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Provco officially submits zoning application to bring a Super Wawa to the bypass in Newtown Township

Provco officially submits zoning application to bring a Super Wawa to the bypass in Newtown Township | Newtown News of Interest |

Provco Pineville Acquisitions has submitted a zoning application to the township seeking a special exception to build a Super Wawa on the Newtown Bypass at Silver Lake Road [across from Crossing Community Church].


Provco officially submitted its application to the township on March 17 seeking the special exception along with zoning relief for signage and the number of fueling dispensers [read “Wawa is Back!”].


The submission comes six months after the board of supervisors voted 3 to 2 to pass a municipal curative amendment that added a combination gas station and convenience store as a special exception in its office/research zoning district.


Supervisor Kyle Davis, in voting against the ordinance, argued that the ordinance gives developers exactly what they’re looking for. “The OR is mostly on the bypass. I think we’re giving too many pumps and too much acreage. And I think we should have considered moving it to light industrial or office light industrial. Make it unattractive and put it somewhere else and not on the bypass. Putting it along the bypass just makes it more attractive to everyone.”


Supervisor John Mack agreed with Davis, adding his concern regarding the process.


“As far as when someone makes an application for this, and it will be Wawa, let’s not kid ourselves, they’re going to go first not to the board of supervisors to approve or not to approve, they’re going to go to the zoning hearing board for a special exception. And when they go before the zoning hearing board they are going to ask for 18 pumps, a drive-thru and LED lighting along the bypass. They are going to ask for all of this stuff and they’re going to get it and that’s my concern.”




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johnmacknewtown's insight:

Was I spot on in my prediction about the variances Wawa would seek? YES! Will I be correct regarding my prediction on how the ZHB will vote? Only time will tell!


Here are the variances Wawa is seeking from Newtown zoning regulations:


  • To permit a Use E-30 Motor Vehicle Fueling and Convenience Store with eight (8) fuel dispensers on the 4.95 acre Property where six (6) fuel dispensers are permitted by right;
  • Various signage variances such as locating a wall sign to be located within 1,000 feet of and facing the limited access portion of the Newtown Bypass;
  • Applicant also proposes two (2) electronic message center monument signs - one (1) of 49.9 square feet in area and 10' in height located along the Newtown Bypass, and one (1) of 35 square feet in area and 8' in height located along Lower Silver Lake Road. Electronic signs are prohibited throughout Newtown Township and especially not on the Bypass – not even within 1,000 feet of the Bypass. Electronic signage has been denied to other gas station owners such as Rick Steele’s.
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