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"On Thursday, November 3rd, 2011, members of the Metro Vancouver education community from a range of perspectives met to address the big questions around Personalised Learning. As an organization, BCASCD promotes the exemplary practices in curriculum and develops leadership and professional capacity for the success of all learners. As such, a roundtable on Personalised Learning was held. The executive invited educators from a range of districts and on various pathways of their careers in education, including student-teachers, classroom teachers, district support teachers, vice-principals, principals, district principals, post-secondary teacher-educators, and senior administrators.


Four areas around Personalised Learning were discussed, with the intent of creating a working document demonstrating what Personalised Learning may look like at a class, school, district and provincial level."


These areas were:

> Stakeholders:  Who are they?  What are their needs?

> Competencies/skills/knowledge: What are the ‘must-haves’? What are the ‘would-like-to-haves’?

> Assessment/Reporting: How does Personalised Learning change reporting schedules, assessments (AFL) and student engagement;

> Structures: What are the environmental/space/time requirements.


Read about what ideas emerged from this roundtable discussion as British Columbia embarks on implementing personalised learning in their province.

Via Kathleen McClaskey