Buzz Team Competition: Creating A Revolution Is HARD and Scary | Digital-News on today |, crowdfunding cancer research, launches tomorrow. The REVOLUTION in how we fund cancer research depends on the Cure Cancer Buzz Team, social media wizards and FOMs (Friends of Martin new and old) willing to help create awareness and trust for a new idea.

The new idea is SIMPLE. Cancer Patients should know what is happening in cancer research. Cancer patients like ME, my family and friends should be able to give MONEY to Dr. Hank van Deventer, the oncologist who saved my life.

This revolution wil only happen IF pepole STOP long enough to help. Five weeks from tomorrow 3 Cure Cancer Buzz Team CAPTAINS will be awarded. Becoming a Cure Cancer Buzz Team Captain speaks to a social media marketers MAD SKILLS, their humanity and grace.

Hope you will JOIN the Cure Cancer Buzz Team

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Via Martin (Marty) Smith