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I came upon Baiba Svenca's Scoop today and went to the site. Spent some time figuring it out and following the tutorials. When finished, I said to myself, "I'm impressed. This is quite a nice, simple video annotation tool. It has considerable functionality and is quite easy to use."


Since it was a couple of years old, I decided to Google it to see if there were any more similar ones. I found there are quite a number of them, and some are quite complex.


Then, I discovered the You Tube Video Annotation Tool []. Holy Cow! Where have I been? (Apparently, this has been around since Spring 2008.)


This tool is amazing!!! It makes Video Ant, that I was quite impressed with, look like a horse and buggy compasred to an SUV. No doubt, there are, or will be, tools that surpass the YouTube annotator, but for me, now, this offers a dazzling array of functionality. Without spending too much time with it, what I found immediately most impressive is the capability to hyperlink from one video to another - right while the first video is playing. This can turn video videwing into quite a particip[tory experience.


No doubt, many have discovered this before me, but I can't imagine why a lot of folks haven't written about this. For the Flipped Classroom, this offers incredible olpportunities. For student plrojects, again, the possibilities are quite immense.


If anyone has experience using this tool, I'd very much appreciate your adding comments or links below. I want to know more!! -JL

Via Baiba Svenca