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June 5, 2022 10:05 PM!

5 Tips For Selling A House With Tenants 

5 Tips For Selling A House With Tenants  | Best Florida Real Estate Scoops |
Selling a house with tenants can either be a problem or blessing in disguise! Where does one even start? Do the tenants need to move out first, or what?
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I have sold many homes over the years that were tenant occupied. I believe first and foremost is to keep in mind the property is still the tenants home. Getting the tenants cooperation requires compassion and patience. More often than not, tenants with considerable time remaining on their lease have no idea they will be displaced from their home. I have a winning strategy that persuades tenants to cooperate with showing the property and getting the home sold. I am eager to share the details with you. Schedule a phone call on my calendar at I will review my strategy with selling a tenant occupied home.

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