IMC - Milestone 2
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Rescooped by Courtenay Poihega from The Perfect Storm Team!

Direct Marketing on the Internet: Steps Toward Success

Direct Marketing on the Internet: Steps Toward Success | IMC - Milestone 2 |
It is a common misconception that direct mail, one of direct marketing’s oldest and most effective channels, is becoming obsolete.

Via Stan Smith
Courtenay Poihega's insight:

This article highlights the benefits of direct marketing both online and offline. To do this, traditional marketing tactics are being integrated with the digital tactics such as QR codes and social media outlets. Although social media outlets are not always the best places for sales pitches, they are the bridge to forming relationships with customers and prospects.

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Is mobile marketing working for direct marketers? - Mobile Commerce Daily - Columns

Is mobile marketing working for direct marketers? - Mobile Commerce Daily - Columns | IMC - Milestone 2 |
Courtenay Poihega's insight:

This article gives insights and evidence on why direct marketing is still being used and how effective mobile marketing has now become as opposed to mail outs.


Direct marketing is becoming more accurate with who is recieving the offer and who is responding to their offer; in particular mobile users. Direct mobile marketing has the immediacy that other forms of DM lack in, is interactive and has the possibility to be shared with other mobile users, encourages impulse gratification and is able to be taken everywhere you go.

Virgilio Lamaignere's comment, September 11, 2013 9:06 PM
Indeed. Like Jamie, I agree that using directing marketing mobile is an incredible tool to reach customers at the right place and time. What is more, marketers can better predict how well a campaign will perform, how much value it will be delivered and control the definition of its own target. For marketers, that is priceless!
Peter Simunovich's comment, September 22, 2013 10:53 PM
As Jamie’s states the use of mobile marketing has become one if the best forms of direct marketing. The article talks about how the large use of mobile phones around the world means that marketers can use this as a tool to find target markets for a business.
Labroye Tauevihi's comment, September 26, 2013 11:22 PM
Direct marketing through the use of mobile phones is fast becoming one of the easiest and most successful forms of reaching your audience and raising awareness. thsi article focuses on this fact and eloborates onn hjow important mobile marketing really is in this day and age. I agree with @Courtenay when she states that it is becoming more accurate in who is recieving the offers and also the ability to advertise to the consumers no matter where they are.
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Four Totally Insane Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

Four Totally Insane Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked | IMC - Milestone 2 |
Marketing takes on a lot of different meanings around the world. Here are a few wild campaigns that caught on globally and turned into advertising...

Via Lance Holland
Courtenay Poihega's insight:

This article lists four successful marketing campaigns that went viral globally and became advertising gold by using a successful communication mix.


Each campaign utilised unique strategies, tactics and had an originality all of their own. Inspired by the surge in popularity for zombie themed shows,  American company OpticsPlanet developed a Zero Zombie Kit containing everything you needed to survive in the occurance of a zombie apocolypse; which in turn showcased the large range of products OpticsPlanet manufacture: weaponry, protective gear, first aid, lab equipment etc. This campaign caught the imagination of internet users and word of the zombie survival kit spread like wildfire.


Overall I think this article provided some very helpful case studies for anyone searching for successful marketing campaigns and also contains examples on how important the creative strategy and creative tactics are. Although the campaign had very little factual evidence of the products listed in the OpticsPlanet gallery, the campaign garnered enough attention and sparked interest in consumers to seek for more information about the products.


Kasem Tanom's comment, May 9, 2013 2:48 AM
This article outlines the importance of marketing campaigns being creative to get consumers involved. I think it is important for marketers to be creative with their marketing campaigns as it will help to capture consumers attentions, this article mentions the four steps of how to create a successful and creative marketing campaign. I agree there are some minor misconceptions in this article but its all about creativity and getting consumers attentions and making them become aware of the brand.
Norman Vaz's comment, May 9, 2013 8:54 AM
This article sums up how a marketing campaign has to be very creative to be most effective. Itss four step creative marketing way shows us how to use four important steps to ensure a successful campaign however the article states that that wasn't enough something unique has to be brought to the table as well to increase brand awareness and gave examples of brands who did these unique campaigns and like lance mentioned linked it to the brand image hence creating a creative but yet successful brand campaign that communicates to the public
Labroye Tauevihi's comment, September 26, 2013 10:28 PM
This article was very enjoyable to read as it managed to discuss how a brand is to successfully create an engaging communication mix. Using real life and intriguing examples made it a lot easier to understand. One thing that was common with these brands is that they formed an idea of originality that would seperate them from their competitors. It also involved their customers and got them to either participate or view it from their own pleasures and at the same time evoking mixed emotions.
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Mobile Marketing Best Direct Response Marketing Ever

Mobile Marketing Best Direct Response Marketing Ever | IMC - Milestone 2 |
Theres little doubt mobile marketing is the future of direct response marketing. Heres why its starting to look like the most effective direct response marketing tool ever.

Via Kun Le
Courtenay Poihega's insight:

In this article, the main focus has been singling mobile marketing out as the future of direct marketing because of its high engagement levels, its ability to target local users and also because of the addiction consumers have to their mobile phones making marketing through this channel far more easier than other mediums. I think this will be an opportunity marketers should look to take advantage of and will be an innovative platform for creative strategy and creative tactics.

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Rescooped by Courtenay Poihega from Direct Marketing and IMC programme planning!

Multichannel Marketing Makes Scott Naturals Mission Possible

Multichannel Marketing Makes Scott Naturals Mission Possible | IMC - Milestone 2 |
Its no secret Digital and sampling are topnotch marketing agents

Via Lauren-Elsa Grigor
Courtenay Poihega's insight:

In this article, Scott Naturals illustrates a creative IMC program across a range of media channels.


For their campaign, the Kimberly-Clark brand used digital and product sampling as it's secret weapons to get budget-savvy moms to try their environmentally friendly toilet paper rolls and bath tissue products by relying on direct-mail, in-store, event and door to door sampling for their secret-swap program. Their intent of the program was to prove to mom's and households that they could go green without splurging or sacrificing quality and in turn put more than 2 million dollars worth of product samples into the hands of its customers.


Overall I think the Scott-Naturals brand established a tactful approach to getting consumers to try their environmentally friendly products by working under the guise of a free 'secret swap'. I think this encourages people to try their products and also have the support from a range of media channels.



Lauren-Elsa Grigor's curator insight, May 9, 2013 5:45 AM

Great example of IMC and direct marketing. Particularly in appealing to everyone's attempt to have 15 seconds of fame in their social media communities. This is a campaign that enhances value exchange: Mothers were given the product and in return they needed to upload videos and stories about the process of swapping this eco friendly paper with their current choice of paper
brand equity: Promoting the product as a "green" choice without compromising price or quality

and it empowers its consumers: These were not just mothers out shopping, they were given a free sample and had the power to change it and really talk about their personal experience with the difference (or lack of difference)
My only question is, If they are making this effort to promote themselves as an eco-friendly company, how much of a carbon foot-print did they acquire while partaking in all of this direct marketing? It would be important  to remain consistent as always with IMC

Tibor Napan's comment, May 9, 2013 4:33 PM
This campaign sounds really interesting! It really is an amazing example of something that has gone in a different way to the usual plain and boring TV ads. Again I agree with you here...It's all great and entertaining and sounds like a great promotion...until you look at the huge carbon footprint they may have made. Would be very interesting to see more proof of how well they did with this campaign!
Labroye Tauevihi's comment, September 26, 2013 10:37 PM
This is a sure way of understanding your brand completely and having the ability to attract an audience and raising awareness of your product. With the focus being on mothers was a particulalry great idea because it generally is the mothers that purchase the rolls for their household, so to target them was not only brilliant, but to captivate them and engage them into the product is what aided this brands success.