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Well , like I said , Amazing Things ......
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Rescooped by Mark Vangoidtsenhoven from Geography Education!

All the Countries That Contribute to a Single Jar of Nutella

All the Countries That Contribute to a Single Jar of Nutella | AMAZING THINGS ..... |
Turkish hazelnuts, Malaysian palm oil, Nigerian cocoa, Brazilian sugar, French vanilla...


Some 250,000 tons of Nutella are now sold across 75 countries around the world every year, according to the OECD. Nutella is a perfect example of what globalization has meant for popular foodstuffs: Not only is it sold everywhere, but its ingredients are sourced from all over the place too.

Via Seth Dixon
Mrs Parkinson's curator insight, February 12, 2014 3:48 PM

GCSE Globalisation info - great case study

Amanda Morgan's curator insight, September 18, 2014 10:55 AM

I was surprised to see how many countries contribute to s single jar of nutella. I have always assumed it came straight from Italy just because it is an Italian commodity. It is a positive thing to see because you look at the commerce and trade that is generated throughout the world through this one brand alone

Matt Danielson's curator insight, December 12, 2018 4:05 PM
This is the perfect product to use as an example of global trade. Starting from somewhere like Malaysia using palm oil, and traveling around the world to collect all the ingredients needed to create a common product found on American grocery store shelfs.  Makes me laugh when people complain how expensive a product like this is, when in reality due to modern technology the product is extremely affordable taking into account the processes it must go through to be created. 
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The Science of Fire Breathing - Gizmodo

The Science of Fire Breathing - Gizmodo | AMAZING THINGS ..... |
The Science of Fire Breathing
It looks dangerous—because it is—but there's more to fire breathing than meets the eye. In order to do it safely, you need to think about the science involved, and this video explains why.
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Pooktre is the ability to change fantasy into reality !

Pooktre is the ability to change fantasy into reality ! | AMAZING THINGS ..... |

This People Tree was shaped while growing ... !

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Rescooped by Mark Vangoidtsenhoven from Geography Education!

Geographic Midpoint Calculator, Find Your Personal Center of Gravity

Geographic Midpoint Calculator, Find Your Personal Center of Gravity | AMAZING THINGS ..... |
Finds the exact point that lies halfway between two or more places. Find your personal center of gravity--the geographic average location for all of the places you have lived in.

Via Seth Dixon
Seth Dixon's curator insight, December 16, 2013 1:52 PM

This is a fun tool to make geographic analysis very personal.  You can also weight the importance of the locations based on the number of years stayed at a location. 

Steven Flis's curator insight, December 17, 2013 6:35 AM

Very insightful tool when it comes to travelling or family reunions. i personally used this for a while to figure out a good place for me and my friends from chicago/trenton to met up and it brought me to the middle of penn. also this was pretty fun just to mess around with to see random midpoint locations between two places.

Mike Busarello's Digital Storybooks's curator insight, December 17, 2013 10:37 AM
Find your personal center of gravity. Select all cities or addresses where you have lived, then view those places on a map along with a marker pointing at your exact average location.Where is it?______________________________________ Find the midpoint of a flight between Haddonfield and:              SAN JOSE_______________________              NEW ORLEANS___________________________              FARGO, N.D. ______________________________              SAN FRANCISCO___________________________               ORLANDO, FLA.___________________________________Locate the midpoint for where you hope to go to school:______________________________________________You are going to initiate a family reunion. Choose 6 family members and find a center location that will be fair and equitable for those who are traveling. Where are the 6 family members coming from? 1.____________________________2._____________________________3.________________________________4._____________________________ 5.______________________________ 6.____________________________ Where will the reunion take place?___________________________________________Find a central place in Haddonfield for  a new business or facility that will serve all of the folks in Haddonfield. here will that be?__________________________________________NJSIAA want to build a multi sport facility for football and track. Where should this facility be constructed?_________________________________________________________
Rescooped by Mark Vangoidtsenhoven from Amazing Science!

The True Size Of Africa

The True Size Of Africa | AMAZING THINGS ..... |

This is another old classic image that I might have shared earlier but it merits repeating. As Salvatore Natoli (a leader in geography education) once said, "In our society we unconsciously equate size with importance and even power." This is one reason why many people have underestimated the true size of Africa relative to places that they view as more important or more powerful.

Via Seth Dixon, Sue Tamani, Dr. Stefan Gruenwald
Afrikasources's curator insight, January 15, 2014 10:10 AM

Just a reminder

Maria la del Varrio's curator insight, December 5, 2014 11:01 AM

It is incredible big, but unfortunately most of the north area is cover by the big Sahara and most of the are is typically unfertilized. 

Jason Schneider's curator insight, March 9, 2015 4:29 PM

As we can see, there's a little overlapping here and some empty spots but it's pretty accurate. The United States and China are in the top 5 largest countries of the world list and they still fit in the 2nd largest continent of the world, Africa. I'd like to see the size comparison between Africa and Russia. I did some research on that and it turns out that Russia is a little over half the size of Africa, maybe the size of the combination of the United States and China.