'Lawrence In Arabia' Author Examines Lasting Impact Of Sykes-Picot Agreement | BOCA NO TROMBONE! | Scoop.it
This week 100 years ago, two diplomats - one English one, one French - were putting the finishing touches on a notorious secret agreement that would come to bear their names. It was during World War I. Britain and France were allies preparing for victory over the Ottoman Empire, which was allied to Germany and Austria-Hungary. The two diplomats were carving up the spoils in what they called Asia Minor. They were drawing up the post-war Middle East. The pact they signed on May 16, 1916, gave us the borders of Iraq and Syria. It also led to the conflicting claims of Arabs and Jews that they both had been promised Palestine. This dubious landmark of imperial diplomacy was the work of Mark Sykes and Francois Georges-Picot, hence its common name, the Sykes-Picot agreement. Scott Anderson has written about it. Welcome to the program.

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