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Sabiduría para la vida es la meta. Su busca es philo-sophia, trabajar juntos buscando la Sophia-Sapientia-Mahat que nos permita vivir más humanamente. Pero para lograr esta meta hay que saber aprender, es decir incorporar a la vida todo tipo de conocimientos a traves de la formación.
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Often times there will be a word that gets lodged in my mind and makes its unwarranted existence felt at the least opportune moments. I have learnt to embrace it and like a sip of good whisky, I roll it around on my tongue and in my head, and indulge all my senses. The word, off late, is Italian – “Connessione”.

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Growth Mindset: A Driving Philosophy, Not Just a Tool

Growth Mindset: A Driving Philosophy, Not Just a Tool | INTELIGENCIA GLOBAL |
It's important to recognize that a growth mindset is an overall paradigm for personal development rather than a pedagogical tool for measuring academic accomplishment.

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Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's curator insight, September 19, 2014 8:12 PM

Growth mindset should be a philosophy in teaching and learning. Does it replace pedagogy? I don't think so, but I think they work together. Max van Manen's work in the area of thoughtful pedagogy fits well with growth mindset.



Tony Meehan's curator insight, September 20, 2014 4:57 PM

Working with learners of low SES and whose environment more often than not ensures they have a fixed mindset, it is important that we help them to redefine what success is. Too often it is fixed around being rich, having a big car, house, jewellery etc. These learners then become preoccupied with looking for the short-cut to success, to the riches they believe will make them happy. It doesn't work out like that of course. How then to help the alter their thinking? 

Dweck's work is essential in this. But as this article states it cannot be seen as "a task to complete".  It requires a shift in thinking of all in an organisation, a movement for a whole-school way of thinking, involving also parents or carers.  This article by Costa, Garmston and Zimmerman provides a solid basis for promoting growth mindsets in educators. 

Anna-Liisa Hayward's curator insight, September 25, 2014 3:08 AM

This article is not specifically related to ICT but it makes some points that all teachers need to consider: how to deal with change, how to grow as a professional, how to collaborate. 

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Growth Mindset: Personal Accountability and Reflection

Growth Mindset: Personal Accountability and Reflection | INTELIGENCIA GLOBAL |
I am an adjunct faculty for several teacher education and educational technology programs.  I have been so for a few decades.  During that time I have noticed the changing nature of student behavio...

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