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FujiFilm X100S Test Drive in Istanbul | Zack Arias

Zack Arias put the new FujiFilm X100S through its paces in Istanbul in March 2013 - we've put together a video of Zack's walkabouts in Istanbul with the X100S where you can see him in action shooting the sights and people of Istanbul.

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Stockografie's curator insight, April 19, 2013 1:59 AM

Another great Video showing how Zack Arias and the X100S. Enjoy

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If you've got  the time check, out this amazing video!

There is no better place to test the quality of a camera than to try and capture some of the beauty in which is held in Istanbul. Although these pictures are captivating, it doesn't do Istanbul justice at all.

A place of color, flavor and culture that has to be seen to be believed, experience the beauty that will leave you speechless. There are a few companies out there that offer a true experience taking you off the tourist map and allow you to see what Turkey and Istanbul is all about.

Turkey Travel Guide, provide tailored tours in which they work with you to create a experience which creates lasting memories.

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Digital camera FUJIFILM X100S Promotional Video , Photographer David Airob talks on FUJIFILM X100S

Photographer David Airob talks on FUJIFILM X100S. For more information visit: Experienc...

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Walking around Vancouver with the Fuji X100s | Olaf Sztaba

Walking around Vancouver with the Fuji X100s | Olaf Sztaba | Equipment for Street Photography |

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words. We have been shooting Fuji X100s quite extensively in the last few weeks and here are some additional (full review here) thoughts about the camera and the files it produces:


- The autofocus is indeed much, much faster.

- The camera is dead quiet, unlike anything else on the market.

- JPEGs straight from the camera continue to impress us. They are the best in the industry, period!

- Velvia film simulation appears to be much improved (our initial impression was mixed). There are no more lost shadows, so we use it more often now.

- The Fuji X100s RAW files do not respond well to the Adobe Camera RAW sharpening formula (they are falling apart and getting a strange look). Instead, we use NIK Sharpener Pro and the files look great; we have no such problems.

- The Dynamic Range Auto (DRAUTO) function works great. If you are shooting JPEGs only, be sure to use it. Recently we covered a small family event and shot JPEGs exclusively with DR-Auto on. We could not believe the results – the system didn’t allow highlights to blow out. The camera did a very good job of handling mixed and challenging lighting.

- The in-camera sharpening at default settings is a little weak in our view; we set it between +1, or sometimes +2. The pictures don’t look over-sharpened at all.

- The prints from JPEGs are gorgeous (11×17) and from TIFFs they are even better (printed up to 20×30 – see here).

- The fun factor, portability, is unlike anything on the market now. 

All right, enough of this technical jumbo-mumbo. It is time for some images. Today I went for a very early morning walk around Vancouver with the Fuji X100s and here are the results.....

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Donald Schwartz's comment, May 25, 2013 6:06 PM
I'm currently saving to purchase this camera, but in a perfect world, because I'd love, cherish and work the camera to within an inch of it's life, I should already own it. Everyday I see wonderful images that remain UN-captured, I don't understand why the deserving don't get a special accommodation?
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Three Months in South East Asia with a Leica M6 and the Fuji X100 ...

Three Months in South East Asia with a Leica M6 and the Fuji X100 By Brendan Gara Hi Steve, I've been following your website for quite a while now.

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