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Proposed Steeple View Pedestrian Bridge: Is It a Bridge Too Far?

Proposed Steeple View Pedestrian Bridge: Is It a Bridge Too Far? | Newtown News of Interest |

Back in June, 2023, #NewtownPA Township Manager received a letter via email from attorney Timothy J. Duffy, representing Steeple View, L.P. which presently has pending before Newtown Borough Council a revised Preliminary and Final Land Development Plan.


The Steeple View plan includes seven new “mixed use” buildings being proposed on nearly nine acres of land along with a public greenway along the Newtown Creek. Also proposed is a footbridge connecting Newtown Borough to Newtown Township at Carl Sedia Park (see image). [Background: “Planners Begin Review Of Revised, Multi-Million Steeple View Project”]


In the letter to the township, Mr. Duffy asked: “ we move toward final approval in the Borough, both my client and the Borough would like to determine whether the Township - on a non-binding basis, of course - is interested in the bridge or, to the contrary, has no interest.” Mr. Duffy asked that the Township Manager “...put the question to the Board for its comment.” Supervisors just recently received a copy of the letter. I am not sure how how other supervisors feel about this bridge, but I have some concerns.


Is this a Bridge Too Far?

Lest we forget, Newtown Twp supervisors just recently approved the application for a Statewide Local Share Assessment grant of $999,979.20 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority to be used for a different pedestrian bridge over the Newtown Creek at the other end of town, which link Edgeboro Road/Frost Lane in the borough to North Sycamore Street in the township (read “Newtown Creek Coalition Proposes a NEW Pedestrian Bridge to Supervisors”).


As a Newtown Supervisor, I have to weigh the benefits versus the costs to the township of these projects. While the Frost Lane bridge has some marginal benefit to businesses located on North Sycamore Street and the Newtown Village Shopping Center, the Steeple View bridge is too far from any township business and only seems to benefit Newtown Borough residents and, more specifically future Steeple View residents. The township should not have to pay a dime to help developers provide amenities to their clients.




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