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Content Curation Strategy: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide

When businesses decide to give content curation a shot, they usually take one of the two paths: they jump in head-first with no strategy at all, or they overthink they strategy and rarely do anything.

You can see the first scenario quite often, and it’s no surprise.

Content curation: the complete guide to leverage third-party content

Content curation actually covers much more than just social sharing, and can help your content marketing results in ways you don’t imagine. 

Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers

Neil Patel lists 5 daily habits you can (and should) start doing if you want your rankings to go up and get more results out of your content marketing efforts:1. Write and publish one article

5 content curation examples so good they’ll make you jealous

You know how “a picture is both a thousand words”, right?Well, sometimes just showing an example is the best way to illustrate an idea.In that spirit, it seemed about time for a round up of some great examples of
content curation.

[New eBook] How To Boost Your Thought Leadership With Content

Content marketing helps you reach more people through relevant channels and answer their questions, which ultimately builds trust. Thought leadership allows you to develop and share an authoritative voice that helps others make the right decisions.

Content curation: your best bet if you’re looking to save time and money

Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers! Let me dig down into the benefits you’ll enjoy if you start curating content – and curate the sources to prove all of those benefits.

eBook – Content curation formats, benefits and methodologies

Everything you need to know about the different types of curation and their benefits for your marketing strategy.

eBook – How to improve SEO: the power of content curation

The complete guide to attract more visitors from search engines by publishing curated content to your site.

eBook – How to blog consistently in 30 minutes per day or less

The complete guide to scale your content marketing ROI by adding curated content to your website or blog.

The 7 attributes of highly effective curated posts

A useful infographic to help you curate content the right way

How does curated content differ from duplicate content?

Content curation is completely different from duplicate content as it adds value to an audience and brings SEO benefits.