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[Infographic] Telecommuting: How Modern Knowledge Workers Thrive

[Infographic] Telecommuting: How Modern Knowledge Workers Thrive | Killer Infographics |
How do knowledge workers fit into the organizational ecosystem? As their numbers increase in busines...
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Over the past 20 years, telecommuting has been on the rise, as knowledge workers—engineers, writers, consultants, developers and others—grow in numbers throughout the global workforce. Unlike hands-on employees, knowledge workers only need a place to think and create. The traditional office is losing its place as the center of work, as 80 percent of surveyed knowledge workers said that their organization offers telecommuting options.


One of the contributing reasons for this rise in flexible work is that technologies now exist to make “anywhere work” possible. The PGi survey reported that 91 percent of telecommuters have a company-issued laptop, 76 percent have remote or VPN access to company data, 75 percent have web conferencing tools and 62 percent have a cellphone or smartphone.


These findings also illustrate what businesses and workers alike are coming to accept: Telecommuting, even one day per week, provides employees with emotional benefits and businesses with operational improvements.


According to the survey, telecommuting employees see improvements in their stress level (82 percent), morale (80 percent), productivity (70 percent) and absenteeism (69 percent). Of those who do telecommute, 50 percent report telecommuting one day a week and 22 percent spend five or more days telecommuting each week. For businesses, a reduction in real estate and travel costs blend with a rise in worker productivity and global talent acquisition to make flexible work arrangements an important opportunity for growth and success.


Employees worried that telecommuting could cause their career to suffer can take solace in the fact that 77 percent of respondents reported telecommuting improves or has no impact on career advancement. The survey also found that telecommuting is widespread, with 80 percent of respondents reporting their office allows employees to telecommute. Nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of knowledge workers report they participate in their employer’s telecommuting program.


The survey findings come more than one year after notable companies announced the end of their telecommuting policy. While the decision set off a firestorm of discussions about telecommuting, interestingly, 89 percent of respondents stated their telecommuting policy did not change during the past year. And, for those who did report a change only six percent stated their company ended an established program.


Written by: Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

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MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice | Broke? It Might Not Be Your Fault — A Visual Guide to Your Rung on the Economic Ladder

MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice | Broke? It Might Not Be Your Fault — A Visual Guide to Your Rung on the Economic Ladder | Killer Infographics |
Killer Infographics's insight:

What contributes to your economic status?


While there are always exceptions to every rule, your starting financial rung can play a role in your income level later in life.


From where you grew up, to your education, to how involved you are in your community, find out what can influence your spot on the economic ladder.

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The #Facebook Hashtag – How It Works [Infographic]

The #Facebook Hashtag – How It Works [Infographic] | Killer Infographics |

Despite its more than 1 billion active users, Facebook hasn’t offered an easy way for marketers to track trending conversations – until now. In June, Facebook started rolling out the first sever

How do Facebook hashtag work?

Click on a hashtag, and you’ll see:
»   A feed displaying other people’s hashtagged posts
»   Related posts on Pages

You can also:
»   Search for hashtags
»   View hashtags that originated on other sites

How marketers can use Facebook hashtags:

»   Track your “campaign” conversions – Allows you to identify customers who are actively interested in your brand.
»   Track mobile conversions – Hashtag support for Facebook’s mobile site is now available
»   Open your Twitter chats to a broader audience – Facebook offers a larger community with which to interact – if posts are public
»   Seek out related hashtags – Similar hashtags will also appear in search results

Tip: Make sure to encourage public postings in hashtag conversions, since only 29% of all Facebook users make their posts public.

Are you using Facebook hashtags in your marketing efforts?

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Food for your Eyes (Infographic)

Food for your Eyes (Infographic) | Killer Infographics |

The different parts of your eye have special needs. Although, many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are needed for good vision, different parts of the eye especially need specific nutrients. A healthy diet can provide most of these nutrients.

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