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Scooped by Andrew Spence!

Using People Analytics to drive business performance: quick-service restaurant chain

Using People Analytics to drive business performance: quick-service restaurant chain | HR Transformation |

"A nice case-study from McKinsey - a quick-service restaurant chain with thousands of outlets around the world is using data to drive a successful turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and grow revenues."

Andrew Spences insight:

I enjoyed reading this case-study as it sums up some key themes in how to be successful with people analytics.


Interesting that the data collected was well beyond what is measured in our HR systems, including actual employee behaviour.


Also, this was a pilot which had encouraging results with customer satisfaction scores up more than 100%.


There were four insights that you can read about :-

  • Personality counts
  • Careers are key
  • Management is a contact sport
  • Shifts differ


And a summary that should be printed on every CHRO's job description :- 


"executives who can complement experience-based wisdom with analytically driven insight stand a much better chance of linking their talent efforts to business value"


Prof. Dr. Kai Reinhardt's curator insight, July 30, 2017 3:36 AM
Guter Case zu Daten-Analytics im Talent Management 
Scooped by Andrew Spence!

From individuals to networks of teams 

The focus of HR is slowly shifting, from individuals to teams.  In this article Tom Haak looks at current HR practices to see which are team focused.

Andrew Spences insight:

Most current HR practices still tend to focus on individuals, less on teams, and probably not at all on networks of teams.


The opportunities for HR to contribute to the shift from individuals to teams to networks of teams are big.


What is the impact on HR Transformation?


Well, if you looking at people management practices then you have to look at team performance. A key question is, 

"How do you define and measure team performance in your organisation?"


It seems bizarre to recruit an individual into an existing team without looking at how likely they are to succeed in that team, given their values, personality etc


There is some exciting work in this space with vendors developing tools for managing performance in teams. 


Watch this space!

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