Jean Boulle Luxury | Diamond Coatings
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Jean Boulle Luxury | Diamond Coatings
Jean Boulle® Luxury Diamond Coatings. Jean Boulle® Luxury has developed a proprietary diamond coating technique to transform ethically sourced, natural diamonds into a high quality coating that gives a brilliant diamond finish to almost any surface. The Sun King® Diamond Coating is produced exclusively by Jean Boulle® Luxury's partner AkzoNobel and has been developed through years of research and development in conjunction with leading diamond experts to guarantee the highest quality and brilliance within precisely defined tolerances. The patent pending Sun King® Diamond Coating has been applied to the world’s foremost luxury car marques and to executive jets. Sun King® Diamond Coating for maritime applications was launched in 2017. The Sun King® Diamond Coating effect dramatically alters a plane, yacht or car's visual appearance whilst also maintaining full functional capabilities.
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