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It’s Time for Newtown Township to Update Its Comprehensive Plan!

It’s Time for Newtown Township to Update Its Comprehensive Plan! | Newtown News of Interest |

At the June meeting of the Joint Zoning Council (JZC), Lisa Wolff, Senior Planner at the Bucks County Planning Commission (BCPC), presented a proposal to update the Newtown Area Joint Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2009. Newtown Township is a member of the JZC. Other members include Upper Makefield and Wrightstown Townships.


The JZC is recommending that the proposal be accepted by each of the member municipalities. The Proposal must be considered by each Planning Commission Definition and by each Board of Supervisors with the Board of Supervisors adopting a Resolution that: authorizes the Proposal; authorizes the preparation of the Comprehensive Plan Update; agrees to splitting the cost in accordance with the Jointure Agreement; and authorizes the Chair of the JZC to apply for any grants that may be available to offset the cost.


Newtown Township is in receipt of the BCPC proposal, which will likely be moved forward for review by the Township Planning Commission to evaluate and advise the Board of Supervisors.


The Municipalities Planning Code recommends that Comprehensive Plans be updated every 10 years.


More information, including a copy of the proposal and an audio recording of the proposal presentation by Lisa Wolff, can be found here:

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