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Meet Mack Monday Zoom Attendee Jan Filios Discusses Environmental Concerns Raised By The Proposed Steeple View Newtown Creek Bridge

this discussion took place during the November 13, 2023, Meet Mack Monday Zoom meeting. Supervisor John Mack presented his questions regarding the utility of this bridge to Newtown Township and suggested it would benefit primarily Steeple View residents in the Borough.

Newtown Environmental Advisory Board member Jan Filios pointed out the environmental concerns, which may be insurmountable due to zoning ordinances that are in place regarding flood plains.


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What's YOUR Opinion?

There are currently TWO #NewtownPA Creek pedestrian bridges proposed - one at Frost Lane and Edgeboro Road in the Borough to North Sycamore Street in the Township and one at the other end of town connecting the proposed Steeple View development in the Borough to Carl Sedia Park in the Township. 


The Newtown Board of Supervisors already approved the application for a grant to cover the cost of the Frost Lane bridge (read more about that here). The Steeple View bridge is just a concept, but the developer has already asked in confidence for opinions from Newtown BOS members (read more about that here).


In general, how much are you in favor of/opposed to these proposed bridges?


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