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Rescooped by Emily Curson-Baker from SELF HEALTH!

No Time to Work Out? Try These 7 Tricks to Boost Your Metabolism

No Time to Work Out? Try These 7 Tricks to Boost Your Metabolism | Sunlight on the Inside |
While you can’t change how many calories it takes to keep your brain humming and your heart beating, you can boost your metabolism with these tricks.


While marathon sweat sessions can certainly kick your metabolism into high gear, there's a faster, better way to rev up your fat-burning potential. Below are seven seriously simple moves that will slash through more calories than minutes.


"Your metabolism is the sum of everything your body does to convert food into energy," says Jim White, R.D., an American College of Sports Medicine-certified health-fitness instructor and the owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia. "So while you can't change how many calories it takes to keep your brain humming and your heart beating, you can help your body burn an extra 500 calories or more each day by implementing some easy lifestyle strategies."

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7 Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga Immediately

7 Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga Immediately | Sunlight on the Inside |

The must-read guide for anyone who's considered taking up yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice with origins stretching back thousands of years in India. It is designed to help achieve a more positive outlook on life and a focused, permanent sense of serenity and peace. The word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘union’ and ‘union with the divine’; however, many people have stripped away the spirituality and focus of yoga so that most think of it as a group of intensely athletic people putting their legs behind their heads and curling up into jaw-dropping positions.


While that certainly happens–I’ve actually done the leg behind the head thing a few times, but only after years of careful stretches and practice–yoga has so much more to offer than flexibility and the idea of garnering a strong body. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can do yoga and adapt it to suit their individual tastes and needs.

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Does seeing a dish's calorie count make you eat healthier?

Does seeing a dish's calorie count make you eat healthier? | Sunlight on the Inside |

The moment of truth: The creamy pasta dish sounds delicious, but it's 500 calories more than the grilled chicken and vegetables. Do you order it?

In many cases the answer is yes, say researchers who have studied what happens when calorie counts are included on menus.

More diners will open their menus to find calorie counts under a proposed federal law requiring the counts in restaurants with 20 or more locations. Health advocates and restaurants say the law could be finalized by the end of the year. A Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman says details of the law, first proposed as part of the 2010 health care bill, are still being worked out. It could also require grocery and convenience stores to list calories on prepared foods.

Many restaurants are reworking recipes, swapping in whole milk for cream or putting less oil in cooking pans. Some are adding less sauce to dishes or offering smaller portions. Many are creating lower-calorie sections on menus or sticking to calorie guardrails, designing dishes to come in under 500 calories, A study funded by the City of New York that reviewed about 15,000 receipts and surveys from fast-food lunch patrons before and after the city required those restaurants to list calories on menus showed no change in the average calories bought. But 1 in 6 people used the calorie information, and that group purchased an average of 96 fewer calories, an 11% decrease.

Via Seth Bilazarian, MD
Seth Bilazarian, MD's curator insight, July 30, 2013 1:23 PM

Having this data available will lead food manufacturers to develop and produce lighter options since customer awareness will eventually change behavior.

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Six ways turmeric heals your overburdened body

Six ways turmeric heals your overburdened body | Sunlight on the Inside |
Six ways turmeric heals your overburdened body

Via Skip Stein, Dion Taylor, The BioSync Team
Michael Wiener's curator insight, August 14, 2013 7:14 PM

This is one of nature's natural medicine. We don't use turmeric solely for medicine, but for cooking as well. The aromatic flavor of this wonder spice makes dishes delicious.

Natalie Palmer's comment, August 15, 2013 8:49 AM
Sometimes we add it to our herbal tea mixes.
Marty Roddy's curator insight, August 16, 2013 9:20 PM

Where was turmeric when I played football.

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Suffering with inflammation from regular exercise: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Suffering with inflammation from regular exercise: What to Eat and What to Avoid | Sunlight on the Inside |

Do you exercise everyday, a few times a week, or even once a week?  Either way it is likely your body may be experiencing inflammation from the exercise. 


The inflammatory response will in most cases be the result of micro-traumas affecting muscles, connective tissue, joints and bone. These mircro-traumas enable your body to adapt and withstand a similar workout in the future, hence the exercise becomes easier.  


Some foods promote inflammation, while others ease it. Unless you are eating and supplementing with this in mind, you could be seriously impeding your performance in the gym.


Without the proper level of nutritional support or knowledge of the foods that could cause you inflammation issues, you could be fighting an uphill battle.


Ten foods and supplements will be identified to help ease inflammation and seven main culprits that promote inflammation will be revealed. 


Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Supplements



1. Fish Oil - Specifically it is the EPA and DHA found in fish oil or from eating cold-water fish like tuna or salmon that has anti-inflammatory properties. The omega-3 fatty acid can help with joint swelling and inflammation generally caused by the over consumption of omega-6 fatty acids from red meat.




2. CoQ10 - This oil-soluble, vitamin-like substance can be classified as an antioxidant and significantly reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, especially when combined with natural vitamin E. Unlike other antioxidants,CoQ10 can inhibit both the initiation and the propagation of lipid and protein oxidation in the body.




3. Probiotics - Probiotics from either supplements or fermented foods help to build immunity and control infection caused by underlying inflammation in the body by supplying the body with good gut bacteria.




4. Juicing - The process of juicing breaks the cell walls of fruit and vegetables, making the nutrients more accessible and allowing the body to quickly absorb mega doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which can help combat inflammation.




5. Broccoli - Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, beta-carotene, and calcium, giving this humble vegetable great anti-inflammatory properties.


6. Pineapple - Along with being packed with vitamin C, pineapple also contains bromelain. Bromelain helps to break down proteins, aids in digestion, reduces swelling, and can even improve blood circulation.




7. Ginger - Used for centuries for medicinal purposes, ginger shares many properties with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), suppressing pro-inflammatory molecules known as prostaglandins with little to no side effects compared to NSAIDs.




8. Turmeric - One of the main spices added to curry, giving it its distinctive yellow pigment, turmeric contains curcumin. Curcumin blocks several inflammatory chemicals in the body. Like ginger it can prevent the production of prostaglandins and be used like NSAIDs with the added benefit of also being a great antioxidant.




9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Used in Mediterranean cultures, olive oil helps to fight inflammation in the body. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil are turned into anti-inflammatory agents that help to lower the risks of both asthma and arthritis, and even help to protect the heart.




10. Sweet Potato - Packed full of vitamins B6 and C, manganese, beta-carotene, and fiber, these amazing potatoes are a great addition to any diet. These nutrients are powerful antioxidants that help to heal inflammation in the body.



Foods and Supplements to Avoid



1. Hydrogenated and Trans Fats - Found in margarine, baked goods, and many processed foods. The oils used are generally poorly made and inferior. Trans fats increase the levels of LDLs (bad cholesterol) while lowering levels of HDLs (good cholesterol) in the body. They have also been found to promote inflammation, obesity, and resistance to insulin. 




2. Red Meat - Commercially produced meats are often fed grains like corn, increasing the omega 6 fatty acid profile. Overconsumption of omega 6 fatty acids in our diets promotes inflammation, as the the balance with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids is lost.



3. Fried Foods - French fries, onion rings, and crisps are all highly cooked products due to deep-frying. This produces glycotoxins or AGEs  (advanced glycation end products) that are known to be inflammatory. AGES have been implicated in everything from Alzheimer's to cardiovascular disease.




4. Sugar - Sugar is not only an addictive substance but is highly inflammatory. This is because sugar raises insulin levels in the body that in turn trigger an immune response.




5. Dairy Products - The body often has issues in processing lactose and casein from dairy products. Most individuals probably don't even know they have an issue. Stick with fermented dairy products such as natural yoghurt  as it should result in a lessened inflammatory response.




6. Wheat Products - Gluten intolerance is quickly becoming a major issue in Western society. Wheat is highly inflammatory and acid forming to certain individuals. Not to mention a major portion of wheat production is genetically modified, so avoiding it where possible is a positive thing.




7. Alcohol - Enjoying the odd beverage generally isn't an issue, but overconsumption can cause a major burden on your liver and promote unnecessary inflammation in the body.




Understanding inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods is important. Knowing what can be used to help ease or exacerbate inflammation in your body might just be the key you have been looking for to boost your next work out and help you to reach your desired health goals. 


Are you considering adding these beneficial foods and removing the aggrevating foods? If you are please consider Food@One's vitality plan as it naturally supports a wide range of lifestyles, regular fitness, helps with weight loss and food intolerances with a focus on healthy eating and drinking. 



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Top six alkaline foods to eat every day for vibrant health

Top six alkaline foods to eat every day for vibrant health | Sunlight on the Inside |
Top six alkaline foods to eat every day for vibrant health...

Via Judi Jenkins
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Baobab - a superfruit that tastes good. Is it possible?

Baobab - a superfruit that tastes good. Is it possible? | Sunlight on the Inside |

It contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk and is just as tasty as a pear - get used to seeing a lot more of Baobab.


Baobab is a superfruit that makes acai and pomegranate look like small fry.

In its native Africa, the Baobab tree is referred to as the 'tree of life' and the fruit has been used for centuries as a cure-all tonic to treat everything from gastric problems to malaria. 


The fruit contains three times as much vitamin C as oranges, making it perfect for warding off the common cold. It also contains twice as much calcium as milk, making it particularly good for protecting against brittle bones and osteoporosis.


Not only that, it has more soluble fibre than psyllium (used to relieve constipation). It is also jam-packed full of antioxidants and potassium to rival any banana, magnesium, iron and phosphorous.


But, best of all, unlike some of the health tonics you have to hold your nose to drink, this actually tastes really good - like a tangy yet sweet pear juice.


Ways in which Baobab can help:


Baobab fruit contains fourteen essential vitamins and minerals. It is almost 50% fibre and has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world. Recently I stumbled across Aduna at the Natural and Organic Products show and was certainly intrigued by the nutritional goodness this fruit has to offer. Baobab has an amazing range of benefits, from helping with energy metabolism to improving skin health along with:



Strains of modern day hectic lifestyles can be assisted through baobab as baobab is an excellent source of thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin C and vitamin B6 which contribute to the processes that yield energy in the body with Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.



Can take many forms whether it be burning the candle at both ends, worrying situations, lots of work or more serious health problems such as raised blood pressure and digestive problems. Baobab helps as

it is an excellent source of potassium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressureand is a rich source of calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.


Immune System

Even a mild deficiency of nutrients can affect the immune system. No one food contains all the nutrients we need so it is important to eat a variety and include appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals in our diet.

Baobab is an excellent source of vitamin C and a source of vitamin B6 both of which contribute to the normal function of the immune system and Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron


Mood/ Balance

Physical activity, regular sleep and eating healthy foods will all help towards maintaining a stable mood and to give us the ability to manage life more effectively.

Baobab is an excellent source of thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin C and vitamin B6 which contribute to the processes that yield energy in the body.


Digestive Health

Digestive health provides a foundation to keep you feeling good and healthy from the inside out. A healthy digestive system is an efficient digestive system, helping you to get the most from your food.

Baobab is an excellent source of fibre and its rich source of calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.


Weight Management

All food and drink contains energy but we need to make the right choices to enable us to get the most nutrition from our calories. 

Baobab is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thiamin (vitamin B1) and a source of Vitamin B6 and fibre. One 4.5g serving contains only 12kcal


Skin Health & Ageing

Sun, pollution, air conditioning and chemicals are all around us… and they can all have a negative effect on skin health. Healthy skin isn’t just about how you look on the outside; it’s about looking after yourself on the inside too.

Baobab has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world. Antioxidants help protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals. As mentioned being an excellent source of vitamin C, another function is that it helps to protect cells from oxidative stress (free radical damage) and contributes to the normal formation of collagen in skin and the regeneration of vitamin E.

Hopefully you have enjoyed your introduction to Baobab we have adapted this info from please visit for further understanding and the opportunity to purchase nutritional baobab products.

Via Judi Jenkins
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7 Reasons To Love Beetroots

7 Reasons To Love Beetroots | Sunlight on the Inside |
Beets are a storehouse of antioxidants and nutrients and offer an incredible amount of healing potential. Discover 7 healthful reasons to eat more of them, cooked or raw!


1.  Lower Blood Pressure (when high)

A recent study at Queen Mary's University found that one glass of beet juice daily was more effective at lowering high blood pressure than medication.  Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop taking medication if you have high blood pressure.But, it does mean that adding a cup of beet juice and more beets to your diet could be helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure, angina and heart disease.

2.  Increase Exercise Endurance
A study from University of Exeter found that eating foods rich in naturally-occurring nitrates, like beets, improved endurance during exercise.  The scientists studied various substances and training methods to see which, if any, would improve stamina.  Beet juice had the greatest effect, improving peoples’ ability to exercise for 16% longer than without it, without tiring.  

Naturally-occurring nitrates have been shown to widen blood vessels and allow more oxygen-rich blood to travel to the heart.  

3.  Anti-Inflammatory
Raw beets or raw beet juice contain betaine, a natural anti-inflammatory that helps protect against aging and disease.

4.  Anti-Cancer Effects

The phytonutrient, proanthocyanidin, that gives beets their rich purplish color is also a potent anti-cancer compound.  Meanwhile the fiber found in beets also helps protect against cancer.  This particular fiber increases the body’s ability to detect and remove abnormal cells in the body before they can become cancerous.

5.  Immunity Booster
Beets are high in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system.


6.  Reduce The Risk Of Birth Defects

Beets are high in the B-complex vitamin folate which when consumed by pregnant women have been shown in many studies to reduce the risk of birth defects in the baby.

7.  Rich In Essential Minerals

Beets are also high in the minerals manganese and potassium.  Manganese is required for healthy bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas.  Potassium helps ensure healthy nerve and muscle function.



Really cannot face eating beetroots- why not slip one into your smoothie or juice in the morning, make sure you are juicing with lots of watery vegetables such as celery as beetroots are high in sugar so be sure to water them down. Add beetroot to soups just the one, it might change the colour slightly but if you have a good balance of vegetables it will fit in just fine. Love beetroots, well here are seven reasons to eat more! 

Via Judi Jenkins
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Top six alkaline foods to eat every day for vibrant health

Top six alkaline foods to eat every day for vibrant health | Sunlight on the Inside |

All foods in nature contain both acid and alkaline forming elements.


Balance is either achieved or thwarted as a direct result of what we eat.


Too many acid-forming foods can have dire consequences for our health, with “acidosis” being a common diagnosis in diabetics, for example. This is because when the nutrients required to maintain this slightly alkaline state cannot be obtained from food, the body will instead draw from its own stores, like the bones or other vital tissues – damaging its ability to repair itself and detoxify heavy metals, thereby making a person more vulnerable to fatigue and illness.


The body must balance the blood’s pH levels at a slightly alkaline level of 7.365 in order to survive. At every meal try to include more alkaline foods into your meals as ultimately the goal is a balanced meal. 


This picture illulstrates on the pH scale what foods are most acidic in red (left) through to the foods which are most alkaline in purple (right). 


To get you started here are the six of the most alkaline-forming foods to work into your everyday meals:


1. Root vegetables 

Due to the healing “yang” nature of these foods in traditional Chinese medicine, and their tendency to be more rich in minerals than many other vegetables, it may be safe to say that you can’t get enough of them. Look for radishes especially (black, red or white), as well as beets, carrots, turnips, horseradish and swede. Ready to eat after steaming for just 15-20 minutes, root vegetables will help you feel both satisfied and better grounded. 

2. Cruciferous vegetables 

These are the veggies we all know and love, made even more delicious with just a small amount of healthy. Choose from broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and the like. 

3. Leafy greens 

These include kale, Swiss chard, turnip greens and spinach – of which spinach may in fact be the best pick. Known especially for its rich vitamin K and folate content, spinach is also packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber, helping to improve digestion and even vision. 

4. Garlic 

A true miracle food, garlic appears at the top of innumerable lists of foods that encourage overall health, and alkaline-forming food is no exception. Among its other benefits are its ability to promote cardiovascular and immune health by lowering blood pressure, cleansing the liver and fighting off disease. 

5. Cayenne peppers/ chillies/ peppers (capsicum) 

As part of a family of potent, tropical peppers which contain enzymes essential to endocrine function, cayenne is among the most alkalizing foods. It is known for its antibacterial properties and is a rich supply of vitamin A, making it a helpful agent in fighting off the harmful free radicals that lead to stress and illness. 

6. Lemons 

Lemons may be the most alkalising food of all. As a natural disinfectant, it can heal wounds while also providing potent and immediate relief for hyperacidity and virus-related conditions, as well as coughs, colds, flu and heartburn. Lemon also works to energise the liver and promote detoxification. 


Think twice about what’s on your plate at your next meal. Try applying that age-old motherly advice to “eat your vegetables” it could be a solid first step to achieve better health.


Via The BioSync Team
Steve Kingsley's curator insight, July 6, 2013 5:01 PM

I'd extend this to the whole body's PH level....

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High-Fat Foods That Are Great For Your Waistline (Really!)

High-Fat Foods That Are Great For Your Waistline (Really!) | Sunlight on the Inside |

Are you ready for it? There is a myth that has been restricting our society for decades, this myth is that fat makes you fat. I am not sure if you already know but lots of research has disproven this statement, in fact it is the sugar and chemicals in food that make you fat! 


One point I really must raise is please don’t assume that low-fat foods are going to help with weight loss – they are often higher in sugar and other chemicals that actually cause you to put on weight.


Good fats are those that are naturally occur in their wholeform in plants, vegetables, nuts and seeds. When extracting or isolating the fat, this is when it becomes chemically unstable in our bodies. 

Good fats are necessary for a strong immune system, absorbing vitamins and nutrients, and healthy cell function in every part of the body. When you eat a diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, your body uses stored fat for energy. Here are some of my favorite good-for-you fats: 

Coconut Oil 
Although it is high in saturated fat, coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids that have been shown to actually speed up the metabolism because they are converted into energy so quickly. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that replacing long-chain fatty acids (found in refined vegetable oils) with medium-chain fatty acids increases metabolism and also helps burn off stored fat. Coconut oil is also associated with lowering blood sugar levels, which is another factor in weight loss. 

Avocados are delicious, creamy superfoods that are full of healthy fats and nutrients that can aid in weight loss. Avocado is high in monounsaturated fat, and research has shown that this type of fat can aid in sugar metabolism and keep you feeling full longer. Avocados are also rich in the amino acid L-carnitine, which the body requires for fat metabolism. 

Olive Oil 
There’s a reason people rave about the Mediterranean-style diet – it’s rich in olive oil, which has numerous health benefits, including weight loss. Studies have indicated that the monounsaturated fats in olive oil can help the body break down fat and keep you satiated longer. Olive oil’s healthy qualities are best preserved when it’s unheated, so drizzle it on your meals and use it to make salad dressings. Heating to high levels can make this oil become rancid, so please do not use for frying. 

Nuts & Seeds
Eating the right portion of nuts and seeds (about a handful) can help you lose or maintain weight by satisfying your appetite and stabilising your blood sugar levels. When it comes to nuts, try almonds, walnuts, or brazil nuts. With seeds, go for flax, chia, hemp, sunflower, and pumpkin. Don’t forget the nut and seed butters! Also ensure you activate your nuts to aid digestion. 

Fats to avoid for weight loss are trans fats, which can be found in margarine, many packaged foods, vegetable shortening, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. These fats have been isolated in larger amounts than what your body can utilise effectively from wholefood sources. 

Via The BioSync Team
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Let's provide sunlight on the inside.

Let's provide sunlight on the inside. | Sunlight on the Inside |

Our bodies need sunlight in order to synthesis vitamin D. So when that sun does come out take 15 minutes to feel the warmth on your skin and let it do its magic. At the moment our summer is a lacking the sunshine a little  so I propose that we turn to our diets to provide some sunlight on the inside. 


One of the best ways to increase our alkalinity anddetox our purdy bodies is to consume a diet full of liquid chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll contains a powerful blood builder that’s said to increase red blood cells, improve circulation, ease inflammation, oxygenate the body, and counteract harmful free radicals. By eating (and drinking) a diet high in chlorophyll (raw fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens), we dine on liquid oxygen, the very substance we need to stay alive and thrive.


For healthy eating ensure you have dark green leafy veggies on your plate along with the colourful rainbow effect from the other vegetables available. The rainbow effect provides a wide range and varying amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy.


Not such a fan of eating lots of veggies then why not try juicing a combination of vegetables with an apple to sweeten. Or try blending vegetables with almond milk and an avocado to thicken. 


Wondering what to juice or blend, visit our facebook page for regular updates or subscribe. 

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Recognise IBS symptoms and Then Go for help

Fed up of feeling bloated all the time? Think you might have IBS, food intolerances or just had enough of feeling lousy.


IBS in most cases is caused by food intolerances, use of antibiotics, yeast or other parasites present in uncooked foods. Other symptoms of IBS can also be caused by the overgrowth of yeast such as Candida and the over growth of bacteria. This can result from taking a single antibiotics course.


Wondering what to do next? Food@One can help.... to get you started please fill out your details for our free telephone consultation and we will support you to get your health and vitality frimly restored. 



Via Victoria Tyler
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Drink and thrive

Drink and thrive | Sunlight on the Inside |
What you use to refuel after training can have a big impact on your fitness.

Via Peter Mellow
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Ways to Naturally Boost Your Kids' Immunity Before They Go Back to School - Simple Life Abundant Life

Ways to Naturally Boost Your Kids' Immunity Before They Go Back to School - Simple Life Abundant Life | Sunlight on the Inside |
It’s that time of year again.  The stores are lined with notebooks, pencils, and crayons.  The commercials for clothing sales are in full force, and teachers everywhere are setting up their classrooms.  I used to teach in the...

Via The BioSync Team
The BioSync Team's curator insight, August 31, 2013 11:39 AM

Naturally simple health strategies to promote happy, healthy and strong bodies ... no matter your age!

Read more ...

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Burn Calories and Fat With These Beginner-Friendly Yoga Poses

Burn Calories and Fat With These Beginner-Friendly Yoga Poses | Sunlight on the Inside |

"When stress levels are too high, it hinders the body's ability to burn fat. That's where yoga comes in — it's the perfect way to fight off stress, regardless of your level. These easy-to-follow poses do more than just relax; they stimulate the parts of the body responsible for metabolic function. Breathe deep as you try each asana, and start burning more calories and fat with your practice."


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Drink water first thing in the morning for these five advantages

Drink water first thing in the morning for these five advantages | Sunlight on the Inside |
Why drink water in the morning? Here are five great reasons!
Dorothy M Neddermeyer, PhD's comment, July 15, 2013 7:31 PM
Ellen: There are many articles on Mind, Body and Spirit and some on only emotional/mind issues, Physical issues and Spiritual issues. If you give me a specific issue you would like to understand better, I have probably written an article. Enjoy. Dr Dorothy
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Exercise and vitamins C, D and E could hold the secrets to longevity - BDlive

Exercise and vitamins C, D and E could hold the secrets to longevity - BDlive | Sunlight on the Inside |
Exercise and vitamins C, D and E could hold the secrets to longevity
Q: So many lethal problems stem from high blood sugar, but you talk specifically about how increased blood sugar poses problems for our nerves and neurons.
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Foods that boost your mood

Foods that boost your mood | Sunlight on the Inside |

Vegetables are the answer especially the brightly coloured ones. 


Red and orange vegetables such as red peppers and carrots are filled with compounds called carotenoids which may be able to enhance your mood.


Psychosomatic Medicine recently published a study in which researchers evaluated the amount of carotenoids in participants’ blood. They discovered a correlation between the individual’s optimism and the level of carotenoids in their body. The most optimistic individuals had 13% more compounds surging around their system than all the rest.


So where’s the correlation between happiness and vegetables? Participants who were generally optimistic reported that they ate three or more servings of brightly coloured vegetables each day.

Although the results of this study are promising, it’s important to note that the vegetables alone are unlikely to be responsible for creating an optimistic attitude. Optimists are generally more likely to lead healthier lifestyles in general by avoiding smoking, drinking less, and exercising more—all of which contribute to lower stress levels and a more positive outlook on life.


So although vegetables high in carotenoids alone mightn’t be the answer to lifelong happiness, they can certainly have a positive effect when combined with exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices.


The added benefits to eating more carotenoid-rich veggies include increased vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber in your diet.


So the next time you’re food shopping, throw some carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, red peppers or sweet potato into your shopping basket.


You just may find that you’re waking up on the right side of the bed a little more often and that the sun shines from within you.

Via Judi Jenkins
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Reasons why to eat your fruit and especially VEG

Reasons why to eat your fruit and especially VEG | Sunlight on the Inside |
1. Immunity

Antioxidants and vitamins C and E help fight infection and keep your immune system healthy. Choose citrus fruit, peppers and tomatoes as good sources of vitamin C.


2. Growth and development

Folate requirements are high during periods of rapid growth while iron is needed for brain function and learning. Choose dark green leafy vegetables, asparagus, nuts and legumes and eat with foods rich in vitamin C to increase iron absorption. 


3. Digestion

Dietary fibre aids digestion and fruit and vegetables are a good source. The best choices are those with edible skins and legumes.


4. Maintain a healthy weight

Nutritious high fibre foods help displace energy-dense choices and increase satiety (the feeling of fullness). All fruits and vegetables contain fibre.


5. Help protect against cancers

Foods rich in vitamins A, C and cruciferous vegetables may help protect against some types of cancer. Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.


6. Vision

Vitamins A, C and E and carotenoids (found in fruit and vegetables) are required for visual health. Vitamin A deficiency reduces the ability to see in dim light (sometimes called night blindness). Choose yellow and orange fruit and vegetables, which are rich in carotenoids such as pumpkin, sweet potato and butternut squash.


7. Strong teeth and bones 

Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones. If you don’t like dairy products (or dairy intolerant) or tinned fish with bones, get your calcium from green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds (especially sesame).


8. Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are plant chemicals and everything in plants in general. These natural plant compounds have a variety of health benefits and often give fruit and vegetables their colour. Choose a range of different coloured fruit and vegetables to get all the different phytochemicals.


9. Heart health 

There is evidence that high intake of fruit and vegetables can have a protective effect against heart disease and also slightly reduce blood pressure. Choose fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants such as folic acid and vitamin E. Choose green, leafy vegetables, avocado and nuts (almonds and hazelnuts).


10. Healthy ageing

Anthocyanins and phenolics are important for their potential antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Choose blue or purple coloured fruit and vegetables such as blueberries, blackberries, grapes and aubergine.


These are just some of the important benefits of eating your fruits and essential vegetables. Aim for a rainbow plate to gain maximum health benefits. How many colours in a rainbow? Keep this in mind to help you planning your meals with a variety of vegetables. 

Via Judi Jenkins
Health Forever's curator insight, July 3, 2017 6:38 PM
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Raw Chocolate To Brighten Up Your Day

Raw Chocolate To Brighten Up Your Day | Sunlight on the Inside |

Get the low down on the benefits of raw chocolate, it might just brighten up your day whether it be eating a raw chocolate bar (Raw Chocolate pie, Ombar) or having a delicious healthy raw hot choclate (Chococru). Have you noticed the RAW word as it is essentially different to what is commonly known as 'chocolate'. 


Just to clarify the most readily available chocolate is a result of heavy processing and adding other ingredients like unrefined sugar and dairy products in large amounts to improve the taste but this all takes away the goodness of the chocolate. When the raw beans are made into chocolate, they undergo a series of steps that destroy most of the naturally occurring compounds. The two processes which are most responsible for this destruction are roasting, which exposes the beans to high temperatures, and “dutching” which exposes the beans to a highly alkaline solution. 


Raw chocolate is an almost complete foodstuff. It is loaded with more than 300 chemically identifiable compounds, and is higher in anti-oxidants than green tea and wine. It also contains protein, fats, calcium, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, and magnesium, which is essential for the correct functioning of the brain. Cacao contains caffeine, which means that a raw chocolate drink or desert will give you a similar kick to that of coffee, but in a healthier and raw way.


This raw chocolate bean is one of the highest vitamin C containing foods in the world.  All processed chocolate contains absolutely no vitamin C (as it’s very heat-sensitive and lost during the processing).


Anandamide is an endorphin naturally produced by humans after exercise. In the plant world it has only been found in cacao. Anandamide is known as the bliss chemical because it is naturally produced when people feel blissful. Cacao also contains enzyme inhibitors that prevent the breakdown of anandamide. This helps the feeling of bliss to remain a lot longer.


Tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in cacao in significant quantities. The presence of this amino acid is essential for the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a primary neurotransmitter that plays a powerful role in regulating our mood. Heat destroys tryptophan so many people are deficient. The increasing rates of depression can be explained by low levels of tryptophan. Magnesium also plays a major role in serotonin production so cacao contains both these important neurotransmitter creating nutrients.


Reasons to enjoy natural raw chocolate (cacao):


The magnesium in raw chocolate supports your heart. Magnesium helps decrease blood coagulation, thus helping to lower blood pressure and helping the heart to beat efficiently.


It helps you stay young. Cacao beans contain high amounts of antioxidants comparable to the levels in green tea and red wine. Antioxidants work to neutralise free radicals, major culprits in the aging process.


It helps you focus. Cacao beans can contain up to 2.2% Phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA increases the activity of neurotransmitters in your brain, helping you to stay focused, alert and captivated – like when you are reading a really good book.


It creates bliss (yes, every chocolate fan knows this one). Cacao beans contain Anandamide. Anandamide is called the “bliss chemical” because it is released when we are feeling great.


Raw chocolate makes you happy. Raw chocolate is a great source of serotonin, phenylethylamine and dopamine, three neurotransmitters that help alleviate depression and promote feelings of well-being.


Raw cacao beans are one of Nature’s true superfoods and can now be easily consumed daily.


Raw chocolate is truly one of the great ways to eat your way into healing!



Wondering how to use the raw chocolate cacoa powder? Head over to Food@One's recipe section and check out our healthy hot chocolate. 


Perhaps you are wondering where to get some raw cacoa powder from? Get in contact either by our free telephone consultation form or the contact us section and Emily will be in touch.

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Oil pulling benefits

Oil pulling benefits | Sunlight on the Inside |

Are you looking for a natural way to clean your mouth and whiten your teeth?


The ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling has many benefits and has been shown to heal a wide variety of health problems.


But what in The World Is Oil Pulling?


Oil pulling is the practice of taking 1 tablespoon of a cold-pressed vegetable oil (coconut, olive or sesame) and swishing it in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes. This is done soon after waking, before eating or brushing one’s teeth — and it has the effect of “pulling” bacteria, parasites, mucous and other toxins from your body through your saliva. Another effect from pulling the toxins is that your teeth will whiten. 


Oil pulling has its roots in Ayurveda, the Hindu art of healing, which asserts that the tongue is mapped by organ-locations. This means that each section of the tongue is connected to, or corresponds to, the liver, heart, kidneys, lungs, spleen, pancreas, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine. When you swish the oil around the tongue, you effectively soothe and stimulate the key meridians of the body, and their corresponding organs.


What a therapeutic way to start the day.

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The four elements of physical energy and how to master them

The four elements of physical energy and how to master them | Sunlight on the Inside |

Here at Food@One we say in order to gain vitality we need to access the foods you eat, your thoughts and your actions. From one angle the link could be that by increasing your energy you will increase your vitality. 


"Manage your energy, not your time" says the famous quote from Tony Schwartz. Physical energy is the most important element of it, here we take a closer look:


Schwartz famously proclaims in his book, that most of us are chasing the wrong resource: hours in the day. Instead, we should focus on something entirely different: our energy.


Our energy can be broken down in 4 different elements:

Your physical energy – how healthy are you?

Your emotional energy – how happy are you?

Your mental energy – how well can you focus on something?

Your spiritual energy – why are you doing all of this? What is your purpose?


Once you have your answers consider this, no matter how much good food your are eating if you are struggling emotionally and mentally you will still feel tired. It is the combination of what you eat, how you control your thoughts, setting accomplishing goals with actions and gentle exercise which keeps everything flowing and you full of vitality.


The master is you and your awareness. 



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European Monsoon- Support your Immune System

Been wondering what has happened to the British Summer as it does seem to colder than usual? According to BBC weather forecasting we are having a European Monsoon! 


Whilst researching immune boosters I came across this interesting quote in the Times of India Monsoon food trends by food blogger Nandita Iyer who mentioned that "incorporating natural spices and ingredients such as ginger, garlic, black pepper or chillies will boost immunity and aid digestion." 


For a country that is well known for monsoons, I felt that this information should be shared with anyone who is currently looking for natural food based immune boosters. 


The next step is to get cooking, keep reading, and check out our recipes for some immune boosting meals. 

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Apples: The WHOLEsome benefits.

Apples: The WHOLEsome benefits. | Sunlight on the Inside |

Apples, we enjoy drinking the juice, adding it to desserts and snacks but did you know that eating the fruit as a whole has a lot more health boosting benefits for you body?


Apples contain numerous beneficial compounds that protect against illness and disease. The fruit is one of many must-have superfoods.

Fiber found within apples is known as pectin. This fiber is able to lower cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar, and help ward off diabetes and insulin resistance. Like most high-fiber foods, the pectin in apples also helps fill you up, making you feel full for a longer period and discouraging overeating.


Another powerful compound in apples is the flavonoid quercetin. This antioxidant is found particularly concentrated in apple peels, where it gives the apple its rich color. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and a natural antihistamine that has been found to combat issues like cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, and much more.


Water-soluble polyphenols are often found in apples as well. These are another form of powerful antioxidants with numerous benefits. As reported by Natural News, “Diets high in polyphenols are associated with lower cancer rates, better heart health and enhanced immune function.”


The saying does go... An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are great as an afternoon snack or add one to smoothies to sweeten adding their wholesome nutritional goodness.

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