Curate on the go, turn your browser into a powerful curation tool, optimize your blog...make your experience even better!


It's the Curator's Best Friend!
Scoop any Web page on the fly by installing the Bookmarklet Bookmarklet Integration for Wordpress

Publish your curated content directly as Wordpress posts.
Enrich your blog's content, enjoy SEO benefits and generate traffic from social networks. No Technical skills required for Wordpress for iPad

Content Discovery and Web Publishing on the go:
  - Discover great content from interests-based communities.
  - Easily find and post from all over the Web with the suggestion engine.
  - Publish to your topics on the Web and build a smarter online presence. for iPad

Iphone App

Curate on the go with the iPhone App:
  - Select, edit and publish scoops
  - Review your suggestion list
  - Add scoops from Safari mobile
  - Share on all your connected accounts for iPhone

Android App

Scoop from anywhere on the web:
  - Add a button to your navigation bar
  - Directly Scoop Tweets
  - Directly Scoop YouTube videos for Android


Send curated email newsletters in a few clicks with your latest scoops.

BufferApp for

Share your scoops on social media through Buffer: they'll be automagically shared for you throughout the day!
BufferApp for


Connect to 500+ Apps using Zapier.
Zapier Share Button

Get more shares on your blog by installing the Button. Share Button Profile button

Link to your profile from any webpage. Profile button

AddThis for

Add to your AddThis button on your blog or website.
Allow your readers to easily share your scoops to
AddThis for

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