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Scooped by Sajan Ali!

3 Types Of Content For A Well-Balanced Content Marketing Strategy -

3 Types Of Content For A Well-Balanced Content Marketing Strategy - | Tech Tips and Blog |

I think it’s safe to say that in light of continual updates (poundings?) from Panda and Penguin,content marketing is all the rage in online marketing circles right now. While some have been forced to march the content marketing path due to these updates, others have been far ahead of the curve and have for quite some time been producing excellent content that attracts customers and natural links. For those just accepting that content is a must I wanted to spell out the three primary types of content that every company should create and have on their site where appropriate. While I know there is a plethora of specific content forms (infographic, meme, whitepaper, video, summary or abstract, etc.) and objectives for these depending on the situation, I think there is value in seeing the forest for the trees in the content marketing world and looking at the broader types of content requisite for success.


As such, I would propose that very broadly there are three types of content required for a successful content strategy. These types include content designed for link attraction, content specific to your product or service and finally content geared towards your target market or audience. Each of these plays a different role and the mix will vary based on the campaign or business, but never should any one type be completely neglected or exclusively used. Let’s take a look at each type and some examples.

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A New Plugin for WordPress Marketing Automation - WP Daily

A New Plugin for WordPress Marketing Automation - WP Daily | Tech Tips and Blog |
Now there's an inexpensive WordPress marketing automation solution available. Managing and following up on leads has just gotten much easier.




The ORBTR Plugin & Service

Marketing automation has come to WordPress and here’s how it works. As a developer, you install [the ORBTR] plugin, activate it, and enter the code you get from them when you sign up for the service. Then you go to your Gravity Forms (or Jet Pack forms) and activate the ones you care about. Then you navigate to its dashboard and watch the results.


I’ve had the plugin activated for two days (the weekend) and already am in love. As you can see, I can see how many page views (and can drill down into details) per form entrant I’ve had. I can link their behavior with their demographics.


And if you look on the left, you’ll notice ORBTR isn’t just for capturing leads. It offers landing page and mobile solutions (which I haven’t leveraged yet).


But what I really appreciate about what these guys have done is that they’ve not created their own outbound email infrastructure. Instead, they’ve integrated with MailChimp – so that I can put these leads into existing lists.

Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, March 25, 2013 10:57 AM

We don't normally scoop product announcements, but this one is fascinating. The whole notion of marketing automation as a WP plugin is astounding.

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