Developing websites have never been easy but has assimilated multiple tasks within. There are different utilities and functions available over the internet which turns the web application development process easy and simple.

Web application development process has been phased into different section. Below are the steps of web application development:-

1) Scope of web application development

First step of web application development is to understand and analyze the purpose behind the web application development. It becomes essential for the strategic team to sit and discuss as to what extent the web application could cater to the business needs. Limitation and constraints of the application must be clear and accurate with the team. The phase will bring in a comprehensive documentation of scope, limitation of web application development.

2) Determine a plan

Application development seeks in for strategy that is absolutely planned and framed. After the scope of the application is ready, starting from the time management to the execution of the task, every aspect is needed to be planned before hand. Thus the second phase of web application development is completed devoted to determining and analyzing the plan.Include in you plam app promotion campaign, as example you can add there: get app reviews android.

3) Develop website application

Third phase or the developing of application is the most difficult and time taking phase of the whole web development. Framework, data variables, libraries, web application model and classes are defined and formed in this phase. Implementations of the procedures are also carried out in this phase.

4) Beta Testing and development of a stable web application

The fourth step comprises of beta testing which revolves around functional testing. The functional testing of an application is a must both on features and security aspects. It is the phase where different errors and glitches in the application are identified. The phase offers the bandwidth and scope to rectify the glitches. The phase is also about identifying any security gaps and fixing them. The policies and procedures are also implemented in the whole phase. The end product of the phase is the stable web application.

Different tools in use to develop web application:-

• Text editor: text editor is the web application tool that is in use by either hard core coders or developers who have limited budget. It is available absolutely for free and there is absolutely no hassle in developing web application in text editor. There are various limitations of text editor which includes fewer features and absolutely no project abilities.

• Eclipse integrated development environment:  It is a gigantic system that encloses C, C++, Java and PHP programming and development capabilities. It could incorporate distinct plugins; it has pre configured packages to work in alliance with various different web application functionalities.

• Net Beans:  Oracle made an entry in integrated development environment with Net Beans. It has also got full features in compare to Eclipse. Choosing Net Beans or eclipse completely depends on personal preference.

• Visual Web Developer: Visual web developer brings the most comprehensive and excellent solution to .Net, ASP.Net and Microsoft technologies. It has an excellent visual editor and developer’s toolbox.