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TOP 25 Most Viewed Topics in 2023

TOP 25 Most Viewed Topics in 2023 | Newtown News of Interest |
Here are the TOP 25 most most viewed topics/videos/audio podcasts/scoops/blog posts, etc. via in 2023:
  1. VIDEO: Loose LDR Guardrail
  2. AUDIO: Planning Commission Split Regarding Capital Grille Signage
  3. AUDIO: EDC Discussion of Overlay to the LI and OLI Zoning Districts
  5. VIDEO: Supervisor Mack Responds to KRE's Motion to "Muzzle"
  6. VIDEO: Work Begins Anew on Lower Dolington Rd Trail
  7. BLOG: Newtown Area Residents Are Very Concerned About Overdevelopment
  8. BLOG: Lower Dolington Road Multi-Use Trail Project Timeline
  9. VIDEO: Repaving of Lower Dolington Road
  10. BLOG: LDR Trail Guardrails: Why Metal and Not Wood?
  11. VIDEO: Pedestrian Safety Priority: Sycamore St Versus Newtown-Yardley Rd
  12. VIDEO: Redevelopment Plan for Corners at #NewtownPA Place Presented to Planning Commission
  13. SCOOP: Another "Upscale" Apartment Building Complex Proposed In #NewtownPA Township
  14. BLOG: Borscht Belt Delicatessen Seeks Variance to Allow Neon Sign
  15. SCOOP: Proposed Steeple View Pedestrian Bridge: Is It a Bridge Too Far?
  16. BLOG: Moving Toward Progressive Community Policing
  17. BLOG: Lower Dolington Road Trail Punch Lists
  18. VIDEO: Should Newtown Pull Out of the Jointure?
  19. SCOOP: Capital Grille Proposing To Open Restaurant In #NewtownPA Township
  20. BLOG: Kushner RE Attorney Blackburn Moves to Muzzle Mack!
  21. SCOOP: Newtown Borough Joins #NewtownPA Twp to OK Pursuing Grant To Fund Newtown Creek Pedestrian Bridge Project
  22. BLOG: The Future of Newtown Township's Paid Fire Services
  23. NEWSLETTER: Newtown Zoning Validity/Overdevelopment Survey
  24. NEWSLETTER: Single-Hauler Township Trash Pickup Survey
  25. SCOOP: Developer Challenges Validity Of Zoning Ordinance In #NewtownPA Township


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