Five Helpful Tips When Using RequireJS | JavaScript |

RequireJS – a "JavaScript file and module loader" – is a powerful way to organize, manage, build and load JavaScript in your web application. I've been using RequireJS for a couple of years, and while it's admittedly difficult to limit myself to only five, these five tips are things I really wished I'd known sooner rather than later. Heads up – I'm assuming you havesome knowledge of RequireJS, or at least are aware of what AMD, CommonJS and script loaders are. TheRequireJS site is a great resource to get familiar with both the "why" as well as the API.

In this post, we're going to focus on using RequireJS itself, and not r.js (the optimizer). (I plan to write a follow up post on using r.js.)

* Know Your Options When Defining Modules
* How to Work with Non-AMD Libs
* CDN Fallbacks
* Plugins!
* Some Tricks for Troubleshooting

Via Jan Hesse