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Supervisor Snyder Proposes Pro Abortion Resolution

At the request of Supervisor Elen Snyder, the Newtown Board of Supervisors (BOS) agreed at its July 13, 2022, public meeting to vote on a resolution calling on the state legislature to retain abortion rights in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The four supervisors in attendance at the meeting, including Snyder, agreed to the addition to the next agenda. The board's only Republican, Kyle Davis, was absent from the meeting.

As reported in the Newtown Patch: "Last month the far right Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade demonstrating its willingness to throw away long held precedent and directly ignore the will of the people who overwhelmingly who back that ruling," said Snyder.

"Just think about that," she continued. "A minority of people pushing their will onto the majority of us and telling one half of the population what we can or cannot do with our very own bodies. It's pretty unimaginable to us here in Pennsylvania and here in Newtown Township as well.

"We are largely lucky where poverty almost doesn't exist in this fairly affluent community. Most women here will be able to deal with an unwanted pregnancy and not have birth forced upon them in cases of rape, incest, fetal abnormality or maternal health. We must protect all women and all circumstances.

"In Pennsylvania we have the right to abortion and we must keep it that way," said Snyder. "Tonight I'm asking my fellow supervisors for a consensus that at our next meeting this matter be put on the agenda to authorize our solicitor to draft an appropriate resolution to be considered for adoption stating that we urge our Pennsylvania lawmakers to retain these rights as they now exist."


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