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21 Timeless Marketing Tips, Part 1

21 Timeless Marketing Tips, Part 1 | Business Improvement |
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Marketing the products or services of any business, is a great challenge for all business owners, especially those who do not have a marketing background.


As the success of every business, is totally dependant on attracting customers or clients, all business owners need to develop a sound understanding of marketing practices.


This excellent article (part 1 of 2), suggests that marketing is an art that takes years to master, and it provides the first 10 of 21 timeless marketing tips to help business owners on the road to marketing mastery.

chen kc's curator insight, October 10, 2013 12:52 AM like this video content...i like this....great visualise...

Business Improvement
Quality and Universally Applicable Advice for Owners and Managers of Small to Medium Sized Businesses
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Topic Introduction

Topic Introduction | Business Improvement |


This topic is a curated collection of quality business improvement advice, carefully filtered to met the needs of owners and managers of small to medium sized business enterprises. 



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If you find this topic useful, please follow it and share this link with other business owners and managers in your network.


Comments on articles are always welcome, as are suggestions for improvement of the topic, but please refrain from spamming. 


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This topic is fully searchable. Simply click on the funnel symbol in the tool bar and enter your search term or phrase, or alternatively scroll down the extensive list of key words to find the closest match to your query.

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Why Multitasking is Killing Your Brain

Multitasking is Killing Your Brain - Life Tips. - Medium
Many people believe themselves to be multitasking masters, but could it all be in their heads?
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As a business owner you will always have a lot on your plate, and if you are like most business owners, you will pride yourself on your ability to multitask in order to get everything done. Research has long shown that multitasking is actually a very inefficient way in which to operate, yet business owners tend to take little notice of such research findings. Perhaps, if you were conscious of what multitasking is doing to your brain, you might review your modus operandi, and focus on monotasking instead. This article should be a wake up call for every business owner who sees multitasking as a virtue.

Lean Master's curator insight, February 3, 2:50 PM
Great advice on how to achieve more through some simple changes.
Jeremy Barton's curator insight, February 4, 1:08 AM

Now this explains a lot!

Content's curator insight, February 5, 1:52 AM

Monotask or Multitasking?

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10 Ideas for Improving Your Business Website

10 Ideas for Improving Your Business Website | Business Improvement |

Your small business website is the online face of your business. But what do you put on your site. Members of the small business community, this week, shared some helpful tips on building a better business website.

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Any business seeking growth via acquiring more customers or clients needs to ensure that their business website performs effectively and attracts the right viewers. Far too many small business websites need reviewing and updating, and one barrier faced by business owners tackling this task, is finding ideas to make their site perform. The ten ideas outlined in this article should greatly assist anyone finding themself in this position.

Cee Cee Miller's curator insight, February 1, 7:50 PM

Your website must always be evolving to stay up on what your audience is seeking.

Paulo Martins's curator insight, February 2, 3:45 AM

A lot of good hints that deserves your time, if you really want to improve the performance of your business website.

Linda Buckmaster's curator insight, February 2, 4:31 AM

Your business website isn’t just a place for potential customers to learn about your business and potentially make purchases. It’s the face of your business, an arm of your online marketing plan, and so much more.

This article will help you to improve your website with useful tips and links from members of the small business community.

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How To Create An Effective Unique Value Proposition 

How To Create An Effective Unique Value Proposition  | Business Improvement |

A step-by-step process for attracting, converting and monetising the most profitable customers in your market. Let’s start with a simple premise: all customers are not created equal.  Some are dramatically more profitable than others.

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In order to succeed in a highly competitive world, your business needs to stand out from the crowd, preferably because it offers an unique value proposition that customers reward with their business. Creating an unique value proposition for your business, requires a degree of expertise that few business owners possess, so a good guide to this process can be invaluable. The suggestions contained in this article should be very helpful to any business owner seeking to create their own unique value proposition that will pull customers to their business.

Elías Manuel Sánchez Castañeda's curator insight, January 25, 1:03 PM

Most small and medium enterprises have the weakness that does not have a marketing system that produces income to make the company competitive and profitable. One reason is that companies want to sell to everyone, but most of the products and services required to segment the market, for which you need to have identified the ideal customer and have an effective and unique value proposition. Daniel Watson shares with us the link to a infographics that in summary presents key issues, thanks Daniel !!!!!

Mike Allen's curator insight, January 27, 3:43 AM

Old wisdom but not outdated. It is vital to get the basics right

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10 Traits of Highly Successful Speakers

10 Traits of Highly Successful Speakers | Business Improvement |
Years of coaching, training, studying and presenting have taught me a really important lesson about speaking in public; it really is a myth that great speakers are born that way. Like any other skill the highly successful speakers have learned their craft. Having spoken and worked with many of them to establish exactly what it takes to truly connect with an audience and speak with impact here’s what I’ve learned.

Via Mindful Presenter
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As a business owner, the better you are at speaking in public, the more opportunities you will see opening up to you to effectively promote your business offerings to audiences interested in what you have to sell. Simply put, good speakers are in high demand and as public speaking is a learned skill, there is no excuse for a business owner to be a poor public speaker. This article does a good job at outlining the key traits you need to exhibit to match it with the best when it comes to public speaking.

rodrick rajive lal's curator insight, January 22, 11:39 AM

This is an interesting article that will help fine tune skills in public speaking. Public speaking is a skill that few of us are born with. But for those who would like to develop it into a craft, it would require them to submit themselves to a process of training!

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130 Ways to Get More Website Traffic

130 Ways to Get More Website Traffic | Business Improvement |
Examples, details for each tactic, and a spreadsheet to help you decide the best traffic channels to go after
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Build it and they will come is a fallacy when it comes to attracting visitors to any business website. If you want to increase the volume of traffic visiting your website, you will need to work hard in many different ways, and monitor the effect of each attempt to increase traffic. Often working out ways to generate more traffic is the most difficult aspect of the task, and this problem is completely removed by this excellent and comprehensive guide. One to save and revisit often.

Denise Gabbard's curator insight, January 16, 8:33 AM

Your website does you no good if no one visits it! This article gives you a comprehensive look at ways to get more eyeballs on your site, including which avenues are best for you to focus your time and effort on.