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Actu videomapping, performance, scéno, vjing, court metrage et autres friandises du Net by LeCollagiste
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Saison 22/23 Formation Régie vidéo - LeCollagiste 2022

Saison 22/23 Formation Régie vidéo - LeCollagiste 2022 | Multimedium |
Vous apprendrez à maîtriser, utiliser, produire, créer, expérimenter et réaliser la mise en place d’une régie vidéo
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REDO – iMapp bucharest 2021 on

REDO Role Music, concept, art direction , design and animation Credits Event organizer : iMapp Bucharest 2021 team Event producer : Maxin10sity Ltd. iMapp bucharest…
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Artist Gan Jian

Gan Jian is a Chinese artist known for his diverse artistic practice. Through his interdisciplinary approach, he delves into the intricate relationship between multi-medium spaces and human perception. One of the key aspects of Gan Jian's art is the emphasis on the sense of presence evoked by the unified experience created through auditory, visual, light, and site-specific structures.

Gan Jian's artistic practice reflects a contemporary approach to art-making, emphasising the fusion of mediums, the interplay of sensory experiences, and the exploration of the relationship between the artwork and the viewer.

#art #artist #artwork #artinstallation #installationart #newmedia #newmediaart #immersive #immersiveart #immersiveartist #immersiveexperience #immersiveexperiences #experience #experiences #artistheanswer #artmatters #artandculture #artsandcultures #moltenimmersiveart #moltenaffect #curation #curator #artcuration #artcurator #dorothydistefano

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Constellations de Metz 2023 : mapping vidéo

Mapping "Biomimétisme" du festival Constellations de Metz 2023
Acte 1 : "Fractalis" Felix Frank
Acte 2 : "Ai Datanova" Ouchhh
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Dynamic Facial Projection Mapping -Basic Test-

Dynamic Projection Mapping based on a high-speed camera and a high-speed projector.
Details can be found in the below page.

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Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 Full Length Sizzle | Unreal Engine

Incredible projects, cutting-edge innovations, and industry trailblazers...Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 showcased the next-generation of tools and techniques set to transform filmmaking. Get a glimpse of the future here.
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Revival, Epic Architectural 3D Projection Mapping in Las Vegas

Limelight and a team of collaborating artists illuminated the Club Tower of the Tropicana of Las Vegas for the 4th anniversary of Garena Free Fire

In collaboration with one of the world's most popular mobile games, Free Fire, we created magic for their 4th anniversary celebration. Over 1.6 million lumens produced by 52 Barco 30k+ lumen projectors made sure the neon capital shone a lot brighter on August 19.

The history-making private celebration at the Tropicana went down with an amazing show and a crowd of world-renowned gamers as guests. Together with Free Fire, and World Stage, we not only delivered a breathtaking artwork combining our signature architectural mapping with favorite Free Fire characters, but also broke the Guinness world record of the largest projected video game display by more than double.

In addition to the Free Fire collaboration, we created our own artwork for the event titled “Revival” – after a long, painful break of events due to Covid, the Limelight family of artists, again, created something powerful together. Revival, created by artists of a diverse mix of multinational backgrounds and genders, explores the dichotomy of celebrating the emergence from a painful time in our history while still being aware of the ongoing health crisis and remembrance of the tough year. We are still here, together, standing, and with the help of art, we can share how we feel. It doesn’t get better than this.

Executive Producer
Scott Hallock

Creative Directors
Viktor Vicsek
Csaba Világosi

Alex Riczkó
Tommaso Rinaldi
Ivó Kovács
Kevin Campean

Derengo Animation Studio//
Bálint Benkovits
Norbert Berta
Levente Fekete
Bernadett Góga
Nóra Magyari
László Nyikos
Ágnes Örményi-Molnár

Revival artists
Anna Bacheva
Kati Katona
Susan Kosti
Svitlana Reinish
Alex Riczkó
Tommaso Rinaldi
Soma Sárffi
Csaba Világosi

Adam Brener
Nate Hedges
Chosita Phoolsuksiri
Ignacio Malinovsky
István Dávid

Project Manager
Donovan James

Projection tech & engineering
Raul Herrera
Tom Roland
Farkas Fülöp

Executive Consultants
Ed Wasserman
Michael May

Special thanks to
Garena Free Fire
The Tropicana Las Vegas
WorldStage, Inc.
24seven Productions
Clark County & The City of Las Vegas

Pinterest: @limelightart
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LeCollagiste formation demoreel 2021

Formation immersive et interactive, initiation au montage live, au VJing, apprendre à écrire avec la vidéo pour la scène, mise en place d’un workflow vidéo live avec une introduction à la vidéo par IP sur le NDI, mise en situation VidéoMapping sur maquette, connexion Syphon et Spout. Comprendre les contraintes liées à la projection et l’installation de matériel d’une régie vidéo.

Le concept de spectacle homme-machine oriente le spectacle vivant vers une transformation temporelle augmentée en temps réel.
Le Vidéo Mapping crée des multivers graphiques audiovisuels ou le spectateur est au cœur même de l’œuvre projetée.

#formation #training #vjing #regievideo #video #videomapping #projectionmapping #millumin #resolume #obs #obsproject #recording #streaming #studiovirtuel #innovation #technology #resolumearena #stagedesign #preformance #audiovisuel #NDI #OSC #MIDI #workflow #montage #live

Contact :
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Bolt & Bolt Jr. Robotic Dance at NAB Show

For more information on Bolt and Bolt Jr. visit:
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CamTrackAR Guide #1: Getting Started | FREE 3D Camera Tracker for iOS

CamTrackAR is a groundbreaking iOS app that can capture video and 3D tracking data simultaneously using Apple’s AR technology, and the most recent update brings powerful new features for on-set previsualization, including live Chroma Key and real-time 3D model import.

Download CamTrackAR for free:

00:00 Intro
01:01 What is CamTrackAR?
02:11 Installation
02:28 CamTrackAR Free/Paid Comparison
03:22 Interface walkthrough
07:01 Transferring files

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Antilatency | Best tracking system for indie Virtual Production?

In my search for building a complete toolset for virtual production, I have finally found a camera tracking system that works for me. In this video, I will talk about my experience with the Antilatency Tracking System as well as touching on other parts of my virtual production studio( like the Glassmark Encoders and general setup I have right now.

Antilatency did not pay me to do this video but if you're interested feel free to check them out at

Check out Glassmark Encoders here

Aximmetry is also a software I highly recommend and check them out at

Thanks to the awesome for the great LED-fixtures.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. This is hard stuff and I love to help when I have time.
Thanks to Johan Folke, The Grandmaster, for being a wizard.

Set by Epic Games

Follow me on Instagram where I post more regular updates:
Check out my Virtual Production studio at
For questions and other talk join me at
Join our Discord:
Check out Matt Workmans Unreal Virtual Production Group:
Great FB group for Aximmetry:
Link to Aximmetry:
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High-Speed Focal Tracking Projection Based on Liquid Lens

A high-speed projection system with a dynamic focal tracking technology based on a variable focus lens was illustrated. The traditional projection was limited on 2D space, due to their narrow depth-of-field projection range. Our system included a high-speed projector, a high-speed variable focus lens, and high-speed visual feedback, so that the depth and rotation information would be detected and then served as feedback to correct the focal length and update the projection information in high-speed. As a result, the information would be well-focused projected even on a 3D dynamic moving object.

Furthermore, it is expected that any physical surface in the real world are possible to be repaint with projection, the appearance is freely manipulated, and interactive information is dynamically presented. Our system provides the essential technology for expanding such dynamic projection mapping applications.

Lihui Wang, Hongjin Xu, Satoshi Tabata, Yunpu Hu, Yoshihiro Watanabe, and Masatoshi Ishikawa: High-Speed Focal Tracking Projection Based on Liquid Lens, ACM SIGGRAPH 2020 Emerging Technologies (SIGGRAPH '20) (Virtual Event, USA, 2020.8.24-28)
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iMapp Bucharest – Winners League 23092023

Remise des Winners Awards pour iMAPP Bucarest (video mapping) par Jean-Michel Jarre - 23 septembre 2023
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ADAE 2019, Brèche

Immersive Installation
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Faune on

Fruit de la collaboration entre la compagnie Adrien M & Claire B et le collectif de designers graphiques Brest Brest Brest, Faune explore la rencontre entre…

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Sachiura Wind - Interactive Kinetic Art Sculpture

Satchiura Wind is a digitally-controlled interactive kinetic art sculpture and real-time data visualization of wind movements in Satchiur, Japan. The artwork moves through nine transitions, shifting the piece from copper to blue, where it then shows a dynamic visual representation of the current wind direction, speed, and gusts.

When one approaches, the sculpture replaces the visualization with your reflection, making you an integral part of the artwork's narrative.

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Face Projection Mapping

Amazing work by Nobumichi Asai(, demonstrating face projection mapping technology using 20 OptiTrack cameras.
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VarioLight 2: Wide Dynamic Projection Mapping in Rhythmic Gymnastics

We have realized the combination of wide dynamic projection mapping and rhythmic gymnastics performance. "VarioLight 2" system can realize dynamic projection mapping onto a moving ball surface without any projection misalignment. Sticky and high-resolution projection is possible even for dynamic, irregular, and wide ball motion. We can observe clear and contrasted projected content, and visually grasp the ball rotation. Lively rhythmic gymnastics and wide dynamic projection mapping create a beautiful visual harmony. This technology will lead to further live applications such as media art, entertainment, and sports training.

VarioLight 2 web page

VarioLight 2: Dynamic Projection Mapping for Ball Sports

VarioLight: Dynamic Projection Mapping for a Wide Range Performance
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Projection mapping on Buda Castle & Parliament building: case-study in Budapest | Panasonic Visual

Discover how Panasonic helped to provide breathtaking experiences through projection mapping to the 700,000 visitors in Budapest, on August 20 2021, for the largest national holiday in Hungary.

The projection technique turned the most important buildings in Budapest (Parliament building and Buda Castle), into display surfaces.

It took 6 animation teams and 17 visual artists 2 years to design the experience; 50 Panasonic projectors were used for the projection mapping experience (2.2 million lumens) while fireworks, a light show and a drone show were also happening.

Centrum production chose Panasonic projectors following 3 main needs:

1- Reliability and image quality: the spectacular contrast and brightness of Panasonic laser projects outperform other similar high-performance projectors on the market, especially with the kind of special long optics
2- The size of the projectors
3- The energy consumption required

The complete production area was 4,3 km and 200 km of electric wiring has been used.

Technical details:
- 40 projectors ensured the 3D video mapping on the Parliament building:
15 pieces of PT-RZ31K with 7,3 - 18,8:1 lens + 25 pieces of PT-RQ35K with 4,6 - 7,4:1 lens

-10 projectors have been used on the Buda castle:
6 pieces of PT-RZ31K standard lenses + 4 pieces of PT-RQ50K standard lenses
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Care of Ncam, here’s a fun video which shows how the production on the film Extraordinary Event utilized some virtual production techniques to film train carriage scenes

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All watched over by machines of loving grace, 2021 (r25)
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2,400 artists create unique renders from a simple prompt | 18 YEARS OF WORK | Alternate Realities

Learn to Make 3D Environments:

A compilation of all 2,400 renders from my Alternate Realities 3D community challenge. Feel free to browse the various themes, artists and music below:

Track your favorite artists:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:25 Fantasy
00:14:44 Toys & Miniature
00:21:04 Video Game & Comic
00:24:09 Cartoon
00:29:05 Movie Set
00:29:59 Comedy
00:31:19 Medievil & Roman
00:37:14 Adventure
00:49:54 Covid & Medical
00:51:53 Spooky
00:54:28 War
01:08:00 Underwater
01:04:53 Samurai
01:06:23 Other
01:12:38 Star Wars
01:15:53 Apocalypse
01:30:13 Dystopian
01:36:58 Sci-Fi
01:47:52 Space
01:58:52 Abstract
02:10:42 Otherworldly

MUSIC: (see pinned comment for timecodes)
Koresma - North:
Koresma - East:
Koresma - West:
Feverkin - Calendar Project:
SkyTwoHigh - 歌舞伎町冒険:

If you don't see your render, it's either because your submission had too many frames, too little frames, a competely off frame rate, severe camera issues, or a corrupted file/codec. Please follow the rules as closely as possible next time.


My VFX Assets:
Limited Edition Prints:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000
RAM: 64GBs // (4) RipJaw Series V sticks
Display: (2) 1080p 60Hz ASUS VP278H

360 Camera:
Lights: by Apeture

#3d #challenge #animation
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I recreated The Mandalorian Virtual Production on my desk

In this video, I recreated the virtual production technology used on The Mandalorian set. It was a cool project, there are many things that I would love to fix and improve, like using a Vive instead of an Oculus to improve the quality of the tracking, but I really enjoyed it! Let me know what you guys think!

Gear I used �:
Oculus Rift S :
Sony A6300 :
Samsung 43":

Thanks to Elin on sketchfab for the model
Razor crest :

� Huge thanks to Ian Fursa for his toolkit:

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ElaMorph Projection: Deformation of 3D Shape by Dynamic Projection Mapping

We propose a method of illusion named ``ElaMorph projection", in which a rigid object appear to be deformed by dynamic projection mapping. In this example, a plaster of human head appears to have elasticity. The proposed method enables deforming the geometry and rendering in less than 2 ms; this is so fast that human cannot notice the delay of the system. In addition, we refined conventional rendering algorithm which based on the principle of human perception to present effective illusions for 3D solid. Moreover, since environmental lighting is estimated in real time, it is possible to keep the illusion where lighting changes over time, such as party or concert halls. ElaMorph projection expands the range of entertainment of projection mapping.


Kentaro Fukamizu, Leo Miyashita, and Masatoshi Ishikawa: ElaMorph Projection: Deformation of 3D Shape by Dynamic Projection Mapping, Int. Symposium on Augmented and Mixed Reality (ISMAR 2020) (2020.11.9-13)
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