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Designers no longer have to compete with independent film directors, bands and dance companies. There's now a Kickstarter for design called CrowdyHouse.

Marty Note
Expect niche crowdfunding platforms to proliferate in 2014. Several trends are driving the explosion:

* Creating a crowdfunding platform isn't hugely expensive; we created for right around $50K.
* Kickstarter does some things like film and music well, but its internal curation and push marketing are poor.
* Crowdfunding, as my startup CrowdFunde wrote today, is powerful "new SEO" content.
* The jobs act will make equity crowdfunding legal by the summer creating a rising tide that should lift all crowdfunding boats (reward, donation and equity).

So expect more of these niche crowdfunding plays in 2014. Also, KUDOS to for embracing the store aspects of crowdfunding. Kickstarter famously said, "We are not a store," after the Pebble Watch $11.2M campaign. I loved it when they said that, but it does explain why finding relevant content is such a challenge on their network (architect an ecommerce site like KS and you go broke).

Great Comment By @Lori Wilk

I totally agree that this niche crowdfunding will continue to expand and there will be more affiliated products and service businesses launched around the crowdfunding industry.

What about you? Do you see crowdfunding coming to your business? Is it already there? Leave comments and I will curate in. Thanks. Marty