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Texting has overtaken calling as the most popular mobile function across all generations, with Millennial women using SMS three times more often than calling, according to the mobile research agency RealityMine.

Phone calls have been second fiddle to texting since 2007, when Americans sent and received more text messages than phone calls, thanks largely to the launch of the iPhone and to Millennials. The iPhone was texting nirvana for Millennials, because of its virtual keyboard, multitouch interface, predictive text technology, and--the saving grace of the entire Millennial generation--automatic spell-check.


With texting being the universal go-to mobile function, why are so many managers still frustrated with Millennials not answering their phones? Let me help put one final nail in the Millennial phone call coffin.


The real reason Millennials won't answer your phone call is because it's unproductive. More specifically, a phone call is ...



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