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How People Read Online [Infographic]

How People Read Online [Infographic] | E-leren | Scoop.it
Now that reading online involves a bevy of social actions, from sharing to commenting across a plethora of devices, how many of your site’s readers will make it past the first paragraph?.

Recently Slate's technology columnist investigated this issue further in his article You Won’t Finish This Article. Using data from Chartbeat, he found that most readers don’t engage with the article, and if they do, they are inclined to do so before scrolling half-way down the page. 


To help us better understand the risks and opportunities about online readership, and to help you, dear reader, get to bottom of this article faster, we present you with an infographic that summarizes it all. 

Via Lauren Moss, Max Frans
Carlos Bisbal's curator insight, October 10, 2013 9:54 AM

¿cuántos de los lectores de su sitio web leen más allá del primer párrafo? 

Carolina Bertolotti Celery's curator insight, October 11, 2013 8:59 AM

Interesting for choosing your web design and update info!

AlGonzalezinfo's curator insight, October 14, 2013 10:27 AM

20% ~ the amount of words readers have time to read on a web page. 


Chose your words carefully  8-)

Scooped by Digitale Week

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