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13th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English


ESP Seminar No. 2


Teaching Practices in ESP Today


Seminar scope

For over thirty years, English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has been defined by various authors as a learning-centred approach to language teaching where the goal of the learners is to use English in a particular domain (Hutchinson & Waters, 1987; Paltridge & Starfield, 2013). Yet, ESP teaching practices remain extremely varied depending on practitioners, institutions and countries. This seminar focuses on today’s diversity of ESP teaching and learning in Europe and further afield. However, beyond the richness of pedagogical varieties, it also raises the question of the theoretical foundations of ESP practices and, as such, welcomes papers on all aspects and issues of ESP didactics.

Abstract submission and deadlines

Participants are invited to submit a 200-word abstract of their proposed papers directly to all four convenors of the seminar before 28 February 2016. They will be informed of the convenors’ decision by 31 March 2016.


Submission format

·       First name and surname·       Institutional affiliation·       E-mail (please, limit to one address)·       Title of paper·       Abstract (max. 200 words)·       Equipment needed (all seminar rooms will be equipped with a computer and a projector). 


Danica Milosevic (Serbia)

Alessandra Molino (Italy)

Cédric Sarré (France)

Shona Whyte (France)