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Virology News
Topical news snippets about viruses that affect people.  And other things. Like Led Zeppelin. And zombies B-)
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The Secret Life of Viral Entry Glycoproteins

The Secret Life of Viral Entry Glycoproteins | Virology News |

Survival of infection with Ebola virus (EBOV) depends on the ability of the host to mount early and strong immune responses [1], [2]. However, given that EBOV cases are associated with 40%–90% human mortality, EBOV has developed intricate solutions to human immunological defenses. Enveloped viruses, like EBOV, must deposit their genetic material within a cell to ensure their propagation. The roles of viral envelope glycoproteins in mediating virus attachment to host cells and catalyzing the subsequent fusion of the viral and host plasma membranes have been well described (reviewed in [3]). Given the limited number of genes in EBOV and other viruses, it stands to reason that these conformationally labile glycoproteins are also involved in more than just the initial steps of a productive infection. There is strong evidence that viral entry glycoproteins (GP) are modulators of host antiviral defenses (Table 1). In this article, we discuss our current structural understanding of the functions of envelope entry glycoproteins in immune evasion using EBOV as our example.

Ed Rybicki's insight:

Nice review on a very interesting and important topic - and highlights how viral entry proteins double as immune evasion agents.

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Hepatitis A virus discovered to cloak itself in membranes hijacked from infected cells

Hepatitis A virus discovered to cloak itself in membranes hijacked from infected cells | Virology News |
Viruses have historically been classified into one of two types – those with an outer lipid-containing envelope and those without an envelope.

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Ed Rybicki's insight:

...and hep A steals membranes from liver cells to circulate as an enveloped particle(s) in blood. This is a fascinating find, and doubtless will be followed by similar for other viruses.


The commentary has some speculation as to how vaccines work, if antibodies can't see the virus - but they forget the virus has to get INTO the host in the first place, and environmental forms are non-enveloped, AND that the vaccine may well elicit some degree of cell-mediated immunity, which would target infected cells displaying degraded protein on their surfaces via MHC I-type receptors.

Gaby's curator insight, October 20, 2014 7:20 PM

Una noticia que revolucionará a los virologos!