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After the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone5 is the second iPhone launch when the Steve Jobs is no longer around. iPhone 4S didn’t manage to impress the customers much and there is a buzz in the market whether iPhone5 will be able to mesmerize the world like the Mr. Steve Jobs always succeeded in doing, or it will be another disappointment like the previous iPhone4S.  It will be cleared only after the user feedbacks and till then, we can have a quick look at what iPhone5 is all about? To be honest, iPhone5  comes with all the features which one can expect from an iPhone.This is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever launched and it looks absolutely ravishing. Trade pundits are predicting for  10-12 million sales in this month alone. But, it is also unlikely that Apple will receive a major boost from this launch in the Smartphone market. But Apple has delivered what is expected from them.

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