Comparative Law tips and tricks (esp. French law for non french-speaking patrons) - Legal translation tools
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Comparative Law tips and tricks (esp. French law for non french-speaking patrons) - Legal translation tools
Sources of French Law in other languages (mostly in English, but not only). It may contain some sources for legal sources other than French. Dedicated mostly to Comparative Law tools, with a special concern towards Legal Translation.
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Does France’s electoral silence rule also apply to social media?

The law prevents political campaigning from Friday at midnight to ensure there is no ‘undue pressure’ on voters!
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Shocking French Law: Marrying the Dead?!

Discover the bizarre and true fact about a unique French law that allows posthumous marriage! Learn how you can legally marry someone who's passed away and the history behind this surprising tradition. Don't miss out on this jaw-dropping world fact that will leave you amazed. #WorldFacts #FunFacts #bizarrelaws
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Toward a More Rigorous Mechanism for Resolving Legislative Conflicts –

In December 2023, China’s national legislature, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC), adopted the Decision on Improving and Strengthening the System of Recording and Review, a major bill aimed at reforming “recording and review” (R&R)—China’s system of parallel...!
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Justice Alito and the Importance of Judicial Recusal

In recent weeks, events surrounding U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito have prompted many discussions about when judges should recuse themselves from certain cases. Recusal is typically called for when a judge has interests, beliefs, or opinions about the case at hand that could interfere with their...!
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French Supreme Court Limits Scope of Nationality Based Jurisdiction –

Articles 14 and 15 of the French Civil Code establish the jurisdiction of French courts where either the plaintiff or the defendant is a French national. The provisions date back to the original Napoleonic Code.!
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Book Review: Unwritten Constitutionalism

Several times each month, we are pleased to republish a recent book review from the Canadian Law Library Review (CLLR). CLLR is the official journal of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL/ACBD), and its reviews cover both practice-oriented and academic publications related to the law.!
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La complexité du statut de réfugié au sein de l'Union Européenne

L'octroi du statut de réfugié au sein de l'Union Européenne soulève une problématique complexe, notamment lorsque la demande est effectuée dans un second État membre après une première reconnaissance.!
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Accès au dossier pénal : le Sénat confronte les pratiques de défense à l'international

Les avancées législatives et les pratiques judiciaires en matière d'accès aux pièces du dossier dans le cadre des procédures pénales sont au cœur des préoccupations internationales.Le Sénat français, soucieux d'apporter des éclaircissements sur cette question, a récemment publié une étude de législation...!
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The Function of Legal Ritual in the Peace Palace by Valentin Jeutner :: SSRN

The article argues that oral proceedings before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) can be understood as a particular type of legal ritual. Following an in!
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Whataboutism in International Law by Eliav Lieblich :: SSRN

“Whataboutism,” as a response to allegations of wrongdoing, is everywhere in contemporary public discussion, and international law is no exception. Unsurprising!
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Writing a Constitution by David Anderson :: SSRN

Analysis from the perspective of a parliamentarian of what is wrong with the UK's constitution, whether change would be popular and feasible and what the benefi!
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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASIVE PRECEDENT by Jeffrey J. Rachlinski , Andrew J. Wistrich :: SSRN

Adherence to precedent is a bedrock principle in a common law judicial system. Public support for courts depends upon many factors, including the perception!
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EconPapers: How German Labor Courts Decide: An Econometric Case Study

By Helge Berger and Michael Neugart; Abstract: Courts are an important element in the institutional framework of labor markets, often determining the degree of!
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Judicial Laboratories by Gerald S. Dickinson :: SSRN

This Article reexamines and reconceptualizes Justice Louis Brandeis’s dictum in New State Ice Co. v. Liebmann <!
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The OSCE ODIHR Guideline on Democratic Law-making for Better Laws: a source of inspiration for strengthening democracy by T Drinóczi :: SSRN

On 16 January 2024, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE ODIHR) published its Guid!
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Appearance vs. Reality: The Effect of Deep Fake and Shallow Fake on the Law of Evidence in Common Law Jurisdictions by Joy Eguaoje :: SSRN

Throughout history, philosophers have argued that things are not always as they appear. With the rise of Machine Learning, we are faced with th!
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International Law Scholarship: An Empirical Study by Oona A. Hathaway, John Bowers :: SSRN

Where is international law scholarship published? In what kinds of journals is it published? What differences are there between foreign and domestic publication!
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Anglais professionnel, communication et marketing documentaire ajoutés au programme des formations #ADBS (formation assurée par Jean-Philippe Accart)

Dans notre programme Gouvernance et management, deux nouvelles formations :

- "L'anglais professionnel : acquérir, maîtriser, utiliser" ;

- "Communication et marketing documentaire : vers une plus grande visibilité du service de documentation".

Elles seront assurées par Jean-Philippe Accart, expert reconnu, qui rejoint pour l'occasion l'équipe des formateurs de l'ADBS.!
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Why Rawls is Wrong about Constitutional Amendment by Richard Albert :: SSRN

In his celebrated book Political Liberalism, John Rawls invites us to imagine a hypothetical Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the United States Constit!
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The Supreme Court Wants to Know: Can a President Pardon Himself? by Michael Conklin :: SSRN

The constitutionality of a presidential self-pardon played a significant role at Supreme Court oral arguments in Trump v. United States, a case involving presid!
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Comparing Whose Laws? Interrogating Biases in Comparative Law and Scholarship Through the Lens of Domestic Violence Workplace Leave by Ramona Vijeyarasa :: SSRN

This article invites comparative scholars to reflect on the biases that bury legislative good practice. These biases and their consequences are demonstrated thr!
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Rule of Law Riddles by Vlad Perju :: SSRN

This symposium introduction to jurisprudential debates about the rule of law takes as its starting point Joseph Raz’s claim of a distinction between the rule of!
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Legal Origins and Human Rights law by Adam Chilton, Mila Versteeg :: SSRN

A widely studied topic in comparative law is the extent to which countries’ legal origins—and especially whether they are a civil or common law system—are assoc!
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Global Values in National Constitutions by Richard Albert :: SSRN

In this chapter prepared for a book commemorating the scholarly career of Mark Tushnet, my point of departure is Tushnet's claim that the globalization of const!
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