The idea of the radical, leftist university is a misleading caricature | Education, Curiosity, and Happiness |

Summary from Academica Group - Monday 11 December 2017 

"The university is not “liberal” in the way people think: Gruneau 

“Instead of bemoaning ideological phantoms such as excessive liberalism or allegedly leftist influences, critics might better ask why our universities have become as conservative as they are,” writes Simon Fraser University Professor Richard Gruneau. 

The author argues against what he calls the “misleading caricature” of universities as places of “leftist authoritarianism.” 

While it is true that universities often push for inclusiveness, Gruneau notes that this push often comes from the fact that institutions are increasingly motivated by business-like interests, which leads them to attract the largest number of students for financial rather than ethical reasons. 

Gruneau also notes that as universities continue to hire more part-time faculty, they become more “liberal” only in the classical free-market sense of the word."

Richard Gruneau is a Professor of Communication, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Simon Fraser University

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