interests involved...

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