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Mobile Technology Increases Patient Engagement

Mobile Technology Increases Patient Engagement | Buzz e-sante |

More than 60% of smartphone users used their mobile device to search for information about a health condition, according to Pew Research Center. The analysts at eMarketer have forecast that pharma digital ad spending will rise to $2.55 billion by 2019.

This growing evolution in digital applications to monitor and improve health sets the foundation for new strategies in pharma marketing. Both physicians and patients are heavy users of mobile, and a new challenge arises when the industry shifts its focus to messaging targeting patients. Marketers now need to learn how to create a meaningful digital experience for patient-consumers.


The growth in mobile investment within the industry is real. For example, half of Takeda’s Web traffic last year came from smartphones and tablets, which is why the drug maker is optimizing mobile for both patients and physicians in its marketing campaigns.


The real opportunities don’t lie in simply providing informational material — the app version of brochureware — but in finding simple ways to improve adherence and outcomes, When mHealth apps are paired with traditional treatments, this becomes possible.


The industry needs to act on the opportunity to be in the pockets of its consumers




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Rescooped by Rémy TESTON from healthcare technology!

Healthcare moving towards better patient experience: Is digital the answer?

Healthcare moving towards better patient experience: Is digital the answer? | Buzz e-sante |

Today in the highly digital world that we have come to live in, the experience has to be extended to the consumer’s devices: namely mobile phones, tablets and personal computers delivered on the backbone of the World Wide Web.


So in this era where consumers have come to expect more from their brands, are patients correct in demanding a better user experience from their care providers?


Healthcare organizations are aware of this expectation and they are also aware that physicians and their allied co-workers need a better medium to communicate and collaborate among them. This not only leads to a better experience for all but also is critical as hospitals continue to drive better clinical outcomes.


One of the aspects of digital engagement is providing an exceptional web experience, whether it is providing physicians with real time data and reports on the cases they are following or engaging patients with education that can help them manage their health better.


The digital experience can help in achieving the following


1)      Provide a platform for better collaboration between physicians. Also this helps in increasing consultations between experts who are not necessarily collocated but still need a visual to make a better diagnosis.


2)      Accentuates the sharing of information between hospitals and even between various departments of the same  hospital.


3)      Leveraging the existing hospital information to give a visual picture to the patients on education and how they can leverage the hospital and its facilities to the best of its ability.


4)      Running extensive 360 degree programs involving various departments like surgery, nutrition and physiotherapy.


5)      Providing a mechanism for better healthcare management.


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