Greed and Fear
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Greed and Fear
The Motivating emotions that determine market behavior sub prime mortgages and settlements by financial institutions.
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An inclusive vision

An inclusive vision | Greed and Fear |

An inclusive vision

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

There is a message that clean-sweep that Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi conveys. What is the message? It is simple the days of dynastic politics are over. The Ordinary Citizen has to be enfranchised.

This message finds a ready echo in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)'s approach. They have great support from the likes of Lord Nazir in U.K. They have great support from Mamata Banerjee. They have great support from the likes of Lalu Prasad Yadav. They have great support from Mother Teresa.

Their support from the ex-governor of Punjab who has joined PTI and the message is clear, He is challenging the status quo. Here is the direct quote from him, "We want to create a Pakistan where there is education and where the masses can get the justice they deserve.” "Party's aim is not to grab the post of prime minister, but to bring better opportunities for the people of Pakistan." Does it not echo the dream of the Quaid? The Founder of Pakistan.

This coalition is dedicated to the ordinary man. The Congress has been wiped out. Dynastic policies are abhorrent to the New India and the New Pakistan. Long may this coalition last. It is the hope of mankind and the message is, we will not surrender. We will work for the ordinary man. It is for him that the world was created. To him the world will pay tribute.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has suffered a huge loss. The loss goes with the hubris of Hindutva. Live by the sword, perish by the sword. They made friends with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for general election campaign and they lost. It is time that they saw the hand-writing on the wall. Their time has come and gone. Modi still has to explain, The Samjhauta Express. He still has to explain the destruction of The Babri Masjid (Mosque of Babur) and the creation of a Hindu establishment to mock the Muslims. This is a heavy-baggage to carry in history.

India breathes by Gandhi's message of Love, peace and tolerance. Modi is poisoning India with Hate.

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Hey, Ram!

Hey, Ram! | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Permit me to point out that the discussion on Charlie Hebdo is masking another tragedy. If Hebdo's line of reasoning is accepted then the fires of Hindutva will engulf one tenth of humanity and destroy the sub-continent. Modi may be an organizational genius but he is playing with fire.  


The debate on Good Taliban and Bad Taliban has been buried by the Peshawar Tragedy but the debate of Good Indian and Bad Indian still lives and will engulf the sub-continent. It will not be a debate on what is right and wrong. It will be a debate on who is a better Hindu.  


I warn everyone of this looming danger. The Hindu Mahasabha has announced that it will install a statue of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, in Meerut on January 30.  Need I remind everyone that Gandhi was killed by Godse on the very same date. While BJP parliamentarian Sakshi Maharaj argues that he be called a patriot. 


Is this the India that the great Mahatma wanted? He was killed because fanatics found him to be in favor of Pakistan and Muslims.  


Today, Modi wants to deify Nathuram Godse and he has made no secret of his liking for Godse. So I say, beware. Modi may be a Gujarati but he is a poisonous Gujarati. A traitor to the vision of Gandhi.  


I only want our heritage to be respected. We must be guided by the principles laid down by Mahatma Gandhi and Quaid Jinnah. There is not even a hint of religious extremism in these prescriptions.   


On a personal note, let me state that my grandfather may have been the only man in sub-continent who was a friend and confidant of both Jinnah and Gandhi.   


When Gandhi sailed for England in the SS Rajputana ship to attend the Second Round Table Conference my grandfather was a guest of the P&O shipping lines. This was in line with his huge business that generated immense revenue to the P&O. He was in cabin with the Captain all the time. Soon he got tired of this. He requested the captain to grant him permission to mix with the other passengers.  


It is here that he met Gandhi and the life-time friendship was formed. After partition Gandhi wrote a letter through the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan. It should still be in the archives of the High Commission. "This is a personal message from me to my friend Haji Habib. Come back to India Haji Habib. India needs you." Can there be a more heart-warming endorsement of friendship?   


So if anyone knew Gandhi, my grandfather did so if anyone has seen Bapu's immense contribution to India, My grandfather who always remained an Indian knew and supported.   


With regard to Jinnah my grandfather came to Pakistan to help him build the new nation. As for Jinnah and my grandfather's support read my book, "Footprints in the Sand: The Rise and Fall of the Walmarts of India."   


Here then we have captured the danger of Hindutva narrative of India.  


The rest of the world including United States of America has got a similar message for us. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated not because he wanted to liberate America but because he abolished slavery on which a very large section of the population depended for their economic prosperity.   


Reflect The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom which took place in Washington, D.C., on August 28, 1963. Attended by some 250,000 people, it was the largest demonstration ever seen in the nation's capital, and one of the first to have extensive television coverage. Martin Luther King, Jr., was arrested and jailed during these protests, writing his famous "Letter From Birmingham City Jail," which advocates civil disobedience against unjust laws. Dozens of additional demonstrations took place across the country, from California to New York, culminating in the March on Washington.   


Gandhi’s approach directly influenced Martin Luther King, Jr., who argued that the Gandhian philosophy was ‘‘the only morally and practically sound method open to oppressed people in their struggle for freedom’’ (Papers 4:478).   


Is this not the essential crime of Gandhi?   


And let us refer to the great Mandela, The anti-apartheid icon shared a special bond for India and this was there for the world to see when he chose the land of Gandhi, whom he called his `political guru" and a "role model", as his first destination abroad in 1990 after spending 27 years behind bars.   


An avowed Gandhian, Madiba, as Mandela was affectionately known around the world, always praised Gandhi for his principles of `Satya and Ahimsa` and followed his philosophy.  


At a time when whole world wants to pay tribute to the Mahatma, the deification of his killer Godse is a severe miscarriage of justice. Bapu lives. He will not be denied.  


In Kafka's words, "It is the present that forces men back into their past." 

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The Economics of Rasulullah(P.B.U.H)

Absolute respect for the workers rights.

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

The sermon on the mount, The tablets of Moses, Rasulullah's(P.B.U.H) last address and the content of Gita. All have similar message except that the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) was the last prophet and with him the message of Allah has been completed. Shakespeare said, the last taste of sweets, is sweetest last.  


The Prophet's(P.B.U.H) birthday, 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal was scheduled to be celebrated on the 4th of January this year. Al though we are not sure of the exact date, all we know is that it was the Monday and the month Rabi ul Awwal. The whole nation participated it was a rare unity in a beleaguered land. 


Books - hundreds of them have been written on the Prophet's(P.B.U.H) life and the lives of his companions. It is impossible in an article or even a series of articles to depict the entire history of the Prophet(P.B.U.H) and his times. Each Sahabas life is a model of its own. Lessons can be derived from each and every life.  


For example, who can forget Bibi Khadija, the first wife of the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H). The first convert to Islam, a pillar of strength to the Prophet(P.B.U.H) and it will be fair to say that without her support and encouragement to Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) it would be difficult to understand the revelation of Allah. Allah chose her to be the support of Prophet(P.B.U.H.) She was like a rock she held Rasulullah(P.B.U.H). Comforted him and confirmed to him God's grace in having chosen him to be the Prophet(P.B.U.H) of Islam. 


I have chosen to be brief and restrict my article to Prophet's(P.B.U.H) teachings on economics and of course this will include lessons to be learnt from the lives of Sahaba(Rightly guided companions). For example, it would be impossible to describe the economics of Islam without reference to Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Umar, and Hazrat Usman Ghani.  


The world at present is experiencing an economic down turn. The declining economy complemented with capitalist economic system propagate the phenomenon of exploitation especially when it comes to those who work for others and to their rights. All over the world we see labor exploited, at some places they are earning very little while at other places they are completely deprived of their basic rights. 

As in every other aspect of life, Islam also guides Muslims regarding the rights of workers and pays special emphasis on providing the workers with their rights in the most dignified manner. The lines below discuss the emphasis put by Islam on the rights of workers in the light of hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). 

Pertaining to the way workers and servants are to be treated, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said in one of his hadiths: 

“Your brethren – Allah has placed them under your hands; whosoever’s brother Allah has placed under his hands, let him feed him out of what he himself eats, let him clothe him out of what he clothes himself with; and let him not be entrusted with a work which will overcome him. If he entrusts him with what will overcome him, let him assist him therein.” (Bukhari) 


This hadith, clearly states the rights of those who serve. The rights presented in this hadith have no match in any economic, religious, or cultural system of the world. This hadith emphasizes on the fact that those who serve are to be treated as equals as they are humans as well. It is an obligation on the employer to clothe and feed the worker in the same way as he does for himself. As far as the load of work is concerned, Those who serve should not be treated like beasts of burden, rather only that much work should be assigned to them as is humanly possible, else the employers must share the work with him. 


Pertaining to the prevalent vice of exploitation, where workers don’t receive wages on due time, Prophet (P.B.U.H) spoke about it 1400 years ago in the following manner: 

“Give the worker his pay before his sweat dries up.” (Ibn Majah) 


In this hadith it is evident that the worker should be paid for his work as soon as the job is done. There is no room for delaying the wages as the workers sustenance depends on it. How can he be productive if he is not paid? 


Confiscating Land 


When fear from Allah is absent, then power and cunning is used in wrongdoing, such as to lay claim to other people's properties, and to confiscate their land. The punishment for this deed is severe, for the Prophet(P.B.U.H) said, "Whoever wrongfully takes away a land, will sink into the seventh earth on the Day of Judgment." (Bukhari) 


The Prophet(P.B.U.H) also said, "Whoever wrongfully takes even a span of the hand from a land, Allah will order him to dig it (in at-Tabarani version, to bring it) down to the seventh earth, then He will fence it on the Day of Judgment until He judges between people." (At-Tabarani) 


Included in this category is the alteration of the demarcations and boundaries of lands, for the purpose that one enlarges his own land at the expense of his neighbor. This type is mentioned in the hadeeth of the Prophet(P.B.U.H), "Allah curses whoever changes the landmark of (a piece of) land." 



Al-Mustaurad bin Shaddad (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, "This world (i.e., its pleasures and duration) in comparison with the Hereafter is (similar to the amount of water) one gets when he puts his finger in the sea. Let him then see what it returns with". 



This Hadith shows the value of the Hereafter and its blessings compared to the worldly life. The proportion between the two is that the former is like an ocean while the latter is like the proportion of water left on one's finger when dipped in the sea! 

Islam cares for each and every individual of the society in a manner of equality without and discrimination of the capacity or status a person holds. 

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Today is world crying out for Peace and these martyrs to the truth are all relaying this message

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Capstone - Today is world crying out for Peace and these martyrs to the truth are all relaying this message. Here is the kernel. My article just defines the implications, that flow from this vision.  


The Peace Prayer of Saint Francis 


"O Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace! 

Where there is hatred, let me sow love. 

Where there is injury, pardon. 

Where there is discord, harmony. 

Where there is doubt, faith. 

Where there is despair, hope. 

Where there is darkness, light. 

Where there is sorrow, joy. 


Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not  

so much seek to be consoled as to console;  

to be understood as to understand;  

to be loved as to love;  

for it is in giving that we receive;  

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;  

and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life. 


It is in the mist of time 50 years ago. I have forgotten the name of my teacher. My mathematics teacher at St.Pattricks gave me an assignment. He printed the time series. And he said to the class, arrange this in order of highest common factor (HCF) and lowest common denominator (LCD).  

I returned the home assignment the next day and got full marks! My mathematics teacher didn't realize neither did I at that time. Was that he handed me the key to governance in democracy.  

Today I re-visit HCF and LCD 

To my mind, HCF is the rule of the few as opposed to rule for the people. LCD is the rule of the leaders who are wedded to the concept of service to mankind.  

Reflect on this division HCF is Pakistan's fault line. A rule for the many by the few. Enter into this equation, Nawaz --- Imran and Zardari. This HCF is a route to disaster. It cannot survive or the State will die. 

But on the LCD side are the reformers. The leaders that define their mandate in terms of the people who they are leading. They are God's gift mankind. Here you will find Prophet Isa (Jesus, peace upon him) The son of the virgin, The miracle of God, He will redeem mankind. All the civilized world will be celebrating Christ's birth. Everywhere you will go, you will see the image of Christ on the cross. The greatest sermon ever delivered is the Sermon on the Mount. For this, he paid. He was taken to the cross and brutally murdered. We as Muslims also believe that he was taken to the cross but we believe he did not die on the cross. He was taken to heaven. The Merciful God --- The Lord of the Universe can give and take away honor to anyone and the Son of Mary was His gift to mankind.  

There you would find Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) and his kingdom in Medina all inclusive. No one in Medina was excluded and the greatest example of brotherhood of man is to be found in Rasulullah(P.B.U.H)'s Medina. The Jews particularly but not exclusively were protected by the vision of inclusiveness. No where in the world will we find another example of the brotherhood of the People of Medina. People sacrificed their wealth and all the worldly possessions to share with the Prophet(P.B.U.H)'s people. The Prophet(P.B.U.H)'s last sermon was an inclusive one calling to Allah as his witness. He said, I have discharged my duty. I have been true to your trust. 

This speech can be compared to the addresses of Abraham, of Moses, and Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) peace be upon them. The three great religions Islam, Christianity, Judaism.  

Re-visit, Moses Tablets and the tablet says, Though shall not and describes the seven deadly sins. Which are: 

Lust(excessive sexual appetites), Gluttony(over-indulgence), Greed(avarice), Sloth(laziness/idleness), Wrath(anger), Envy(jealousy), Pride(vanity). 

Is this not a compendium of - The virtues identified by Hazrat Ali, The Lion of God. It will be good to remember here that Hazrat Moosa was known as Kalīmullāḥ meaning one who talked to God directly. Now, If only mankind could avoid the seven deadly sins. It would have been saved from destruction. Does this recital not echo the Tauheed of Islam? There is no God but One God and Muhammad(P.B.U.H) is His messenger.  

Here you will find the Gita. There is no difference here between the tablets and teachings of the Gita or the teachings of the Bible. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi is on record that he wanted to convert to Christianity but then said to himself, "is not the Gita enough for me?" It contains all the other religions have taught. 

Now I will come to the central point which will determine the destiny of the sub-continent. Which is Modi, can he be inclusive? or is he a exclusive proponent of Hindutva ideology. He has to be a true follower of the Mahatma Gandhi, He has to be a true follower of Jinnah. He has to share the common vision. I know he is a Gujarati and all good things originate from Gujarat. I understand him and wish him well but he must lead the sub-continent. He must be a Gandhi and Jinnah rolled into one.  


There you will find the founding fathers of America. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is a birth-right of the People. You have to study the proceedings of the constitutional assembly and read the federalist papers to understand the promise of America. These papers were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Having read these papers you will have more complete understanding of America and its constitution. 


I am so grateful to my University of Pittsburgh where the reading of "The Federalist Papers" was a required reading to be able to graduate.  

So, here we have great writing, great thought, great inspiration. 


Here you will find John F. Kennedy and his vision, "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country." This then is great inclusive message by a great leader. 

Refresh your memory on Lincoln Gettysburg's address, "Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." And he abolished slavery. What a great savior he was.  

Take the great speech by Martin Luther King which changed the destiny of America. Free at last he said. Never again to be enslaved.


Here you will find an ordinary boy Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, later became known as the Father of the Nation or ‘bapu’. Mahatma Gandhi led India against the tyrannical rule of the Britishers. He fought silently and practiced ahinsa or non-violence. He believed and truth and only truth shall prevail and without harming a single soul, he got freedom to India. Civil disobedience movements, boycotts of foreign goods etc is show he showed his resistance towards the British. Eventually, The British left India and Gandhi became the face of the nation.  

Take for example Mandela and his speech on his release, "I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have carried the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunity. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." 

Gandhi said the same thing. He was prepared to die but would not surrender to British hegemony.  

Here you will find Ashoka who after the bloody Kalinga War,  was so deeply moved and pained by the suffering that he denounced his throne and all his wealth and adopted Buddhism. Today, he is known as an important champion of Buddhism and he preached the values of Buddhism and the lesson from Buddha’s life to the people. 

Here you will find Patrick Henry, "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! — I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" 

Here you will find Churchill who won the war against Nazis and said, I would say to the House, as I said to those who have joined the government: "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."


We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: victory; victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. Let that be realized; no survival for the British Empire, no survival for all that the British Empire has stood for, no survival for the urge and impulse of the ages, that mankind will move forward towards its goal. But I take up my task with buoyancy and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. At this time I feel entitled to claim the aid of all, and I say, "Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength." 

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Wounded Tigers

Wounded Tigers | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

The point that I want to make here is that all of us were products of the rich and well-to-do people. Some were even heirs of great fortunes but we had a fabulous time and we were our own masters.


At the Polo Ground, I have seen all sorts of mastery. I have seen spin-bowling. I have seen fast-bowling, I have seen Yorkers, I have seen leg-breaks, I have seen Leg-glances, leg-glides. But that era is gone.


As the sideline observation, the one assignment that everyone hated was to cart the kitbag of the team to the car. It’s a detail that I have always hated.


Today, much to my regret --- Cricket has been taken over by our servants. All over the city you will find this under-privileged people putting the lives at risk. They hit-balls into people’s homes… They break the crockery, the windows, and the glassware. And we have to every time retrieve their ball and hand it back to them. Some of us don’t and some of us ask them to not play cricket in front of our homes.


They see in Cricket the opportunity to bask in the sun and you will find fast-bowlers who would like to replace Imran Khan, You will see spinners, who would like to replace Yasir. You will see that they have no option but to dream. They want some time to represent Pakistan.


Peter Oborne of “Wounded Tiger; A History of Cricket in Pakistan” has ignored this aspect. He has so comprehensively defined “The Wounded Tiger” and related how Pakistani cricket has been defined by its politics.


He has not defined the under-privileged, the servants of the rich. He has not defined those who want some day to represent Pakistan. It is their only chance of their day in the sun.


Therefore, we must examine the decline in the values of our cricket. If these servants of the rich are to inherit the world… we can see also how these values that define cricket have been abused.


Can you see that today for them everything depends on their livelihood? Can you see then the consequences of a people so exploited that the only reason for a servant to exist is that his master owns a dog and that the servant must regularly take the dog for a walk. I see it every day that there are many servants in my neighborhood who take the dogs out for walks and I can time them. It’s tragic. Imagine that the only utility of mankind is to walk dogs. It’s a dog’s world. It’s all I can say.


You will see now, why the social values have fallen so low. You will see why we want to win at all cost. The latest episode of the ouster of the Professor, Hafeez from bowling is a case in point. We knew all the time that the ICC had objected to his bowling action and yet we permitted him to bowl and take wickets. Is it not shameful?


Look at the boorishness of Pakistani crowd. They make rude gestures at the opposing team. They must win every time. The other side must beg for mercy. Is this Cricket? We are right. The other side is wrong. They must hide their shame. And we always say that the umpire is biased against us and we lost only because of pitch or umpire’s decisions. Pathetic but it’s not Cricket. The spectators are holding placards in their hands, “Boom Boom Afridi.” It means that the players who are already set on the wickets are nincompoops.


Let me also say that Pakistan will be blown away on the Fast Wickets in Australia. We will find that Ahmed Shehzad whose playing role is of opening batsman and wicket-keeper batsman Sarfraz Ahmed will be severely examined by the fast-bowling of the likes of Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Shane Watson. Good-bye, Pakistan. Better luck, next time.


Five years to wait… 2019. May be in the meantime you will have a young crop of cricketers. True heirs to Imran who has won us our only World Cup.

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The Rasul's Advice to Fatima and Ali


Translation: "Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us); what an Excellent Maula (Patron, Lord) and what an Excellent Helper!

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Every night I go to sleep with Rasulullah's(P.B.U.H) injunction to Fatima and Ali that should recite the verses in Subhanallah, walhamdulillah, wala ilaha illallah, wallahu akbar, wala hawla wala quwwata illa billah (Glory be to Allah, All praise is to Allah, there is no god but Allah. There is no power and no strength except in Allah.)
I practice it every night and the results are fantastic. Everything the Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) has said has been confirmed. Every night and every night the confirmation by The All Mighty of His promises is available to me. When I go to sleep… the blessings of The All Mighty are with me.
Here it is the gist of what has been said. I hear and confirm that you will get to sleep as promised.
Here is what is said, Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "There are two phrases that are light on the tongue but heavy on the scale of rewards and are dear to (Allah) the Gracious One. These are, subhanallah wa bi-hamdihi (All Glory is to Allah and all Praise to Him), and subhanallah al-azim (, wal-hamdulillah, wa la-ilaha ill-Allah, wa-Allahu akbar (Glorified is Allah, all praise is due to Allah, and there is no God but Allah, Allah is the greatest) more than all that Glorified is Allah, the Great).'' (Muslim, Bukhari, and Tirmidhi)

Abu Hurairah also reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, "I love repeating subhanallah the sun shines upon.'' (Muslim and Tirmidhi)

When the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would be afflicted with a stressful trial, he would say, “O Living and Eternal Maintainer! By Your mercy I seek help!” [Sunan Tirmidhi]

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum! Bi rahmatika astagheeth!

Ar Rehman (The Beneficent)
One who recites this name 100 times will get sharp memory.
Ya 'Adl (The Just)
One who eats the bread after writing this name Friday night, will obey his order.
Ya 'Afuw (The Pard
One who recites this name frequently, his sins will be pardoned.
Ya Ahad (The
One) Recitation of this name 1000 times opens certain secrets.
Ya Akhir (The Last)
One who recites this name frequently will lead a good life and at the end of this life will have a good death.
Ya-A'ali (The Most High) Frequent recitation of this name helps in destiny and in Traveling.
Ya Alim (The All Knowing)
One who recites this name will become luminous and can be revealed by divine light (Noor).
Ya Awwal (The First) Recitation of this name, 1000 times for 40 Fridays will help in getting a child.
Ya Azim (The Great One)
One who recites this name frequently will get respect from others.
Ya 'Aziz (The Mighty) Recite this name 40 times after fajr (morning) prayers for 40 days to be independent from need from others.
Ya Baatin (The Hidden)
One who recites this name three times in a day will be able to see the truth in things.
Ya Badi (The Incomparable)
One who recites this name 70 times will be free from all troubles.
Ya Baa'is (The Resurrector)
One who recites this name will gain the fear of Allah.
Ya Baqi (The Everlasting)
One who recites this name 100 times before sunrise will be saved from all disasters.
Ya Barr (The Source of all Goodness)
One who recites this name for his child, the child will be free from misfortune.
Ya Basir (The All Seeing)
One who recites this name 100 times after Friday Prayers (Namaz) will get the esteem in the eyes of others
Ya Basit (The Expander)
One who recites this name 10 times after morning Prayers (Namaz) with open hands will get wealth.
Ya Fattah (The Opener)
One who recites this name will face the victory.
Ya Ghaffar (The Forgiver)
One who recites this name, his sins will be forgiven.
Ya Ghafur (The All Forgiving) Recitation of this name helps in healing from headache, Fever & depression.
Ya Ghani (The Self Sufficient)
One who recites this name will be contented and not covetous.
Ya Hadi (The Guide)
One who recites this name frequently will gain spiritual knowledge.
Ya Hafiz (The preserver)
One who recites this name 16 times each day will be protected against calamities.
Ya Hakam (The Judge)
One who recites this name frequently at night, many secrets will be revealed to him / her.
Ya Hakim (The Wise)
One who recites this name continuously will prevent him / her from the difficulties in work.
Ya Halim (The Forbearing
One) Write this name on the piece of paper and put it where the seeds are sown, this will prevent from any disaster & calamity.
Ya Hamid (The Praiseworthy)
One who recites this name will be loved and praised
Ya Haqq (The Truth)
One who recites this name will get his lost thing.
Ya Hasib (The Reckoner)
One who starts reciting this name 70 times beginning Thursday for seven days and nights and at the 71st time recites "Habi
Yallah ul Hasib" will be free of fears from robbery & Jealousy.
Ya Hayy (The Alive)
One who recites this name will have long life.
Ya Jaame (The Gatherer)
One who recites this name will find lost things.
Ya Jabbar (The Compeller) Recitation of this name helps to prevent from violence, severity or hardness.
Ya Jalil (The Sublime One)
One who writes this name on a piece of paper with musk and saffron, washes it, and drinks the water from a ceramic container made of earth, will be revered among men.
Ya Kabir (The Most Great)
One who recites this name 100 times will get esteem.
Ya Karim (The Generous One):
One who recites this name will have esteem in this world.
Ya Khabir (The Aware)
One who recites this name will be quickly freed from the bad habit.
Ya Khafid (The Abaser) Recitation of this name, 70,000 times in gathering after fasting for 3 days will be safeguarded from enemy.
Ya Khaliq (The Creator) Recitation of this name at night will create an angel.
Ya Bari (The Evolver) Recitation of each 21 times will help women during child birth.
Ya Musawwir (The Fashi Oner)
Ya Latif (The Subtle One)
One who recites this name 100 times after performing two rakats of Namaz will gets all his desires fulfilled.
Ya Majeed (The Noble)
One who recites this name, his heart will be enlightened.
Ya Majid (The Most Glorious One)
One who recites this name will gain glory.
Ya Malik (The Sovereign Lord)
One who recites this name frequently will be respected and treated accordingly by others.
Ya Malik-Al-Mulk (The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty)
One who recites this name will get esteem.
Ya Maani (The Preventer)
One who recites this name will have a good family life.
Ya Matin (The Firm One)
One who recites this name will be freed from any troubles.
Ya Mu'akhkhir (The Delayer) Reciting this name 100 times helps to love only Allah.
Ya Mubdi (The Originator) Recitation of this name on pregnant woman will prevent her from abortion.
Ya Mughni (The Enricher)
One who recites this name 10 times for 10 Fridays will become self sufficient.
Ya Muhaymin (The Protector)
One who recites this name with complete ablution, their inner being will be luminous.
Ya Muhsi (The ReckOner)
One who recites this name 1000 times will have easiness on the judgment day.
Ya Muhyi (The giver of life)
One who recites this name will be helped in heavy burden.
Ya Mur'id (The Restorer) Recitation of this name 70 times will helpful in safe return of the missing person.
Ya Mu'izz (The Honorer) Reciting 140 times after isha prayer will help in attaining dignity in the eyes of others.
Ya Mujib (The Responsive) Recitation of this name will fulfill appeals.
Ya Mu'min (The Guardian of Faith)
One who recites this name will be free from any harm.
Ya Mumit (The Creator of Death)
One who recites this name will be prevented from enemy.
Ya Muntaqim (The Avenger)
One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.
Ya Muqaddim (The Expediter) Recitation of this name is helpful in the battlefield
Ya Muqit (The maintainer)
One who recites this name on a glass of water and gives this water to bad mannered child, it will help the child in attaining good manners.
Ya Muqsit (The Equitable)
One who recites this name will be free from the harm of the devil.
Ya Muqtadir (The Powerful) Recitation of this name helps to know the truth.
Ya Muta'ali (The Most Exalted)
One who recites this name frequently will gain the benevolence of Allah.
Ya Mutakabbir (The Majestic) Recitation of this name before having intercourse with wife will blessed with righteous child.
Ya Muzill (The Dishonorer)
One who recites this name 75 times will be prevented from jealousy.
Ya Naafi (The Propitious)
One who recites this name continuously for four days will be prevented from any harm.
Ya Nur (The Light)
One who recite this name will have inner light.
Ya Qabiz (The Constrictor)
One who writes this name on 50 pieces of food (fruit, bread, etc) for 40 days will receive ample sustenance.
Ya Qadir (The Able) Recitation of this name helps in fulfilling One's desires.
Ya Qahhar (The subduer)
One who recites this name will be made free from the attractions of the world and gain inner peace.
Ya Qawi (The most Strong)
One who recites this name with the intention of not being harmed, will be safe from his enemy.
Ya Qayyum (The Self Subsisting)
One who recites this name will not fall into inadvertency.
Ya Quddus (The Holy)
One who recites 100 times every day will be free from anxiety.
Ya Raafi (The Exalter) Reciting this name 100 times during day and night will make the person higher and rich.
Ya Rahim (The Merciful)
One who recites this name seven times will be under Allah's protection.
Ya Raqib (The Watchful)
One who recites this name seven times will be under Allah's protection.
Ya Rashid (The Guide to the Right Path)
One who recites this name 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha Namaz will be safe from troubles.
Ya Ra'uf (The Compassionate) Recitation of this name gives the blessing of Allah.
Ya Razzaq (The Provider)
One who recites this name will be provided with sustenance from Allah.
Ya Sabur (The Patient)
One who recites this name 3000 times will be rescued from any difficulty.
Ya Salaam (The Source of Peace)
One who recites this name 160 times to a sick person will regain health.
Ya Samd (The Eternal)
One who recites this name frequently will be helped in need.
Ya Samii (The Al Hearing)
One who recites this name 100 times without speaking to any one on Thursday after the Zuhr prayer, Allah will bestow on him / her any desire.
Ya Shaahid (The Witness)
One who recites this name will get obedient child.
Ya Shakur (The Appreciative) Recitation of 41 times will helps in healing from depression.
Ya Tawwab (The Acceptor of Repentance)
One who recites this name frequently, his repentance will be accepted.
Ya Waali (The Governor)
One who recites this name and breathes it into his house, his house will be free from danger.
Ya Wali (The Protecting Friend)
One who recites this name will be the protected
Ya Wadud (The loving) Reciting this name 1000 times on food before eating will help in making compromise between two persons.
Ya Wahhab (The Bestower)
One who recites this name 100 times after two rakats of Namaz will get all needs fulfilled.
Ya Wahid (The Unique)
One who recites this name al
One and in a quiet place will be free from fear and delusion.
Ya Wajid (The Finder)
One who recites this name will have richness of heart.
Ya Wakil (The Trustee)
One who recites this name will have long life.
Ya Warris (The Supreme Inheritor)
One who recites this name will have long life.
Ya Wasi (The All Embracing) Recitation of this name will eradicate poverty.
Ya Zaahir (The Manifest)
One who recites this name 15 times after Friday prayer, will get divine light in his heart.
Ya Zaarr (The Distresser)
One who recites this name will gain status.
Ya Zal Jalal Wal Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty)
One who recites this name frequently will get good wealth

Translation: "Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us); what an Excellent Maula (Patron, Lord) and what an Excellent Helper!

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The Economics of Happiness

The Economics of Happiness | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

One of the first concepts that students are taught in economics is Econ 101, the law of diminishing marginal returns: as you consume more of some good, each additional unit gives you less pleasure than the previous one.


In general the law makes sense with reality (unlike most other economic theories). If you’re really hungry and you start eating hamburgers, the first hamburger satisfies your pangs with delight. If you’re still hungry, a second hamburger, although not nearly as appetizing as the first, will further satiate your appetite. After the third, even the thought of another burger makes you ill.


This lesson extends to just about everything


Further, than food and hamburgers, the law of diminishing returns extends to almost everything. The first diamond ring from your fianca/husband is usually more special than the second; the joy from buying one car is usually more than going from one car to two; and, more generally, your mood improves more if you were broke and then instantly had $1 million in your bank account than if you already had $1 million and instantly had $2 million.


Perhaps, neither Tahir-ul-Qadri nor Imran Khan have realized that the point has been reached. Here on out, it is going to be increasingly difficult to sustain the momentum of the challenge.


Out of this mess comes a brilliant realization that Nawaz Sharif is politically dead. This is his last innings, How blessed we are that he will go into an oblivion and he can do no more damage.


There is a brave new world awaiting, TuQ and Imran and their allies. The future is theirs. The past may have belonged to the Bhuttos and Sharifs.


Here is the real lesson to the people of Pakistan if only they would listen:


Rich countries are now in a position where becoming 10 per cent richer is not really improving their quality of life and happiness by that much – the law of diminishing marginal returns on wealth is taking effect. Their collective efforts can be directed to more useful endeavors than further economic growth, and the people of Pakistan need to remind ourselves what their end goals are: more wealth, or happiness and prosperity?


A bone of contention that many will take with the previous argument is that not everyone is rich in the developed countries. There are those living in poverty, those who aren’t able to receive adequate education, and those who don’t have jobs – the unemployment rate can always be lower for instance. Surely we need more economic growth for these people, don’t we?


The problem for the people of Pakistan is that more total GDP doesn't solve these problems. GDP has more than doubled or even tripled over decades and the proportion of impoverished, uneducated and homeless people hasn’t fallen, and the unemployment rate is growing in Pakistan. To solve these problems, more targeted measures are required, not more total GDP.


Changing our collective focus towards something other than material output is not an easy task, neither on a micro nor a macro basis. It involves not only new national initiatives (macro) but a change in mentality among Pakistanis (micro). One of the first steps in this process is to find ways, other than GDP, the unemployment rate, and wealth to measure prosperity and happiness.


The idea is not new. Back in November 2010, British Prime Minister David Cameron released details of a £2 million plan for the Office for National Statistics to measure ‘happiness’, over and above the GDP. It is no secret that it’s pretty difficult to measure happiness, but that does not mean we can’t do better than the GDP, which, to quote former U.S. senator Robert Kennedy, measures everything “except that which makes life worthwhile.” It will take time, but perhaps with some other sort of happiness measure, it may help Pakistanis re-evaluate their priorities in life.


Pakistani People need to learn from the wisdom that flows from this under-lined education


Giving up on ones hopes and dreams of becoming richer (and things like buying a new Toyota Corolla!) might sound pretty unappealing. It’s a bit like the idea of going on a never ending diet. But, it should actually be invigorating!


Currently the developed nations fight hard (we all work pretty darn hard, right?) to achieve more of GDP growth. Europe, Japan, China and other emerging countries have one of the highest GDP. Clearly we can’t win in the GDP growth ring against these countries.


If the Pakistani people want to grow like a developing country, they need to look at areas like health, education and environmentalism, because they certainly have a lot of room for improvement in these categories. And in terms of ‘health’, not throw more money at the health care ‘system’.


The performance of Government of Punjab under PML-N has been pathetic and certainly leaves a great deal of opportunity to improve.


They have been borrowing on commercial rates for financing their development projects like Laptop scheme, Sasti Roti, Youth festival, Metro bus service, Youth Loans, Taxi scheme, Metro Train. Nawaz Sharif, The Prime Minister thinks he has to throw money at all problems and they will disappear.


Instead of fighting to achieve GDP growth, why don’t the people of Pakistan fight to achieve a reduction in the average Pakistani waistline per year (it’s not just the Americans that have obesity issues)? The health care system would benefit (substantially), worker productivity would improve, and national happiness would surge.


Look at all the Parliamentarians, are not they over-weight? Look at all the Maulvis, Look at Fazal-ur-Rehman. Look at Nawaz Sharif, Look at our police-men.


I quote, Dr Rizwana Waraich, assistant professor at the Dr Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research (PCMD), “One out of every four Pakistanis is either obese or overweight,” Pakistan is one of those countries where obesity and diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate.


The developed nations do not need to accept slow growth in prosperity inevitably. At least not if they can start to think above and beyond bigger homes, a third vehicle and more stuff that doesn’t make their lives better.


In the meantime, we have to live with these kleptomaniacs who have captured power so many times and feathered their own nests and their own bank balances with loot and plunder.


This is the price we will pay for a dead constitution. This is the price we will pay, for the yellow leaves of the past autumn that sets the forest on fire... This is the price we will pay for our autumn. This is the price we will pay… For a constitution that no longer provides answers for the welfare of the people.


Where in all this shortsightedness, is there any space for the common-people of Pakistan?


We will lament forever this Parliament that legitimizes corruption; this is a parliament that sets its sacred stamp on rigging. The time has come for there to be electoral reforms so that no one can steal any mandate in the future.


I would like to change this constant chant of, "Go, Nawaz Go!" to something more positive in the nature of, "Come, Nawaz Come!" We will teach you a lesson you will not forget. We will not allow you or your children’s children to steal our future.


We do not know how the Army will react to all this, perhaps the only answer is new elections with the Army guaranteeing the results and having in place neutral care-taker.








Research data from Dan Sumner,


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The Captain’s True Worth

The Captain’s True Worth | Greed and Fear |

Beyond the stars are even more worlds
There are still even more tests of passion

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Will Pakistan survive? Over and over again the thought occurs how did we get into this mess? Let us start from the beginning. The Great ZAB, the root of all our problems. Five wars we fought with India, All of them instigated by ZAB. But this was not the end of it; He was determined not to concede anything to East Pakistan, when they had won the elections fair and square.


These words still ring in my ears Bhutto saying, “Aghar koi Bengal gaya to main us ki taange tor doonga.” And then he aligned himself to the Army to crackdown on the helpless Bengalis.


And Tikka Khan was the chosen weapon, the butcher who executed these professors of Dhaka University. Lining them up, one by one and killing them. Could Pakistan have survived then this butchery? And all of this would have remained concealed had it not been for the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report which Bhutto authorized to justify his actions to put a civilized veneer on what happened.


Even that report lay buried until the Indians made it public. Something similar is in the cards for Pakistan of today.


One may refer also to the testimony of Asghar Khan and his forthright condemnation of ZAB.


Recollect as well ZAB’s behavior in Tashkent where he put all the blame on Ayub Khan, stabbed him in the back.


Recollect as well his tearing up the settlement proposed by the U.N.


Recollect as well the ZAB did not believe that the Ahmedis were Muslims.


All our difficulties today relate to the megalomania of this Great Man.  



The atrocities committed by Nawaz Sharif on the people of Baluchistan. The theft of Baluchistan resources… It will have to end or Pakistan will end. Baluchistan has the key to Pakistan’s salvation. It has also the key to its destruction. The choice is ours to make. Which way do we go?



I have no words to express my admiration for the captain. He has exposed the graft and corruption of Nawaz Sharif’s rule. He is a stubborn man and will get his way every time. The “Dharnas” have caused a re-think in Nawaz Sharif’s camp. They are now willing to negotiate and believe me the price that Imran Khan and Qadri will demand is going to be very steep but it will not matter to Nawaz Sharif who will pay out of the proceeds of looted wealth. When it is somebody else’s money, you can have a feast.


How much better, how much more appropriate would Imran Khan’s message have been if he had not wanted to become Prime Minister.


If he had listened to Asghar Khan’s voice in 2011, “Unfortunately, those who speak truth are called stupid and senseless and those who mislead and lie are appreciated,”


This is gist of what Asghar Khan had advised.


If the captain had just said this, “I will have done my job, exposed and destroyed Nawaz Sharif and thereafter I will leave. I will have no further role in the politics of Pakistan. The party can elect whoever it wants to lead it. My job would be over. I have exposed the theft and graft and deceit of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari”


Please understand my dear Captain that we need you.


We need you to create a universe of Shaukat Khanum Hospitals. Let the world remember your mother gratefully. The inspiration to build the Hospital came from the misfortune and suffering of your mother, Shaukat Khanum. Your mother's death and the personal experience of dealing with cancer in a loved one convinced you of the need for a state of the art cancer center with access to everyone, including those who could not otherwise afford the expensive care. She gave the world a son that she could be proud of.


We need you to create a nursery of cricket and guide it with your unmatchable knowledge. We need you to create and chair cricket league franchise similar to Indian Premier League that will bring new talent. Imagine talent from Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa all playing together for the greater glory of Pakistan.


We need you to anchor our school cricket, college cricket


Cricket everywhere under your watchful eye, Captain.


We need you to build more schools like Namal an associate college of the University of Bradford (of which you are Chancellor) Pakistan will be richer for this.


You have so much to contribute. I cannot even begin to evaluate your worth. My captain you are worth your weight in gold but leave politics this is not your game. You are selling yourself too cheap.


Go back Imran, study Alexander the Great and his conquest of the world. Would he have achieved all this if he had not left successors to cement the conquest wherever he went? You too could do the same. You have a very able set of successors and whoever wants to dwell into this can refer to names in the core committee. They will carry on, even after you have left. The PTI will live and deliver.


Your destiny lies elsewhere…


You have made many political mistakes but who hasn't? Which leader hasn't made any mistakes?


To learn from the mistakes is the hallmark of a great person. As Aristotle said, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”


I ask this of you, Remember Christopher Columbus, he was wrong about the shape of the world. In his search, mistaken though it was, he opened up the whole world. You too could do the same. Make mistakes and learn and open up entire world to new opportunities.



Sitaron Se Aage Jahaan Aur Bhi Hain

Beyond the stars are even more worlds

Abhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain

There are still even more tests of passion

~ Allama Iqbal



And here is a lesson from RUMI

Once a man came and knocked at the door of his friend.
“Who are you?” asked his friend. “It is I,” he replied.
The friend said, “Go away! This isn’t the time to enter!
There’s no place at a table like mine for the one
Who’s not been cooked in the fire of true gnosis?
Apart from the fire of absence and separation
What’ll cook the raw or free the uncooked from fraud?
The poor man went away and for a whole year of travel and absence
He was burnt utterly by the flames of separation.
His heart burned until it was consumed; he came again
To the door of his friend and knocked at the door
With a hundred signs of the utmost fear and reverence,
Terrified a wrong word should escape his lips.
From within, his friend called out, “Who’s at the door?”
He replied, “It is you who are at the door, O charmer of hearts!”
“Since you are I,” the friend said, “O you who are myself,
Enter; there’s no place in my house for two I’s.



This confirms Rumi’s advice…


As unnecessary as a well is

To a village on the banks of a river,

So unnecessary are all scriptures

For someone who has seen the truth.

~ Bhagavad Gita 2.44-46

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Knock, and it will be opened for you

Knock, and it will be opened for you | Greed and Fear |

The Promise of Afghanistan for Peace and Development of the Region

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

I had focused entirely on the local market in Pakistan. These are the stocks we are familiar with and can judge their value. There is of course a huge choice internationally and one might profitably pay attention to what is happening elsewhere. The investor is well advised to stay within boundaries of Pakistan. There are times for adventure and times to take stock. There are times when one must sit-back and analyze.


I would have loved to point you to profits to be made on Indian stocks which would have been the next best option for sensible investment. For that, you would need excellent contacts in India. You would need connections with brokerage houses and access to their research. Is this possible? Is it doable? Here again, the big-boys will frustrate you. They have the links and they will manipulate the Pakistani market on the basis of information available from India.


Otherwise, is there any reason that you could not trade on the Bombay Exchange and the Karachi Stock Exchange treating both exchanges as your home?


But my mind is not on India and Pakistan. What I want to write about today is Afghanistan. Vast opportunities have opened up in that country.


Can you imagine what the discovery of vast resources in Afghanistan means to this region?


Study based on preliminary findings of the United States Geological Survey has reported Afghanistan has nearly $1 trillion in mineral deposits. In some circles, it’s as high as $5 trillion.


The final results, reported in the New York Times, found previously unknown reserves of lithium, iron, gold, niobium, cobalt and other minerals that the paper said could transform Afghanistan into a global mining hub.


Afghanistan's potential lithium deposits are as large of those of Bolivia, which currently has the world's largest known reserves of the lightweight metal.


There, in the swamps and marshlands of the southern region of the country near where the borders of Chile and Argentina meet, are the biggest deposits. Canada, China, Australia, and Serbia also have varying amounts of lithium, but not as much as Bolivia.


There is ever-growing demand for lithium, which is used to make batteries for everything from mobile phones and cameras to tablets and laptops. Future growth in electric and hybrid cars could create still more demand.


According to Lithium Americas, a Canadian lithium-mining company with significant business interests in Argentina, lithium demand will more than double in the next 10 years.


Afghanistan has so much of the metal that it could become the "Saudi Arabia of lithium," according to an internal Pentagon memo.


The iron and copper deposits are also large enough to make Afghanistan one of the world's top producers, U.S. officials said.


The Afghan government has already reported large deposits of chromite, natural gas, oil and precious and semi-precious stones.


China and India have bid for contracts to develop Afghan mines.


Here we have the potential for all countries in the region to live in peace and prosper. Afghanistan can heal. But do we have the guts? Do we have the courage? Do we have the vision? Can we read the hand-writing on the wall?


What is the tragedy here, you may ask, why not? The answer is available in two-pieces of news today.


All the politicians in Pakistan have gone to China to beg for assistance. They have forgotten completely that Pakistan is the heir to the British government in Afghanistan. The treaty has lapsed and needs to be renegotiated. Our politicians are negotiating with China instead.


What will Pakistanis will get out of China except egg on their faces. China and India have mutually supportive interest in the development of Afghanistan’s resources.  There is no space for Pakistan in this equation. What a tragedy!


I have criticized the policies of Government in Afghanistan. I could be accused of being one-sided and blind to reality. What would I advice the government? The world is moving, move with it. A new government will be taking over in Afghanistan. Karzai will not be in equation. So, stop coddling Karzai.


What is being prescribed and negotiated by the U.S.A is that there should be a national unity government in which both camps would share power to some degree, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah.


This is precisely the pattern that will emerge in Pakistan after dust settles down. It has to be a government of national unity.


My appeal here to our politicians is to stay out of the Afghani negotiators for power. Do not fish in troubled waters.  


From our point of view, it must be noted that both the candidates are against the Taliban and it will pay us to recollect that for both Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif, the first priority was to negotiate with the Taliban. It is only our Army that has kept Pakistan’s hopes alive. The soldier’s sacrifice will not be lost in spite of the antics of Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif.


Punjab’s chief minister Shahbaz Sharif said that a target has been fixed for creating 40 lakh job opportunities during the next four years and this target will be achieved at all costs.


Is he blind? Can he not see the opportunity that Afghanistan offers to provide jobs to millions of people? If India and China are in the race, why can’t we join this effort?


We don’t know as yet, it’s too far in the future to speculate the outcome of Afghanistan’s struggle for independence.

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May God take you!

May God take you! | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

"May God take you!' fumed Columbus. That was always his strongest curse.


There is much that History can teach us. If only we had the ears to listen and the eyes to see.


His whole life was a voyage of discovery. How many of us can say this of our own experiences of life?


Columbus and his four voyages although best known for his historic 1492 expedition, Columbus returned to the Americas three more times in the following decade. His voyages took him to Caribbean islands, South America and Central America.


I reproduce his four voyages and what he discovered. The reader can pursue this material at his own leisure.


Columbus sailed west and reached the Caribbean Islands and thought that he had landed in some islands off the coast of Asia. You might say of Columbus that he did not know what he wanted to do that he was a mistaken voyager He held to this belief until the day he died but can it be denied that he changed the world?


Lend him your ear. Listen to his wisdom. This is what he says, “By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.”


Let us recall the contents of the contract Columbus made with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The Monarchs promised high rewards and governorship if Columbus discovered any new islands or mainland.


What was the objective of the Monarchs? They wanted to convert the rest of the world to Christianity. Is this not the modern day equivalent of enforced conversion? Is it not what causes so many problems in the world? The mischief lies in enforced conversion.


In February 1504, a desperate Columbus was stranded in Jamaica, abandoned by half his crew and denied food by the islanders. The heavens that he relied on for navigation, however, would guide him safely once again. Knowing from his almanac that a lunar eclipse was coming on February 29, 1504, Columbus warned the islanders that his god was upset with their refusal of food and that the moon would “rise inflamed with wrath” as an expression of divine displeasure. On the appointed night, the eclipse darkened the moon and turned it red, and the terrified islanders offered provisions and beseeched Columbus to ask his god for mercy.


Our past must inform our present or we have learned nothing from history. It is with a desire to connect the past with the present that I share with you Farrukh Khan Pitafi article titled, "Look up in the sky." --- Here is the beautiful line from the article, "How many times I ask you did you sit under naked sky, look up and wonder about its infinite vastness, incredible beauty."


Let me share with Pitafi my own experience, I have very often looked up in the sky and what do I see there? It is written loud and clear without any ambiguity. There is no God but one God and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is His messenger. I do not need to reconcile my vision with the west. To me, Allah and his Rasul(P.B.U.H) are enough guides to salvation.


Certainly, the cynics will say, "That was the past, what about the present?" Is somebody like Columbus relevant? It is. This is what prompted me to turn to an examination of Christopher Columbus.


And finally I say with Columbus to the kleptomaniacs who rule Pakistan, May God take you! Perhaps, it will take a lunar eclipse to deceive the People of Pakistan and ensure food for the kleptomaniacs.

K.I.R.M. God is Business " From Day One"'s curator insight, February 21, 2016 9:24 AM

There may be more than what we were told.

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My Open Letter in response to Dawn's Editorial, "Clashes in Lahore."

My Open Letter in response to Dawn's Editorial, "Clashes in Lahore." | Greed and Fear |

Tahir-Ul-Qadris people have been unreasonably targeted

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

It is not often that one addresses the editor in an open letter that is designed to be a blog. This is an exception.

Well done sir. Your editorial of today titled, “Clashes in Lahore” is neutral in today’s political terms and very instructive. Yes both sides are at fault. But one side has suffered many casualties and has a genuine cause to be grieved. This episode needs to be understood in all its ramifications. There was no need for the administration to raid the offices of Minhajul Quran to launch an anti-encroachment drive. No need at all to do this. Yet obsessed with their power the provincial administration incited by federal administration went on a rampage. There should have been no issue and as you pointed out Qadris initiative could have been handled by being cool-headed and not being provoked. Now a non-issue has become a central issue.

Other political parties, the MQM, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed's Awami Muslim League (AML), PML-Q, and PTI are jumping on the Tahir-ul-Qadri bandwagon. Where this will all lead it is difficult to say but the net is closing. All this could not have happened without the explicit instructions of the government. The police dare not act in this violent manner unless they have instructions from above.

It is tragic but it has happened. The country is fighting a war for its survival. The jawans are laying down their lives so that we may live in peace. This was not a moment when such a fight should have been provoked. "Īmān, Ittiḥād, Naẓm" translated as "Faith, Unity, Discipline" should have been the guiding principles of this battle for survival.

Note that our Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif cancelled his scheduled visit to Sri Lanka owing to operation “Zarb-e-Azb” in North Waziristan.

Note also that the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif has gone to Tajikistan for two days. Why can’t he attend to the war? Why can’t he leave the Tajiks to look after their own interests? What sort of commander in chief is this? Tajikistan is more important to him than Pakistan.

The government bears great responsibility for what has happened and it seems justified to propose that at the very least Shahbaz Sharif should fall on his own sword and resign. Nothing can change the impression that the police acted on his encouragement. Now whether he had a democratic right to lay down the law or the police over-reacted, He is responsible. He should do the honorable thing. Resign, please. No “Ifs and “Buts” no argument “My heart bleeds.” Nonsense. The last one heard of this bleeding heart is the constant complaint that not enough money is being channeled to PML-N and its cronies.

As for the inquiry commissions that he has set-up with him in charge, the other side has every reason to be skeptical. A sorry mess it is. I don’t know how Shahbaz and PML-N will get out of this mess. They have lost all credibility.

And finally Mr. Editor, I would urge you not to use extreme language such as Tahir-ul-Qadri is a nonentity. You and I and the rest of Pakistan will regret these expressions. He has a dedicated team of followers and they are not cowards. They proved this yesterday.

This is my my response to - Clashes in Lahore -

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Learn from Al-Gore, Imran Khan. Don't just copy him.

Learn from Al-Gore, Imran Khan. Don't just copy him. | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

When was the last time that Pakistani politicians had any original idea?

Imran Khan's request for re-counting in four constituencies NA 122, 125, 154 and 110.

NA speaker Ayaz Sadiq (NA 122-Lahore V), Water and Power and Defence Minister Khawaja Asif (NA 110-Sialkot I) and Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq (NA 125-Lahore VIII).

It mirrors the demand of Al Gore for recount of four Florida Counties. The recount established that Al-Gore would have won handsomely. But here the difference with Imran becomes starkly apparent and starkly unpalatable.

Imran Khan must tell us why… 

Did Gore sulk or did he accept the recount and support the new President Bush? Did Gore accept the decision of the Supreme Court? Or did he challenge its findings? There is more to patriotism than just opportunistic politics. Imran is a baby compared to the likes of Al-Gore whom he wants to COPY. 

Grow up, Imran. The sun does not rise because of you. The sun will not set because of you. You will be history if you don't see sense.


We are only sixty-years old --- we are trying to copy the behavioral norms of a democracy that is 200 years old. We still have a lot to learn and unlearn.


Let us proceed further with the Gore parallel. Imran has to explain to us, why Gore did not boycott the media? Gore should have by Imran’s logic boycotted. Time, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and every media outlet in the United States why did he not do it?


Imran says that he wants to discredit Nawaz Sharif’s government and cast ever-lasting doubt on its legitimacy. Granted that he will severely damage the credibility of Nawaz’s government but can he bring it down? Can he ask Nawaz Sharif go home because the election was fraudulent? There is little possibility of that happening. Yes, the Chief Justice at that time did not co-operate and handed over the election to Nawaz. Can this be reversed? This is so much water under the bridge. Let it go, Imran. Let it go.


You will get justice from the present Chief but delayed justice is no justice at all. And even he cannot over-turn the results of the elections.


Ask yourself Imran, is this the time to raise these issues? Is this the time to engineer a breakdown of the relationship between the civilian government and the military?


Who will gain by this? It is only Pakitan’s enemies who will gain.


Grow up, Imran. Grow up! It is one thing to be called “Taliban Khan” and fall in love with the Taliban and project their cause. You knew all the time that the Taliban were no friends of Pakistan yet you went ahead.


You alienated the NATO forces who chose alternative avenues. It’s after all the matter of money and money is no problem for the combined resources of the NATO forces. So, you made it more expensive. Did they leave?


You had a dedicated friend in China. Ask yourself, does China support your obstinate hatred of India? Has everything to be defined only in terms of India vs Pakistan? Is that the way to peace? Can you not see the damage you are causing?


Nawaz is right in only one aspect he wants to have the best relationships with India and to increase trade for bilateral benefit. Even a die-hard Kashmiri that Nawaz is --- is willing to be flexible. Why can’t you?  


I ask you finally, Are you a friend of Pakistan? Or will you forever continue working against its interest? 

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Footprints of a Controversial Leader

Footprints of a Controversial Leader | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

This is reference to ZAB (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto) whose brilliance is not to be questioned. I know well enough not to even try. He was brilliant. I am just an ordinary professor. If I knew as much as he I would have been very successful. But it’s time to fold this hand and throw it in the dustbin. I know nothing. Bhutto knew everything.


I am now constrained to shed light on the Bhutto I knew and could not stomach. The Bhutto who destroyed Quaid’s Pakistan, The Bhutto who went to war with India five-times, The Bhutto who was instrumental in the separation of Bangladesh, The Bhutto who alienated the people of Baluchistan, The Bhutto who nationalized everything including education. The Bhutto who had the stock exchange closed for 6 months because he did not have any investments in the exchange, The Bhutto who arrested my mentor Shahkur Ullah Durrani and paraded him on I.I. Chundrigar road as a criminal.


There is so much that was negative about Bhutto. How does one reconcile with Bhutto who promulgated the second amendment and declared the Ahmadis as non-Muslims. I remember the riots that took place on the promulgation of the second amendment. I had a dead child to bury. And I had to take refuge in my association with Kamal Azfar to be permitted to travel to bury my child.


I cannot forget the first civilian martial law administrator in history. And who can forget the great lie at Tashkent --- Blaming Ayub for having sold Pakistan to India. The Tashkent lie still rankles. How is it possible to treat your benefactor so callously? Can anybody justify Bhutto’s behavior at Tashkent? Let it be on record that I loved Ayub. He was a man of honor. There is much more that can be said about ZAB. Let it be said that Bhutto alone unaided provoked Zia-ul-Haq to the extremes that Zia finally went to destroy Pakistan. Bhutto alone is responsible for Zia.


Also fresh in my memory is the treatment that Bhutto’s people meted out to my family. The newly found power went to their heads. They imprisoned my uncle in his office and shouted vulgarities and would not let him go. Again, my friend, Kamal Azfar came to rescue. So please remember that Bhutto upset the social structure. The sectarian violence we are facing today is a direct result of actions of this bull in the china shop.


Today is a day when a great white-wash is taking place. Somebody somewhere has made up his mind to wipe the state clean and to wipe all the wall-chalking.


But one has to be grateful that he created the Party. Today our only hope of sanity vis-à-vis the Taliban menace is the People Party and Bilawal's Bhutto vision. He realizes the awesome damage that the surrender to the Taliban will involve. He is ready to fight and I for one say, God bless you, Bilawal. You are talking sense. You have my support.


Also your opposition to the mad privatization program is your inheritance from ZAB and his love for the workers. The government has been taken over by capitalists without regard to either the welfare of the corporation or of his employees.


Go to it, Bilawal. Challenge these people. The People's Party is the only hope of throwing a spanner into this race to sell everything. Good luck and God bless. 

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Aur aapka samay shuru hota hai ab (And your time starts now)

Aur aapka samay shuru hota hai ab (And your time starts now) | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

I felt so sad yesterday. They killed the program, "Kaun Banega Crorepati" (Based on the UK game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.)  

In Amitabh Bachchan's own words, “Yahaan sirf paise hi nahin jeete jaate... yahaan dil bhi jeete jaate hain.” (You not just win money here but you win hearts too.)  

Evidently the main sponsors did not find their sponsorship to be lucrative in terms of additional business. Why else would they have withdrawn their support. What a pity. At a time when the Modi-rhetoric of Hindutva is poisoning India's political perspective to kill a program that shows how ordinary India lives non-Modi lives.  

To my mind the best antidote for hate is love. We should have claimed the space to discover what the ordinary Bharti citizen is about... His life, His hopes, His dreams.  How thrilling it was, to know and to learn about how ordinary citizens of India live. What are their priorities? What are their concerns? And believe me the show drew in every sector of Indian Society.  Do we not wish to know about people in Banaras? Do we not wish to know about people in Bombay? Do we not wish to know about ordinary people living ordinary lives all over India. 

My God! What a contribution this show has made towards understanding India. But we have killed the program. We have killed what would have united us and are left with poison of Hindutva. Can there ever have been greater short-sightedness.  

To cut your nose, To spite your face. To justify Pakistan's view of India. Nothing can be more short-sighted.  

This omission will haunt us.  

The sponsors will discover to their cost that India offers a much bigger market for their products than Pakistan can. Measure it any way. Five times, Ten times. It does not matter. The undeniable fact is that India is a much much bigger market. 

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The Fear of Recession leads to Charlie Hebdo

It has to be understood that the western ideal of liberalism is because they are scared. The economies have tanked. Oil is going to ruin them all. And it is this fear of destabilization and recession that has made this such a tragedy. They must accept the bitter reality. Look what has happened in Sri Lanka where the new President promises equality. 

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Let me define myself to begin with. I have been privileged. I went to a Jesuit school. The Jesuits know their religion. And in St.Patricks, We learned what tolerance is about. Every class began with the Lord's prayer. Let me repeat the prayer, 
Our Father, who art in heaven, 
hallowed be thy Name, 
thy kingdom come, 
thy will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread. 
And forgive us our trespasses, 
as we forgive those 
who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, 
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, 
and the power, and the glory, 
for ever and ever. 

Every class began with the Lord's prayer and we called all the priests, Holy Fathers thus Father Todd, Father Raymond et al. 
At home I was privileged because my grandparents never missed their, "Tahajjud (Night Prayer)" How many times have I gone to sleep in my grandmother's lap while she chanted, Surat Ar-Rahman. 
The Prophet(P.B.U.H) spent the last ten days of Ramadan in Itikaf and I have been blessed, I have performed 27 Itikafs. 
The Virtues of Itikafs: 
Ali Ibn Hussain (RA) narrates from his father that Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “He who observes the ten days I’tikaf during Ramadhan will obtain the reward of two Hajj & two Umrah.” (Bayhaqi)

Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) reported that Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: “Whosoever for Allah’s sake did even one days i’tikaf, Allah would keep him away from Jahannam by trenches.” (Tabarani)

Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, (about him who engages in i’tikaf), “that he is safe from sin & he also gets that reward which everyone (outside i’tikaf) gets for pious deeds.” (Ibn Majah)

I have had the opportunity to discuss Islam with the best. In every Itikaf we read the Quran several times. 
And now fast-forward --- to the last message of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) 
Prophet Muhammad’s(P.B.U.H) final sermon was delivered during the Hajj of the year 632 C.E., the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th month of the lunar year, at Arafat, the most blessed day of the year. There were countless Muslims present with the Prophet during his last pilgrimage when he delivered his last Sermon.

The Final Sermon:

After praising, and thanking God, the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said "O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore, listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and take these words to those who could not be present here today.

O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord, and that He will indeed reckon your deeds. God has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. God has Judged that there shall be no interest, and that all the interest due to Al-Abbas ibn Abd’el Muttalib shall henceforth be waived...

Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under a trust from God and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People, listen to me in earnest, worship God, perform your five daily prayers, fast during the month of Ramadan, and offer Zakat. Perform Hajj if you have the means.

All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black, nor does a black have any superiority over a white; [none have superiority over another] except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

Remember, one day you will appear before God and answer for your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

O People, no prophet or apostle will come after me, and no new faith will be born. Reason well, therefore, O people, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the Quran and my example, the Sunnah, and if you follow these you will never go astray.

All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and it may be that the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O God, that I have conveyed your message to your people."

Thus the beloved Prophet completed his Final Sermon, and upon it, near the summit of Arafat, the revelation came down:

"…This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My Grace upon you, and have chosen Islam for you as your religion…" (Quran 5:3)

One can heed words of wisdom and guidelines from the last sermon (khutbah) of the Prophet (P.B.U.H). His sermons emphasized on the following:

Sacredness of a Muslim’s life and property 
The importance of propagating this message to all others (A Muslim’s responsibility thus does not end by following the religion) 
A reminder that everyone is fully accountable for their deeds and Allah (God) will take every person into account. If everyone heeded to this fact alone, the world would be a much better place today. 
“Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you.” These words of the Prophet(P.B.U.H) are self explanatory. 
The prohibition of dealing with interest (Numerous accounts in Quran and Hadith prohibit taking, giving or being a part of any transaction dealing with interest). 
“You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity.” These words of the Prophet(P.B.U.H) are self explanatory. 
The awareness of Satan and how Satan can work to deviate us from the right path and doing evil things. 
Rights of women over men and rights of men over women. 
Treatment of women with kindness. 
Modesty and chastity in women. 
The importance of worshiping Allah (saying your five daily prayers (Salah), fasting during the month of Ramadan, giving charity (Zakat) and performing pilgrimage (Hajj). 
Equality amongst all (blacks, white, Arabs, non-Arabs, etc.) 
The need to establish justice. 
Islam is the final divine religion (Last prophet and Last Book).


A large crowd of the citizens of Makkah who had embraced Islam assembled. The Prophet (peace be upon him) came to Mount Safa, where one after another, the Meccans moved up to take the oath of allegiance in the hands of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The men had pledged their faith in Allah and the Prophet (peace be upon him), the women followed suit. Among them came the fury of Uhud, Hind b. Utba, who was the wife of Abu Sufyan. She came veiled because of what she had done to Hamza.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her, Take your oath that you would not associate anything with God.

By God, she replied, You lay on us something that you have not laid on men.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said again, And you shall not steal.

Hind acknowledged, I used to take a little of Abu Sufyans money but I do not know if it was lawful or not.

Abu Sufyan was present on the occasion. He intervened to say, In so far as the past is concerned, there is no blame on you. It was lawful. The Prophet (peace be upon him) now recognized Hind and said, Ah! You are Hind bint Utba!

Hind said in reply, Yes, I am, forgive me of my past deeds and God will forgive you.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) again said to her, And, you shall not commit adultery.

Does a woman of noble birth commit adultery? she inquired in reply. (Ibn Kathir, Vol. III, p. 603)

Ignoring her question, the Prophet (peace be upon him) further said, and you shall not kill your children.

Hind answered back, We brought them up when they were young and you killed them when they were grown up. Now you and they should know better.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked her again, And you shall not utter slanderous remarks about any body.

By God, replied Hind, Slander is vile and shameful. It is better sometimes to ignore it.

Finally, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her, And you shall not disobey me.

Yes, acknowledged Hind, but she added, In matters virtuous. (Ibn Kathir, Vol. III, pp. 602-3)

How could the advocate of Mercy not include Hind in his protection. If he could forgive Hind and what she did to Hamza after killing him and eating his kidneys. He could forgive everyone.

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Et tu, Brute?

Et tu, Brute? | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

“Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.” ― Stanley Wolpert


The Quaid was the founder of Pakistan. It is his vision that should have been the governing light of policy.

Yet today we are promoting “Naya Pakistan.” 

I say to Imran Khan and his followers:

I don’t want “New Pakistan.”

I would be grateful if PTI would just honor the founder’s vision.

I would be grateful if they would just honor Allama Iqbal’s wisdom.

I would be grateful if they would just honor Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s pleas.


All would be well!


Pakistan would belong to its people. It’s not the other way around that the people should belong to Pakistani politicians.


Honoring the Quaid’s Memory --- A personal tribute


How vividly I remember that Quaid found the time to inaugurate my grandfather’s charitable hospital(where treatment for everyone to be free) in Bantva.


I was the flower boy. All flower boys have a very pleasant duty. This duty is to present the flowers to the chief guest. This was my reward for being the flower boy. He placed his hand on my forehead and said, “My son, it is for you that I have created this nation. Go and prosper. This is your country. May God bless you” It brings tears to my eyes when I recollect this moment.


Fatima Jinnah was his favorite sister and most ardent supporter. When the Quaid passed away she was the heir.


She was a constant visitor to our home. She shared our joys and sorrows. She was lonely but she was courageous.


The likes of Ayub Khan could never have destroyed the spirit and the dedication of this brave woman if we the people of Pakistan had not abandoned the vision of the founder. The question I want to raise for this nation today is the age old one. It is what Julius Caesar said to Brutus who killed him, “Et tu, Brute?”


After the rejection of his desire of unity was rejected --- Jinnah might well have echoed what Mowbray had said in Richard II,


The language I have learn'd these forty years, 
My native English, now I must forego;

And now my tongue's use is to me no more 
Than an unstringed viol or a harp,

I am too old to fawn upon a nurse, 
Too far in years to be a pupil now:
What is thy sentence then but speechless death, 
Which robs my tongue from breathing native 


They who have betrayed the Quaid are now preaching again --- They will never give up their fascination for describing democracy and the constitution and legal rights. I am by nature a sourpuss. I like to throw cold-water on their deeply cherished notions.


Let us begin, what is democracy?


It is not rule by the few for the few --- This is so even-though Nawaz and Zardari would have us believe that the world belongs to them, their families and their supporters but not to the people.


“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” ~ James Bovard


I would like the champions of constitution law to educate me on this. What merit is there in the constitution that does not mandate that power belongs to the people and not to the politicians?


I would like to re-define the following terms which the learned are so fond of throwing at us to show us that we are ignorant of the law and the constitution.


I would like to define the terms "de facto" and "de jure." Some of my learned friends are so fond of these terms they throw them at us at every opportunity.


To me, these terms need to be reviewed.  I would substitute the word "de facto" with the word "de fected." It's a defected system that does not understand that the sovereignty belongs to the people and not to the rulers.



“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” 
― Alan Moore



Nothing illustrates what I want to say better than a direct quote from Charles Chaplin


He says:           


“I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible; Jew, Gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone, and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men's souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want..."


"In the seventeenth chapter of St. Luke, it is written that the kingdom of God is within man, not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people, have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy, let us use that power."


The attribute that distinguished Jinnah was his absolute commitment to constitutional requirements. Never would he advocate anything that was not strictly within the ambit of legality.


Review this:


What would have been his response to the controversy over rejection of Al Gore’s candidature.


The Supreme Court ruled against Al Gore though he would have won the popular mandate and Al Gore said if the Supreme Court says Bush is President of America. So be it.


I am referring to this issue because in Pakistan there has been great controversy on how ballots should be counted and which votes should count and which vote should be rejected and Imran Khan and his party, PTI have faced the same problems and have all by accounts and judging by the public support won the election. But the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise. Why could not Imran Khan have accepted this verdict of Supreme Court and moved on?


How would the Quaid have reacted to the situation? Given his background, there is no doubt in my mind at all that he would have supported Supreme Court’s verdict and advised Imran to be patient.


This is why I am constrained to ask the people of Pakistan, Et tu, Brute? This Betrayal is extra ordinary and complete. I ask you now People of Pakistan, Et tu, Brute?


Mountbatten was not prepared to give Jinnah more that ‘a truncated Pakistan’. While Jinnah was not interested in accepting ‘a moth-eaten Pakistan’, insisting on having ‘full Pakistan’ What a price we have paid for the politicians blind support to the militants.


I have just published in another context the contents of my blogs from 2013-2014 where I advised my party leader, Imran to revisit his priorities and not blindly commit himself to the Taliban cause. Imran has himself to blame for the nickname "Taliban Khan." He has earned it.


What a price we have paid for the blind support. What a price we continue to pay for this blind support. He and his partner Nawaz Sharif are on record, appealing to the Taliban to spare the Punjab and visit their violence elsewhere in Pakistan. Would Jinnah have supported this? He would have said, not an inch --- not a centimeter of this sacred land will I sacrifice. “Over my dead body” he would have said and he proved it.


It was after his death that these politicians have bartered the future of Pakistan.


Children are dead and the dead conscience of the people has been aroused. They want the hang-man to do the dirty-work and punish. Would this have happened on the Quaid’s watch he to whom the protection and promotion of minorities were his life’s work, his only priority? 


Now I ask you, would the Quaid not have demanded the resignations of those who stood by while atrocities were committed, in a land that he created for Pakistanis, for his people. He would have said, “Please. This is enough. You have no idea of the crime you have committed. Resign and go home.”


Would Jinnah have slept in peace while children were being slaughtered?


Too soon the murdered children will have been forgotten and it will be life as usual for the politicians. I grieve, I grieve for my leader.


Would he have watched the massacre of Christians? Would he not have condemned destruction of temples? Would he not have embraced the Hazaras and fought with them for their rights?


“You are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the State.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah


What inspiring leadership, what vision, what a definition of secularism. No one could have said it better and I doubt anybody ever could find the words to express this thought.


Finally I ask, Would Jinnah not have embraced Malala and said to her what he did to me many years ago, “My child, it is for you that I have created this nation. Go and prosper. This is your country. May God bless you.”

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All Talibans are Evil

All Talibans are Evil | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Imran Khan, The media is all praise for his retreat into good sense. But please tell me, What was the difference between his agenda and that of the Prime Minister. Both of them wanted Taliban first, Pakistan next. In effect, the captain has gone back to his roots. He has embraced his friend and partner. There was never any difference between the two, Nawaz and Imran. They were like two-peas in a pod. Does it matter which pea you favor? Because you have no options you will end up eating both.


Pakistan's politics is copy-cat politics. They borrow their inspiration from America. What happens there has to be replicated there except it will be distorted to suit our purposes.


Take for example Imran Khan's insistence to open just four constituencies to prove that the elections were rigged and should be annulled.


Recollect that the idea was first propagated by Al Gore. His team requested hand counts of ballots in four counties in Florida, citing reports of voting irregularities and voter confusion over the ballot layout in Palm Beach. The four counties were: Volusia, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward. These counties leaned heavily toward the Democratic Party, and they all used the older punch card ballot, a design much more likely than others to produce so-called "undervotes"--votes that, when put through the machines, did not register any vote for the Presidential election. The Gore campaign believed that more votes were there for Al Gore than were counted by the machine counting process.The Bush campaign threatened to demand recounts in Wisconsin, Iowa and New Mexico (where Gore narrowly won) if Gore did not withdraw his challenges. The Bush legal team sought a federal injunction to stop the hand recounts in the 4 Florida counties requested by Gore. Their main argument was that giving these ballots special scrutiny was a violation of the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause, an argument that would resonate across the nation many weeks later. Supreme Court to decide if the county has the authority to count votes by hand.


The Bush camp said it would join with the petition filed by Secretary of State Katherine Harris to stop all hand recounts. Al Gore suggested a hand recount in all of Florida's 67 counties, something that constitutional experts would later say he should have asked for in the beginning (rather than just certain precincts in 4 counties). Gore said he would forgo any further legal challenges if the Bush team would accept the recounts in the 4 counties he originally named. Gore also proposed a face-to-face meeting with Governor George Bush. George Bush rejected Al Gore's proposal for a statewide manual recount, saying it would be neither fair nor accurate. Bush also rejected Gore's idea for a face-to-face meeting, but said he would be glad to meet with Gore after the election.


US Supreme Court heard arguments in Bush v. Gore, the case that would decide whether the Florida statewide hand recount, as ordered by the Florida Supreme Court on December 8, should resume. This case would essentially decide the winner of the 2000 Presidential election. If Gore won, the statewide manual recount would resume, and it was likely, though not guaranteed, that he could claim a large enough majority of the undervotes to overtake Bush. If Governor Bush won, the manual recount would be over and Gore would be out of options.


The recount as ordered by the Florida Supreme Court had now been declared unconstitutional by a 7-2 vote. Could a new recount procedure that was constitutional be fashioned in the time remaining? (which was short because the Florida legislature wanted to take advantage of the "safe harbor" provided by 3 USC Section 5). By a vote of 5-4, the court held that no constitutional recount could be fashioned in the time remaining. The election dispute was essentially over. Gore had run out of options.


The Concession: Vice President Al Gore announced in a nationally televised speech that he accepted Bush as the 43 president of the United States. Ironically, the Vice President was lauded for his poise and grace, praise he rarely (if ever) received during the regular campaign. President-elect Bush also took to the airwaves and pledged to deliver reconciliation and unity to the nation. Finally, five weeks after it began, the election was over. Bush's victory made him just the second son of a president to become president. Gore became the fourth candidate in history to win the popular vote, but lose in the Electoral College. He won the national popular vote by more than 300,000 ballots.


History repeats itself. Imran is to Pakistan what Gore was to America. All his points about recounts, absentee balloting, defective procedures, and overseas voters being denied were Gore’s points. When the Supreme Court of U.S.A ruled in Bush’s favor, what was Gore response? “I accept George Bush as my next President.”


Gore displayed grace under pressure. Couldn’t Imran Khan have done the same? Could he not then spared us his dharnas and jalsas which he knew would have no effect on Nawaz. Nawaz Sharif would continue for three more years and Imran if he chose to could contest the next elections. Instead, he has gone for tax records and made an issue of who pay taxes and who does not. Totally irrelevant to the issue but we had to bear with this nonsense.


Time and again I have said to my leader, be patient your turn will come but no he wanted it today, now! Make me Prime Minister today. What a waste of time this was. And now he has gone to sleep in the lap of Nawaz as his favorite child and partner in “Punjab first.” They were partners in sponsoring the Taliban. Now both of them tell us, there are no good Talibans or bad Talibans. All Talibans are bad and evil. What took them so long to discover this? The Innocent children who were massacred? Does conscience fall asleep only to be woken up by dead bodies?

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The Tragedy of Thar…

The Tragedy of Thar… | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

The Tragedy of Thar…


Before I go into this excellent ET’s editorial, let me begin by quoting Rumi, the Poet of the Soul and this is what he said:

“My heart is so small
it's almost invisible.
How can You place 
such big sorrows in it?
"Look," He answered,
"your eyes are even smaller,
yet they behold the world.”


This sums it all and administration that is blind and refuses to acknowledge its own contribution to the tragedy…


Death, when it visits the homes of the poor and powerless, it appears, has no impact on the influential individuals who run the affairs of the government. This has been the experience in Tharparkar, which has now suffered three consecutive years of drought. On November 17, another 11 children died as a result of malnourishment, unsafe water or the maladies that arise from this. The new deaths brought the toll for just two days up to 20 and for the last 48 days, to 80. Over the past 11 months, 275 children have died in Tharparkar. The numbers continue to be disputed by the administration, but the people and organisations who work in the affected communities are in no doubt that the long years without sufficient rain, as well as mis-governance, have caused the deaths that the region has seen.


What is of extreme concern is the inability or unwillingness of the government to tackle the situation. Newspaper reports say there has been massive corruption and mismanagementin the distribution of food aid and other assistance promised by the Sindh government. There is an element of extreme incompetence and political infighting involved in all this. The powers that be in Sindh have clearly failed to address the continuing catastrophe in Tharparkar. There is also controversy over a report prepared by the provincial anti-corruption department, which claims that the misuse of funds has been one of the factors in all the misery that Tharparkar has seen for many months.


The question is why the provincial government has appeared so helpless and so unable to offer any help. In hospitals in Mithi and other towns, the conditions are reported to be miserable, with insufficient personnel and equipment available to assist people. Doctors have also claimed that deaths are not necessarily caused by starvation alone. This is essentially an academic point. Lack of food leads to multiple other problems, which can eventually cause loss of life. This is what has happened in Tharparkar, and even now, after hundreds of deaths, we see no real effort to end the fallout from the drought, which lies at the centre of the problem.



Imran Khan is committed to challenge the administration in Islamabad. He wants to demonstrate that the administration has failed to address the problems of the people and he is right.


For too long the people have been denied their rights

For too long the people have been denied any hope

For too long has the dream of Quaid been frustrated.

For too long has this tail wagged the dog

For too long the people have denied the fruits of the labor

For too long the Allama’s message has been crushed.

For too long the state beginning with PML-N and its partner PPP denied the reality.

For too long the poets such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz cried in the wilderness for justice for the people of Pakistan.

For too long… Far too long the people have been denied. It is now their turn to hold the people in charge accountable.

For too long have we had these people who belong to Mohenjo-daro


Our own very Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah who is sell by date has come and gone. This soulless Chief Minister has blamed the Tharis for their own problems.


Our Prime Minister and his priorities are to deny Imran Khan and his message to the people.


These saviors of democracy are champions of the status-quo. Three times they have ruled the people. Three times they have denied the basic human rights.


The time for Roti, Kapra, Makaan has passed. It was yesterday. People no longer want Roti, Kapra aur Makaan. They want justice. They want hope. They want the future. They do not want to live in the past.


And where is the future? The future is with Imran and his challenge and the people will not be denied.  

And here is Allama Iqbal for you,


“Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle

Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kia hai”


It would be translated in English as:

“Elevate yourself so high that even God, before issuing every decree of destiny, should ask you: Tell me, what is your intent?”


Can there be a greater indictment of Nawaz Sharif and his greed and his lack of sensitivity for people welfare.


Can there be greater indictment for this association undying commitment of two-parties. PPP and PML-N to deny people. 

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Add value and you will discover God

Finally, I know that Lord of the World does not live in mosques nor in synagogues or churches or even in every house of worship created for Him and operating under His blessings. 

To me, it is necessary to recall that God lives everywhere. In the hearts of His people --- Call Him and He responds. 

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

This originates from a comment that my grandson made to me. He said, “Dada, do you hate Bhutto? He destroyed everything that your grandfather built. Do you hate him? Do you hate him because he appropriated all the wealth of this unfortunate nation? He and his daughter of the east destroyed the nation and its identity. Do you hate him?”

“No” I said, I do not hate him. Who am I to hate? Allah will deal with him. He will have to account for all his actions and Allah knows who is faithful and who is a hypocrite. There is in the Quran the description of the Muslim hypocrites. They will be in the most painful level of Hell. They are worse than the disbelievers themselves in the Eyes of Allah Almighty:

"The Hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire: no helper wilt thou find for them; (The Noble Quran, 4:145)"

Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but [true] righteousness is [in] one who believes in Allah , the Last Day, the angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask [for help], and for freeing slaves; [and who] establishes prayer and gives zakah; [those who] fulfill their promise when they promise; and [those who] are patient in poverty and hardship and during battle. Those are the ones who have been true, and it is those who are the righteous. 2:177

And do you know that the Lord of the Universe in Surat At-Taghābun
“Your wealth and your children are but a trial, and Allah has with Him a great reward. 64:15”

So fear Allah as much as you are able and listen and obey and spend [in the way of Allah ]; it is better for your selves. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul - it is those who will be the successful. 64:16

“If you loan Allah a goodly loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. And Allah is Most Appreciative and Forbearing. 64:17”

“Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, the Exalted in Might, the Wise. 64:18”

And so it was with my grandfather and his empire Abdul Rahman, Abdul Ghani and how he magnificently forgave his children.
Surah Mutaffifin, Verses 1-6

1. “Woe to the defrauders,” 
2. “Who, when they take a measure from people, take it in full,” 
3. “But when they give by measure or weight to men, they cause loss (give less than what is due)." 
4. “Do they not think that they shall be raised (to life again)?" 
5. "For a Great Day” 
6. “The Day when (all) mankind shall stand before the Lord of the Worlds?"

Here is a very simple measure. Do unto others as you would them do to you. Add value and you will discover God.

Finally, I know that Lord of the World does not live in mosques nor in synagogues or churches or even in every house of worship created for Him and operating under His blessings. 

To me, it is necessary to recall that God lives everywhere. In the hearts of His people --- Call Him and He responds. That is why Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) advised Hazrat Ali and Fatima to recite the third Surah in full and their sins will be forgiven and God Himself will bear witness that their sins have been forgiven and their prayers accepted.

Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) has advised Hazrat Ali and Fatima to recite the verses of the Quran one-hundred times so that their prayers will be accepted and add to it another four for the acceptance by those who know no other master.

There is a special salat, aside from the regular five and their nawaafil that brings great forgiveness from Allah? It is called Salat-ut-Tasbeeh.

It is recorded in Sunan Abi Dawud and other books of hadith that Rasulullah (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam once said to his uncle Hadrat `Abbas (r.a.): 
O Abbas! O my uncle! Shall I not give you a gift? Shall I not show you something by means of which Allah Ta`ala will forgive your sins, the first and the last of them, the past and recent, the unintentional and the intentional, the small and huge, the secret and open?

Rasulullah (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam) then taught him the Salah al-Tasbih. Furthermore he advised him that it be offered daily, if possible. If not then every Friday or once a month or once a year or at least once in one's life time

Salah al-Tasbih consists of 4 raka`at. It can be performed any time of the day or night except at the makruh times.

The following tasbih is recited seventy-five times in each rak`ah totaling 300 in the 4 raka`at.

Subhaanallaahi walhamdu lillaahi walaa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar.

And here is Allah’s confirmation. The confirmation of The Lord of the Worlds.

I have accepted this prayer. I have heard and grant the wishes of those who supplicate to me on the Quran.

Here is what the Lord of the World has said, From time to time, in order to rest the realm of the heart; we need to enter into tefekkür. What's stuck in your heart? Find the esma that suits it, go into the tefekkür with that esma. And surely something will open for you. And that's how the curtains of gaflet are removed. Ya Rafi, you are the one who exalts. You are the one who brings into Raf. Ya Hadi, you are the one who gives guidance. Exalt us in your Hadi, exalt us in your guidance, Ya Rabbi. With this divine Nur, exalt people, Ya Rabbi. You are Karim, you are the one who offers and gives, Ya Rabbi. You are Latif, Ya Rabbi. You give in your grace your offerings, Ya Rabbi. Increase the ashk that is in our hearts, Ya Rabbi. Increase the love that is in our hearts, Ya Rabbi. Make peace inside of us, Ya Rabbi. Make peace in the world, Ya Rabbi. Soften those hardened hearts, Ya Rabbi. One of your attributes is Salim, Ya Rabbi. One of your attributes is Halim, Ya Rabbi. You can take the hardened hearts and make them soft, Ya Rabbi. Show beautiful days to our world, Ya Rabbi. Do not separate us from this trail of the Caravan of the Beautiful, Ya Rabbi. Give healing to those of your servants who are ill, Ya Rabbi. And for those who are stuck in hard places bring relief, Ya Rabbi. Forgive our sins, Ya Rabbi. Do not allow us to fall into and be darkened by our negative energy, Ya Rabbi. Allow us to constantly live on the sirat ul-mustakim, the straight path, Ya Rabbi. Make us beautiful human beings, Ya Rabbi. Make us into beloveds of yourself and servants to you, Ya Rabbi. Do not separate us from this path of ahlak, Ya Rabbi. Allah. There is no god but Hu! To Him belong the most Beautiful Names. (20.8)


And now O Lord of the Worlds, I go to sleep. Bless me.

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Tagore --- Unmatched Wisdom

Tagore --- Unmatched Wisdom | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Tagore was a sub-continental giant. There is so much that he has taught us that I have to relate all this in six installments. Readers will pardon me and understand my difficulty. You cannot, as they say in Urdu, Capture the ocean in an earthenware pot.

Only Rumi could do this.

When Noah sails upon the flooding waters
you will be his ark.
When the Prophet ascends to heaven
you will be his ladder.
When Jesus walks among the weary souls
you will be his healing breath.
When Moses goes forth as a shepherd
you will be his staff. ~ Rumi

Tagore has challenged my basic notions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I have never felt so inadequate. Let me point out at least three areas where I have no answer to his wisdom.


1) The first teaching is about the concept of nationhood. He says, Nationhood is an outdated concept. Time has rejected it. What answer can we have to his challenge I have rolled this concept over and over in my mind. It’s breath-taking. We know now where we made the initial mistake. We ignored the true essence of democracy which is to let everyone argue his point of view completely and put no bars on participation in the discussion. It is at this point that Tagore has torn the Two-Nation theory to shreds. This is where the ancient animosity between the Muslims, Hindus and the Sikhs can be discussed and cured.


What a breath-taking concept he has given. He says in the beginning, The Lord of the Universe created Man. He did not create a Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian. He created Man and this creature embraced all the others and called them, “My Brother.”


Notice here how close this is to the message of the Quran where the Creator has said, “I make no difference between those I have created. I love them all.


"The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills - let him believe; and whoever wills - let him disbelieve." Indeed, We have prepared for the wrongdoers a fire whose walls will surround them. And if they call for relief, they will be relieved with water like murky oil, which scalds [their] faces. Wretched is the drink, and evil is the resting place. 18:29


For behold, unto (ONLY) Us (means God) will be their return, Then it will be for (ONLY) Us to Judge (humans). 88:25-26


Those who believe (in the Qur’an), those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Sabians (can mean an ancient religion or people with no specific religion), Christians, Magians, and Polytheists,- God will judge between them on the Day of Judgment: for God (alone) is witness of all things. 22:17


(Whoever brings a good deed shall have ten times the like thereof to his credit, and whoever brings an evil deed shall have only the recompense of the like thereof, and they will not be wronged.) [6:160]


(And We shall set up balances of justice on the Day of Resurrection, then none will be dealt with unjustly in anything. And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. And Sufficient are We as Reckoners.) [21:47].

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O Son of Adam!

O Son of Adam! | Greed and Fear |

Azadi March... How inappropriate the language is.

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Here is Imran Khan promising, “Naya Pakistan.” I ask him, Can there be New Pakistan? I am concerned that it is only a marketing gimmick and I am so sad that people are buying it.


To me, Imran is dead-wrong. On and on he goes on repeating, if I am reelected, “I will do this…”, “I will do that…” I will give the people their rights. I will be for the poor. I will emphasize education. The people deserve a chance and I will bring back all Pakistan’s money billions of dollars and Pakistan will be rich and we will not have to pay taxes. In fact, the government would be able to repay the old debts.


The picture that I have reproduced was when I took Imran to task when I called the captain’s bluff.


How I wish that he had listened… Now we would have deal with this non-sense of “Naya Pakistan.” On and on “I will do this…”, “I will do that…”


Consider this, I was telling him in the meeting… Please inform the audience that there have been no Islam without Khadīja al-Kubra. How I wish that he had listened. What a message he would have conveyed to his people.  Imagine, saying to the assembled women listening to the address, I want you to have the same rights as Khadīja al-Kubra. You have a choice to choose your own soul-mate. Imagine saying to the assembled audience. “I want you to have the same freedom to choose your mate.”


I have yet to hear Imran say this… The Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to make the following dua, "O Allah, keep me in the company of the poor. Let me die in poverty, raise me with the poor on the Day of Judgment." Aisha once asked the Prophet, "Why do you ask to be kept in the company of the poor, let you die in poverty and raise you with the poor?"

Rasulullah replied, "The poor will enter the Paradise before the rich." After a pause he added, "O Aisha, never turn a needy person away from your door. Give him something, though it be only a piece of a date. Respect the poor and love them in spite of their poverty. If you bring the poor and needy closer to you, Allah will bring you closer to himself."

--- on the authority of AbuSa’id

Al-Tirmidhi – Hadith 1376


On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

Allah (mighty and sublime be He) will say on the Day of Resurrection: "O son of Adam, I fell ill and you visited Me not." He will say: "O Lord, and how should I visit You when You are the Lord of the worlds?" He will say: "Did you not know that My servant So-and-so had fallen ill and you visited him not? Did you not know that had you visited him you would have found Me with him? O son of Adam, I asked you for food and you fed Me not." He will say: "O Lord, and how should I feed You when You are the Lord of the worlds?" He will say: "Did you not know that My servant So-and-so asked you for food and you fed him not? Did you not know that had you fed him you would surely have found that (the reward for doing so) with Me? O son of Adam, I asked you to give Me to drink and you gave Me not to drink." He will say: "O Lord, how should I give You to drink when You are the Lord of the worlds?" He will say: "My servant So-and-so asked you to give him to drink and you gave him not to drink. Had you given him to drink you would have surely found that with Me."

Relevance: 18.1022


This, Imran is the gist of what you should have been saying to your people.


And listen to this you could have said to your people quoting Hazrat Ali, “He who is greedy is disgraced; he who discloses his hardship will always be humiliated; he who has no control over his tongue will often have to face discomfort.”


And here is the Persian proverb:
"He who knows, and knows he knows, He is a wise man, seek him. He who knows and knows not he knows, He is asleep, wake him. He who knows not, and knows he knows not, He is a child, teach him. He who knows not, and knows not he knows not, He is a fool, shun him. ”


And here is some advice for you from Socrates, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


This is what I taught in my classes at IBA.


And Imran… Here is how a famous Pakistani Urdu poet Maulana Mohammed Ali (Pioneer of the Khilafat Movement and a dauntless fighter in the struggle of independence) described it wonderfully as “Qatl-e-Hussain asl main marg-e-Yazid hai, Islam zindaa hota hai har Karbala ke baad”

(In the murder of Hussain, lies the death of Yazid, for Islam resurrects after every Karbala)


What prevents you Imran? What prevents you from claiming the victory at Karbala? Is it not what you want to convey to your people that you would not submit to tyranny? Why do you not claim ownership of Karbala?


What is it Imran that prevents you from acknowledging the greatness of Hussain? What is it that prevents any reference to Hazrat al-‘Abbās ibn ‘Alī?


Wake up, Imran. See the hand-writing on the wall. See how the Prophet(P.B.U.H) rejects your vision.


I am still in your party. I hope you find guidance. May Allah bless you. Long live PTI. Good luck!

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Mountains do not weep…

Bhutto told his prosecutor in jail: "The Himalayas will weep if I am harmed." The mountains were unmoved when Zia-ul Haq signed his death warrant. At the stage DAWN carried a series of articles by Altaf Gauhar who was then Editor of DAWN. They will be found in the archives even today. I invite the readers to re-visit those articles and learn. 

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Here is Alfred Marshall's classic definition of economics. "Economics is the study of mankind in the ordinary business of life; it examines that part of individual and social action which is most closely connected and social action which is most closely connected with the attainment and use of the material requests of well-being."


There have been criticisms of this concept and these also must be taken into account when we apply Marshall’s definition to our problems. It is not the perfect model but for our purposes it is a useful starting point and it answers many questions that we must address out of this current mess that we find ourselves in Pakistan.

Let us therefore use this lead that Marshall has provided us to address our problems. It has promising solutions that we must heed.

And this analysis can be used to illustrate the entire gamut of human experience, because what Marshall has said, cuts across all human activity.

For the first time we have an explanation that cuts across dry justifications to an understanding of social values.

For the first time economics has been conjoined fruitfully to social-science. Man is what he chooses to be and the explanation and this motivation lies in social-sciences. I have always maintained that without the explanation given by social-science economics would be a barren field and I would receive full-support from the likes of Einstein and George Bernard Shaw. I do not wish to labor this point. I have great intellectual support from those who understand human-nature far better than I can ever conceptualize.

As the Rumi would have said, “Where is the soul?” --- Where is the soul?

Take for example, the simplest thing --- Our belief in God, the Owner of the Universe, is it based on logic or on faith? We will never be able to convince the atheists of the existence of Almighty. Does it mean that He does not exist? That Moses, That Jesus, and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) are figments of our imagination?

It’s faith that moves mountains. Reason cannot move anything. It can only tell you that a mountain exists and could throw up lava. It cannot tell you that the mountain and the lava are all subject to God’s will.

Take for example, the relationship between the sexes. Is it based on the sterile necessity of pleasure or is it based on mankind’s desire to procreate to leave a legacy of values?

Take for example, the various sections into which each faith of revealed religion divides itself. They are Catholics and there are Protestants. There are Shīa and Sunnis. There are the Wahhabis, there are Barelvi types. You can go and on --- dividing and sub-dividing. In the end, they are all creatures of One God. They will be answerable to Him on Judgment Day. What this has got to do with logic? What about Hindus? What about Mahatma Gandhi? What about Buddha and his golden mean? What about Mandela? What about Martin Luther? Are these not divisions of faith that have nothing to do with logic and everything to do with faith and belief.

So I say to the present day rulers of Pakistan, Faith can move mountains. Rhetoric will fail. The mountains did not weep, when Bhutto fell. They will not weep when you the present lot will be washed away by the tides of history. Mountains do not weep. Period over and out, Mountains do not weep…

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Aam Aadmi...

Long before Aam Aadmi became popular, Diosdado P. Macapagal (fifth president of the Republic of the Philippines) established these values. And the quotes I am submitting below show 

Iqbal Ismail's insight:

Here we have the role model for the Aam Aadmi. Long before Aam Aadmi became popular, Diosdado P. Macapagal (fifth president of the Republic of the Philippines) established these values. And the quotes I am submitting below will show...

Macapagal became president on Nov. 14, 1961, defeating Garcia. In his inaugural statement he declared: "I shall be president not only of the rich but more so of the poor. We must help bridge the wide gap between the poor man and the man of wealth, not by pulling down the rich to his level as Communism desires, but by raising the poor towards the more abundant life." 

With his naivetéand paternalistic attitude, Macapagal vowed to open Malakanyang Palace, the presidential residence, to all the citizens. 

He canceled the inaugural ball and issued a decree forbidding any member of his family or of his wife's to participate in any business deals with the government. 

He dismissed corrupt officials and started court action against those who could not explain their sudden acquisition of wealth. 

He changed the date that Filipinos celebrate their independence to June 12 from July 4. In 1898, Filipino revolutionaries had declared independence from Spain on June 12; July 4 was the date the Philippines were declared independent by the United States after World War II.

Macapagal aimed to restore morality to public life by concentrating on the elevation of the living standard of the masses. Addressing Congress in 1962, he formulated the objectives of his socioeconomic programs as, first, the immediate restoration of economic stability; second, the alleviation of the common man's plight; and third, the establishment of a "dynamic basis for future growth." Unfortunately, Macapagal's friends in the oligarchy and the privileged minority in Congress and business soon began parading their lavish wealth in conspicuous parties, junkets, and anomalous deals.

On Jan. 21, 1962, Macapagal abolished the economic controls that had been in operation since 1948. He devalued the Philippine peso by setting its value according to the prevailing free market rate instead of by government direction. He lifted foreign exchange controls and reduced tariff rates on essential consumer goods. Seeking to remedy the problem of unemployment, he took steps to decentralize the economy and at the same time encourage commerce and industry in the provinces. He also proposed decentralization in government by investing greater power in provincial and local governments as a step essential to the growth of democratic institutions. He also suggested the establishment of eight regional legislatures with power to levy taxes.

He lost his bid for re-election in 1965 to Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled for the next 20 years. However, Macapagal's political legacy lives on in his daughters, both of whom followed him into politics: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is a Filipino senator, and Cielo Macapagal-Salgado is vice-governor of Pampanga, her father's home province.

He died in Manila on April 21, 1997 of heart failure. He was 86.

His views have been amply illustrated by Thomas Piketty in his analysis of "Capital in the 21st Century" submissions. 

His views follow the views of Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) where the Rasulullah(P.B.U.H) has said, "O God, grant me life as a poor man, cause me to die as a poor man and resurrect me in the company of the poor." His wife asked him why he said that, and he replied: "Because (the poor) will enter Paradise (before) the rich. Do not turn away a poor man even if all you can give is half a date. If you love the poor and bring them near you God will bring you near Him on the Day of Resurrection." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1376 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "If you love the poor and bring them near you. . .God will bring you near Him on the Day of Resurrection." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1376 

The Prophet also said: "The people before you were destroyed because they inflicted legal punishments on the poor and forgave the rich." - Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Hadith 778.

Here finally is the declaration of the Prophet(P.B.U.H) that finds an echo in the books of all three religions: 1) The Torah 2) The Injil 3) The Quran --- which says it is as difficult for the rich to enter heaven as it is for camel to pass through the eye of the needle.


Reference used ---

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The spell binding autocrat

The spell binding autocrat | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

I do not share his views but make no mistake Altaf bhai is a genius. He is not to be taken lightly. Imagine… Just Imagine that 30 years after the country came into existence he discovered his mandate which is to represent the Urdu speaking muhajirs.  And how brilliantly Altaf has hypnotized the muhajirs. He is a spell-binding speaker and a very knowledgeable one.  He knows whereof he speaks. He knows what its effect will be.


Here we have the complete story of the emergence of MQM and It’s sponsorship by Zia-ul-Haq. Is it any wonder that British justice is holding Altaf bhai and demanding explanations? But here is the irony of the entire story. Both Nawaz Sharif and Altaf share a common parentage and they have different views on what is good for Pakistan. Here is the other irony the sponsorship of Sindh government of Altaf. How can Zardari support Altaf? When Altaf’s mission is to destroy everything that PPP represents. Whose assets does Altaf want to take over? Whose exploitation does Altaf want to end? Is it not the PPP? Jinnah said, “Sindh should be separated from Bombay.” Now Altaf is saying, “Sindh should be separated from Pakistan.” Will the PPP allow this? We must be prepared for much more blood-shed than has occurred in the past. I see nothing but more blood-shed that will put what has gone before to shame. The British legal system has got their man and they will make sure justice prevails. More power to them. May they succeed where Pakistan has failed?


I have been deeply scarred by the MQM. This is personal. What they did to Karachi University (KU) and the reign of terror they let loose on the campus still haunts me. They destroyed my university that had given me birth and space to develop.


They destroyed the amity that prevailed amongst the students. It was a comradery we shared our joys and sorrows and we loved to learn and share. MQM put an end to this. To be fair, the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba had already destroyed the campus peace. Javed Langhra and his cohorts had ensured this already. With the coming of MQM, a battle royale ensued. It was thereafter, a free of all and murder and rape with the order of the day. 


I was deputed several times as a teacher for election duties. Every time I was told not to bother. The votes have already been cast. There was no need for my services.

Excerpt from the book “Aboard the Democracy Train”

It was no coincidence that ethnic violence first broke out with the creation of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) in 1985, shortly after Gen. Zia had held non-party elections as part of his plan to usher in controlled democracy.

That year, the Mohajirs led by a former Karachi university student, Altaf Hussain contested as independents and won a landslide victory. Encouraged by Gen. Zia ul Haq to organize on non- political grounds, the refugees from India mobilized in Karachi on the basis of their separate ethnic identity and registered as a political party.


In April 1985, I was tipped off by our crime reporter that gunshot victims had begun to pile up at a hospital in the north of Karachi. Word was that a speeding Pashtun mini-van driver had killed a Mohajir college girl, Bushra Zaidi. The accident itself was not news. Indeed, not a day went by when the newspapers did not report traffic deaths. Terrified of the speeding vehicles, the young women often held hands as they ran across this particular intersection. But that day, the young college girl that tried nervously to cross the road was struck down and died.


Bushra’s death became a cue for the unemployed Mohajir youth. They banded, in the newly armed MQM, to fan out throughout the city and destroy mini-vans dubbed “yellow devils.” They also burnt down rickshaws and taxis owned and operated by Pashtuns. It was a direct assault on the livelihood of the migrants from the north of Pakistan who bought their vehicles on high interest loans and raced their callously-stuffed passengers at high speeds so that they could repay the loan sharks. The Pashtuns reacted in the only way they knew; they shot back and killed the Mohajir assailants.


Government hospitals were caught unaware by the first major incident of ethnic violence under Gen Zia. The Abbasi Shaheed Hospital overflowed with victims of gunshot wounds. Medicines and blood were in desperately short supply. Frenzied crowds gathered on the lawns to donate blood and medicines for the victims, rushed in every few minutes by make-shift ambulances that were more suited to carrying vegetables than people.


For the next several days, the riots between Mohajirs and Pashtuns left 65 people dead and 158 injured. It was a vision of things to come. Over the next two decades tens of thousands of people would lose their lives as the MQM fought with the indigenous ethnic groups – Sindhis, Balochis, Pashtuns, and Punjabis – and the military alternately used and killed Mohajir youths in an attempt to wrest back control.


It was an era of the Cold War when the US Republican administration, led by President Ronald Reagan, used Zia’s regime as a conduit to fight against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. No sooner did the arms, bound for Mujahideen fighters, land at the Karachi Port than they were smuggled out and sold in the black market. The alacrity with which gun licenses were issued to ethnic groups made it appear that Gen. Zia preferred that they fight each other than fight his military rule.


Gen. Zia’s patronage of the MQM unfolded before our eyes. His ministers would call on the MQM chief Altaf Hussain at his home in Azizabad – a lower middle-class Mohajir neighborhood in Karachi. High walls cordoned off the MQM’s head-office – Nine Zero, Azizabad – also known as Markaz or the “Center.” At the Karachi Press Club, we talked about how Mohajirs had achieved the stuff of dreams: a lower-middle class party that kept key establishment figures waiting to meet their chief.


The MQM chief, Altaf Hussein’s personality lent an air of mystery to the party he had created. A dark-skinned man who wore dark glasses at all times, Altaf began the MQM as a movement for the rights of Muslim migrants from India who had arrived to create Pakistan. The MQM talked progressive politics, criticizing the feudals who oppressed Sindhis. But the MQM chief operated in a distinctly feudal style. Altaf Hussain projected himself as “Pir saheb” (spiritual leader), whose infatuated followers saw his likeness on the leaves around them.


Years later, MQM stalwart and former Karachi Mayor, Farooq Sattar acknowledged to me in a recorded interview what I had long known – namely, that in 1984, the “intelligence agencies allowed the MQM to come up to counter the PPP”. The purpose, he said, in a tone, that suggested that it was an open secret, was to prevent the Sindhis from gaining power.


The senior MQM leader referred to the 1983 Movement for Restoration of Democracy, through which tens of thousands of Sindhi villagers – who had protested against Gen. Zia’s execution of the elected prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto – were strafed by helicopter gunships in their own settlements. At the same time, Sindhi intellectuals, writers and journalists who supported the MRD were imprisoned and tortured by the military.


Decades later, the former Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig too acknowledged on television that the MQM was created by his predecessor, Gen. Zia ul Haq as a political measure to counter the Sindhi insurgency that grew after the murder of PPP founder, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

The press was still controlled by the military government but statements poured into Dawn from readers that the government ought to nationalize private wagons and buses and confiscate the driving licenses of reckless drivers.


In the forefront were educated Urdu-speaking professionals, bewildered by the sudden upsurge of violence. Their women councilors – many of them newly elected in Gen. Zia’s government – appealed for a ban on guns and for dialogue. But such expressions of hand wringing had nothing to do with the insidious workings of the military, which secretly patronized the ethnic party for political purposes.


Moreover, whilst educated Mohajirs were shocked by the violence, the reprisals by Pashtuns convinced many to organize as a political party. Since Pakistan’s creation in 1947, many Mohajirs had come to dislike the fact that they did not fit into a native ethnic group – Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns and Punjabis. Their feud with the Pashtuns convinced many that the Indian refugees needed a party to guarantee their survival. It would provide a groundswell of support for the MQM.




Again, while there was ethnic violence between Pashtuns and Mohajirs in the 1960s, it was only after the 1985 partyless elections that the battle ground was drawn on ethnic lines. In that sense, the accidental death of a Mohajir school girl, Bushra Zaidi by a speeding Pashtun driver is normally cited as the first incident of ethnic violence… the effects of which we continue to see today in Sindh and particularly Karachi.

What Mr. Altaf Hussain said in India about Pakistan's independence being a mistake is echoed on MQM's own website, quoting none other than Mr. Hussain himself:


"The slogan of two-nation theory was raised to deceive the one hundred million Muslims of the subcontinent – Altaf Hussain".



And here is the real treachery. Imagine calling Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah a deceiver on Indian soil in New Delhi and to have leaders of the Pakistan Independence Movement whose forefathers probably sacrificed the most amongst us to achieve Pakistan’s independence a traitor and a deceiver and a cheat.

And let it be clear that Altaf Hussain is not the only one. He has pandered to the Indian psychology and claimed that, “Jinnah was a traitor.”


What a man Altaf is, he is not above insulting the Prophet of Islam(P.B.U.H). He says, Where ever untruth emerges the Haq Parast will destroy it. I am the Truth, I am the Haq Parast. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his injunctions are an exaggeration. I have no use for Karbala not for Ali. I am Haq Parast and I have no use for Hussain. I am the Truth. I know. I am the Haq Parast.


There are other incidents of this megalomania, I quote them below. It shows what Haq Parast is…

Salman Ahmed of rock group Junoon has said the MQM once threatened him that if he did not perform at its rally, his wife and children would be abducted. In a statement issued here, Ahmed described the incident as having happened in 1992. He said,“They have threatened me on many occasions in the past 15 years. One particular time was when I refused to perform at Altaf’s marriage function in Karachi and London where all other artists, including Ali Azmat, were brow beaten into going and performing for ‘his majesty’s’ pleasure. The man who threatened me was called ‘Khalid bin Walid’ and was a known terrorist and murderer.” Walid apparently told Salman Ahmed that his “Quaid” Altaf Hussain had specially demanded that he appear with Junoon to perform at his wedding. When the singer refused, the man called the singer’s staff and soundman, Ishtiaq Ahmed, and threatened them with dire consequences. According to Salman Ahmed,“Ishtiaq pleaded with me to go and perform or risk being killed. In 1992, the MQM also threatened to abduct my wife and children if I did not show up at an MQM rally to welcome their leader, Azim Tariq.”


Mr. Altaf Hussain used to torture his innocent wife Faiza Gabol, kept indecent attitude towards her, and she was insulted for many years, which led to their separation.


Such is Altaf Hussain, the Haq Parast.



 Junoon artiste says he was threatened by MQM activists – DailyTimes

 Why Karachi Grew Divided -

 Altaf’s quote on Two-Nation Theory -

  Photo credit: Herald Pakistan

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In the way of the Lord of the Worlds

In the way of the Lord of the Worlds | Greed and Fear |
Iqbal Ismail's insight:

The only way to legitimize your earnings, the only way to wash the dross of opportunism is that each transaction should have a share for the poor. Absent this requirement and your income will remain unwashed and doubtful of acceptance by Allah.


There are two further requirements. One is that the debt should be forgiven until Allah makes it possible for a way to be found for the debtor.


Here is the crux. It is share for the poor that is required and therefore two things are necessary. All the burden should not fall on the borrower but it must be equally shared by the borrower and the lender.


There is no such thing as bankruptcy in Rasulullah’s(P.B.U.H) way. There is only one possibility in Islam that is the borrower and the lender share the load equally. Islam is a religion that rehabilitates and gives the borrower a chance to recover.


Some of the important methods in Islamic financing are Musharakah and Mudarabah where the liability is shared and those who are most qualified to handle the corpus are responsible for carrying out this mandate of sharing the risk.


They are of course entitled to a fee which is their right. This fee is normally 10% of the corpus and will be borne entirely by the financier. In case the profit is not adequate the entire risk is of the financier.


Let us now retrace our steps and go back to the origin.


Prohibition in Islam:


The word “Riba” is used in the Holy Quran 8 times. In 30:39,4:161,3:130, 2:276,2:278 and 3 times in 2:275. The Quran says


“Those who devour usury will not stand except as stand one whom the Evil one by his touch Hath driven to madness. That is because they say: "Trade is like usury," but Allah hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for Allah (to judge); but those who repeat (The offence) are companions of the Fire: They will abide therein (for ever).” (Quran 2:275)


“O ye who believe! Devour not usury, doubled and multiplied; but fear Allah. that ye may (really) prosper.” (Quran 3:130)


“O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers. If ye do it not, take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums: Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly.” (Quran 2:278-279)


If you are dealing in interest. Please do not expect angels to come down with swords to wage a war against you. It is talking about the severity of the sin. For other sins like alcohol, gambling etc. the Quran says


“O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination,- of Satan's handwork: eschew such (abomination), that ye may prosper.” (Quran 5:90)


Here the Quran says that intoxicants and gambling are Satan’s handiwork and abstain from it. In the case of Riba (Interest) the Quran does not only say that it’s a sin but it says that Allah (SWT) and his messenger Muhammad (pbuh) will wage a war against. Showing how grave this sin really is.


There is in Islam a clear distinction. There are no-go areas. As defined below:


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said :


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) classified it among the seven major sins

 "Volume 8, Book 82, Number 840:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    The Prophet said, "Avoid the seven great destructive sins." They (the people!) asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What are they?" He said, "To join partners in worship with Allah; to practice sorcery; to kill the life which Allah has forbidden except for a just cause (according to Islamic law); to eat up usury (Riba), to eat up the property of an orphan; to give one's back to the enemy and freeing from the battle-field at the time of fighting and to accuse chaste women who never even think of anything touching chastity and are good believers."


And this is the ethical side of the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) injunctions and there is an affirmative side as well which is prohibition of Riba.






And if the debtor is in a hard time (has no money), then grant him time till it is easy for him to repay, but if you remit it by way of charity, that is better for you if you did but know.


And be afraid of the Day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every person shall be paid what he earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly.


[Holy Quran 2:280-281]



Prohibition in Bible:          



Accounts of Jesus driving the money changers from the Temple are found in Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-18; Luke 19:45-46; and John 2:13-17.


Jesus Drives the Money Changers From the Temple - Story Summary:


Jesus Christ and his disciples journeyed to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Passover. They found the sacred city of God overflowing with thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the world.

Entering the Temple, Jesus saw the money changers, along with merchants who were selling animals for sacrifice. Pilgrims carried coins from their home towns, most bearing the images of Roman emperors or Greek gods, which Temple authorities considered idolatrous.


The high priest ordered that only Tyrian shekels would be accepted for the annual half-shekel Temple tax because they contained a higher percentage of silver, so the money changers exchanged unacceptable coins for these shekels. Of course, they extracted a profit, sometimes much more than the law allowed.


Jesus was so filled with anger at the desecration of the holy place that he took some cords and wove them into a small whip. He ran about, knocking over the tables of the money changers, spilling coins on the ground. He drove the exchangers out of the area, along with the men selling pigeons and cattle. He also prevented people from using the court as a shortcut.


As he cleansed the Temple of greed and profit, Jesus quoted from Isaiah 56:7: "My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you make it a den of robbers." (Matthew 21:13, ESV)


The disciples and others present were in awe of Jesus' authority in God's sacred place. His followers remembered a passage from Psalm 69:9: "Zeal for your house will consume me." (John 2:17, ESV)


The common people were impressed by Jesus' teaching, but the chief priests and scribes feared him because of his popularity. They began to plot a way to destroy Jesus.



Prohibition in Judaism

The Torah states that it is forbidden for Jews to charge interest from fellow Jews (Leviticus 25:37).


Maimonides comments on this passage that the highest form of charity is to prevent a person from becoming poor, by offering a loan or employment, investing in his business, or any other form of assistance that will avoid poverty.


“Interest” is any time a person gets back more than they loaned, whether it was pre-arranged or not. Not only is it forbidden for the Borrower to give the Lender back more money than what was loaned, but he must not give anything extra as a result of the loan.


We are now warned


World powers and their obedient servants in Pakistan have already shown their displeasure with this historic judgment --- as it will end their exploitative grip on the country. The judgment is considered a case of defiance by a slave, and the slave masters don't like it. They will do everything they can to derail its implementation. This will most certainly include propaganda campaigns. It is the responsibility of all the Muslims throughout the world to educate themselves on the issue and put their weight solidly behind this judgment. (Editor)


Let us in this light examine the attitude of the present government and Ishaq Dar’s flirtation with the international financial agencies. It is clear that Mr. Dar is violating the injunctions of Islam and he is courting Allah’s wrath. The PM has his own agenda and it does not include any loyalty to Islam or the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) injunctions.


Let us also view the promulgation of the law to protect Pakistan, Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO). It is an exact copy of the U.S.A law “The Patriot Act” which was passed after September 11, 2001 attacks.


It has taken the Obama administration to undo the harm done by “The Patriot Act.” Obama has overturned all the restrictions and specified a more open dispensation. Now all his actions are pro-democracy, an anti-Bush provisions.



References used:

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