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Sys Admin News
Useful news for system administrators from around the web regarding server and storage hardware via Vibrant Technologies.
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Top Ten Computer Servers in Hollywood

Top Ten Computer Servers in Hollywood | Sys Admin News |
A few weeks ago, Corey wrote about the top “Ten Servers that Changed the World.” In reaction, I decided to make my own list… The Ten Servers that Changed the Fictional World. There are two guidelines for this list.
Vibrant Technologies's insight:

This is a classic post that garnered quite a bit of traction  on the web a few years ago.  We had a lot of fun putting it together and sharing it and thought it was time to resurface this one.

In the era of gadgets and mobile devices, the central server or mainframe systems seem to be getting less screen time.  Here's hoping that trend makes a comeback.

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So you want to be a Unix sysadmin?

So you want to be a Unix sysadmin? | Sys Admin News |
A number of people have asked recently what it takes to be a Unix systems administrator, what “core competencies” are required, and what are the best and worst aspects of the job.

Via Gonzalo San Gil, PhD., Linuxaria
Vibrant Technologies's insight:

The core skills, commands and "how tos" you need to consider if becoming a Unix Sys Admin is an interest.

Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.'s curator insight, April 12, 2013 4:09 AM

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