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Thank you to my student, Jody for sharing this helpful scoop about specific information for how college students should be using LinkedIN.


LinkedIn was created with professional networking in mind, and it’s the most effective resource when it comes to making meaningful professional connections.


Check out Online Colleges Guide to find great ideas for making the most of this great tool, groups and insightful posts for LinkedIn success.


Use it: LinkedIn is the online destination for professional networking, and you’ve got to be on it to get connected.
Create a complete profile:
Connect with your classmates and professors:
Find a mentor:
Use introductions:
Connect with all of your past employers:
Take advantage of resources just for new grads:
Ask for recommendations:
Be a connector:
Don’t neglect keywords:
Go public:
Make small connections:
Join groups:
Establish yourself as an expert with Q&A:
Personalize your connections:
Network in person, too:


Groups for New Grads

Join and participate in these groups to get connected with relevant new contacts, find resources for new grads, and more.

Useful LinkedIn Tools

Find a job, discover new connections, and share your portfolio by taking advantage of great tools on LinkedIn.

Helpful Resources

Further explore the ways you can use LinkedIn for professional networking as a new graduate here 


There is a very professional SNS for getting a Job.

Linked in is the most popular tool to get a job.

Let's check why Linked in is very useful tool

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