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Smart content calendar and library

Project manage your content operations.
Publish consistently across all your channels. Audit your content inventory.

Smart content marketing calendar CMA

Blogs, ebooks, social media, newsletters… Content marketers have a lot on their plate.

How do you manage that complexity without dropping the ball? Content Director


Content marketing automation for ROI-driven marketers.

Make it easier to reach your content goals.

Define your content objectives through simple rules. Your smart calendar instantly highlights when content needs to be scheduled for your blog, social channels and newsletters.

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All your content at a glance

See your entire content plan day by day and week by week across all your channels: blogs, social and email.


Drive consistency

Know exactly where you stand and how far you are from delivering your content marketing plan.



Never miss a deadline again. Simply click on the missing content slots in red to take action and fill in the gaps.


Get everyone aligned on your content plan.

Spreadsheets are messy, not very convincing and it’s easy to get lost in them.

Bring clarity to you and your team through a crystal-clear, color-coded editorial calendar that’s updated in real time.

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Synchronized with your website

Your smart calendar seamlessly synchronizes with your WordPress, HubSpot or Drupal CMS so that it’s always up-to-date.


Rule all your channels

Get visibility on all your channels: websites, blogs, content mini-sites, all your social channels and even email.


Past, present and future

Easily see how you did last week. Compare with your performance this week. Or plan next month’s content.

Collaborate with easy-to-use publishing workflows.

Manage contributions from your team, freelancers or contributors from your community.
Share visibility with them on your content plan, make it possible for them to submit drafts while retaining control over what gets effectively published.

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User Roles

Assign contribution rights to users to let them either suggest curated content or contribute drafts.



Let contributors create drafts of either curated or original posts. Define deadlines in your content calendar.


Validation process

Review and edit drafts: Content Director will schedule them as soon as you give your validation.

content marketing strategy map

Document your content strategy. Map it in real time.

Ensuring your content addresses your buyers’ questions and interests for all stages of the funnel is key to drive results.

Keep your content production aligned with your strategy.

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Define your strategy

Define buyer personas, audience interests and funnel stages.


Tag existing content

Tag your existing content by persona, interest and funnel stage.

Plan new content

Visualize what’s missing to your strategy. Plan new content to fill the gaps.

Centralize your content inventory. Content Director synchronizes with your blog, website, social channels and email system so you can manage all your content assets from the same data base. Your content library is automatically indexed in real-time with rich meta-data and performance metrics so you can have an understanding of your content operations like never before.

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Centralize your content inventory in Content Director



Make all of your content instantly searchable. Filter by keyword, format, channel or performance metrics such as generated traffic, shares and leads.



Get a much better understanding of your content inventory. Visualize the promotion and performance history of each post.



Update and optimize blog posts. Re-share successful evergreen content.

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