Content Curation resources.

Engage your audiences with curated content.

[eBook] The Ultimate Guide to level up your business with online reputation

What your customers say about you online matters. Here’s a taster of how people shape their opinions of brands today…. discover our eBook about online reputation

The Content Strategy & Marketing Course | Julia McCoy

Julia will take you through personal mentorship and offers you 80+ lessons on the topic. Special offer: Get a free, signed copy of Julia’s bestseller, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing. Email via with the headline Scoopit Free Book and send your address.

eBook – Why content marketing works, and… why it doesn’t

The complete guide to understand what will make you succeed or fail at content marketing, and 8 steps to beat the content marketing paradox.

eBook – How to design a content strategy that generates leads from day one

With the right methodology, you can design a content marketing strategy that will not just help you build the right audience but drive conversions from the very beginning.

eBook – All content should convert: build your content marketing machine

A good content strategy is one key success factor for lead generation, but it’s only the 1st step of the process. Get our eBook and let us walk you through the different steps of building an effective, high-converting content marketing machine.

What format should I focus on? eBooks, white papers, blog posts?

Is it better to generate a few leads every day through a dynamic blog or to generate a massive amount of leads every month through a white paper or eBook?

Content curation: your best bet if you’re looking to save time and money

Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers! Let me dig down into the benefits you’ll enjoy if you start curating content – and curate the sources to prove all of those benefits.

All content should convert: how to align content marketing and lead generation

All types of content should convert. Discover some techniques to make content marketing and lead generation work together.

ROI or RIP: the lean content marketing handbook for SMBs

A complete guide to help you scale your content marketing strategy with limited budget and resources

eBook – How to blog consistently in 30 minutes per day or less

The complete guide to scale your content marketing ROI by adding curated content to your website or blog.

How to make blogging, social media and email marketing work together

If you’re struggling to put all the pieces together, you’re not alone. There’s an easy way to make blogging, social media and email marketing work together.