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Two years sharing ideas that matter to 100 million people -- Noc. 4, 2013

As turns two today, we are excited to share a great milestone: we’re only a few weeks away from reaching 100 million cumulated unique visitors on the platform! That’s right: 100 million different people have been to to discover the awesome content of our amazing community of curators. How much content you ask? Well, a few months ago we counted 50 million curated pieces.

When we started working on, the horizon wasn’t that far. Out of a failed project, we needed to be quick to apply the lessons that we had learned.

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The Newest Version of Welcome to the Meritoc[u]racy -- Oct. 2, 2013

We built to make it easy and rewarding to share ideas that matter.

Ideas matter: they make all of us, individuals, businesses and societies, progress. Sharing ideas is equally important as creating them: it honors the creators; it enriches the recipients; and it also benefits the “passers”, who enhance their reputation through propagation of wisdom.

Read more Launches A Social Curation App For The iPad -- Sept. 5, 2013 | Techcrunch, a startup that helps users highlight interesting content (and, implicitly, their own knowledge in the field), is bringing its social curation tools to the iPad today with the launch of a new app.

The company asks users to build topic pages where they aggregate relevant content (we’ve described these pages as “your own digital magazine“). Those pages are viewable on, shareable on social networks, and SEO-optimized. Plus, other users can follow those pages.

Read more for iPad -- Sept. 5, 2013 | Ubergizmo is a popular content curation website that lets people build their own online publication using articles found across multiple sources on the Internet. In a few clicks, individuals and companies are able to collect and comment on numerous articles on the topics they are interested in...Today, the company launched its brand new iPad application that offers a few new features and a user experience optimized for the touch interface.

Read more Launches iPad App to Make You an Armchair Publisher -- Sept. 5, 2013 |

Today, San Francisco startup launched an iPad app to help you find content to share with your community.

Brands and individuals can create pages, your own personal publications made up of interesting articles, videos, and photos you find around the web. These pages are useful for content marketing or just showcasing your expertise on a topic.

Read more for iPad brings social curation and publishing opportunities galore -- Sept. 5, 2013 | TabTimes

Back in the mid-1980s, Apple's Macintosh helped launch a new industry, desktop publishing. Can the iPad similarly be the device of choice for a new generation of content creators? sure hopes so. The company today released the first iPad app version of its social curation platform with an eye toward turning content consumers into content creators.

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Steve Jobs Stole Your Thunder -- Now What? Lessons On Reinvention -- Aug. 2, 2013 | Forbes

Imagine that it’s early 1964, and you’re in a band of four guys who have a knack for very catchy tunes—and you’ve even got a distinct look, performing in suits while sporting moptops. You know it’s just a matter of time before Destiny calls you onto the big stage. But then you turn on the Ed Sullivan show one night, and you realize that someone’s beaten you to your dream.

What’s next, then?

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The Rise Of The Smart Web: New Hope For Finding Your Audience -- Aug. 2, 2013 | Forbes

At long last, sanity and clarity may be coming to the Internet. “We’ve had the ‘fun web’ and the ‘beautiful web,’ San Francisco-based tech entrepreneur Guillaume Decugis tells me. “Now we’re moving from that to thinking about a new era of the ‘smart web.’”

Decugis, a native of France, is co-founder and CEO of, a site that allows users to quickly find and contribute the most helpful information to a global dialogue.

Read more raises $2.6M to turn anyone into a publisher -- Jul. 30, 2013 | VentureBeat has scooped up $2.6 million to mold vast amounts of Internet content into more manageable form.

The company combines semantic analysis with human curation to help brands publish relevant content. Its technology crawls 10 million pages across the Web, analyzes it, and makes personalized content suggestions for users based on their areas of interest. Users pick and choose the items they find interesting or relevant and publish them to their personal or organizational site.

Read more Inc. raises $2.6 million -- Jul. 30, 2013 | San Fransisco Business Time

Sixteen-employee startup Inc. raised $2.6 million in venture funding.

The San Francisco company has an office in Toulouse, France. It makes software to help people search the Internet for content they are interested in and share it with others. The idea is not only to help users beef up their social web presence, but also to make the Internet "a smarter, more organized place for everyone."

Read more Integrates with MailChimp for Curated Newsletters -- Mar. 12, 2013 | SocialTimes has integrated with MailChimp to give content curators a way to build an audience for their digital magazines through email newsletters.

“Curators add context to content,” explained marketing director Arabella Santiago in a recent phone interview. Founded in 2010,’s platform helps people create topic pages out of subjects like technology, science, business, and the arts based on content aggregated from the web.

Read more Partners with Mailchimp for Easy Email Newsletters -- Mar. 12, 2013 | TechCocktail

Today, partnered with MailChimp to help brands create easy email newsletter campaigns. The San Francisco startup originally let brands find related articles and turn them into curated online magazines. Now, users can grow their audience not just online but over email. And MailChimp users can stop stressing over what to put in their newsletters. This is available for free on on MailChimp’s free plan.

Read more Partnering with Mailchimp for Easier Newsletters -- Mar. 12, 2013 | FastCompany

Scoop.It, the site that allows users to make and share their own topical "magazines", is partnering with email marketing site MailChimp to make it easier to deliver newsletters with curated content from their Scoop.It pages.

"Most businesses and professionals struggle to simply create one relevant newsletter per month,” said Guillaume Decugis, CEO and co-founder of in a press release.

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Music exec lets businesses orchestrate networks -- Jan. 11, 2013 | San Francisco Business Journal

When Guillaume Decugis founded in 2010, he wanted to create a social media platform that allows businesses to stand out in an increasingly crowded online world.

Publicly launched with $10 million in venture funding in November 2011, is a professional, business-oriented version of Pinterest. Users make digital magazines where they “curate” information and links about specific topics, such as urban decay photography or the use of iPads in education. It’s a chance for individuals and businesses to show off their knowledge and relevance in their fields.

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With 5M Monthly Visitors, Debuts Redesign to Help Professionals Curate News -- Dec. 13, 2012 | Humayun Khan

For professionals looking to create a personal brand around their topics of expertise or SMBs and freelancers looking to create a content marketing strategy without creating original content, San Francisco-based has a solution. The company recently released a redesign of its content curation platform, adding features that give individuals and businesses the ability to better position themselves as thought leaders and discover new content relating to their respective fields or interests.

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Content Curation Startup,, Rolls Out Big New Redesign To Help Businesses & Pros Increase Their Visibility Online - Dec. 12, 2012 | by Rip Empson launched last November to give anyone and everyone the ability to create their own digital magazines — to aggregate and distribute content from across ye olde Internets according to their particular interests — not unlike Pressly or OnSwipe. In December, the startup released its first mobile app and has since been adding integrations with services like Hootsuite, SlideShare and Buffer to expand its reach into social media marketing.

Read more Building a Community of Curators Sharing “Ideas that Matter” -- Oct. 04, 2012 | By David Weir

When we first looked at, soon after it launched in late 2011, we described it as “a one-click publishing platform that allows curators to publish beautiful online magazines.”

Today, while that description still holds true, appears to be evolving into a community of content curators who follow – not each other – but each other’s topics.

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Developer Spotlight: -- Nov. 8, 2012 | By Anthony Limjuco

Author’s note: This is the first in a series of blog posts showcasing developers using our APIs and highlighting best practices. is a social media publishing tool that helps you reach interest-based audiences by enabling you to easily curate content on a given topic. With, you can find relevant content faster, edit it easily and publish it in 1-click to engage your followers and acquire new ones via social discovery. Unlike similar tools, is uniquely organized around topics as opposed to the curators themselves.

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HootSuite adds Reddit, StumbleUpon and more to its ever-growing App Directory -- Oct. 30, 2012 | By Paul Sawers

Social media management dashboard HootSuite has announced a slew of new additions to its App Directory, with Reddit, StumbleUpon,, Nexalogy, and jumping on board.

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Hold The Front Page (‘Til Later): Buffer Partners With News Curation Service -- Sep. 19, 2012 | By Steve O’Hear

Courtesy of a new partnership with Buffer, users of the ‘make-your-own-online-magazine’-styled service,, can now schedule social media updates at the same time as they curate their topic-based news. As is now traditional with just about every new Buffer integration, I’m told that the tie-in with was a much requested feature by users.

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Sept. 5, 2013 – Launches iPad App Merging Consumption and Creation through Content Curation


Jul. 30, 2013 – Raises $2.6 Million; Appoints New Executive – VP of Monetization – from Hightail


May 23, 2013 – Partners with Yammer to Help Millions of Professionals Share Knowledge


Mar. 12, 2013 – Integrates with MailChimp to Make Email and Content Marketing Easier for Millions of Professionals and Businesses


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50 words lets you share ideas that matter and shine on the Web through beautiful topic pages. Collect relevant content and add your insight to attract an avid audience. As a social media and content curation publishing platform, gives you an effective and efficient way to build your Online presence.

100 words lets you share ideas that matter and shine on the Web through beautiful topic pages. Collect relevant content and add your insight to attract an avid audience. Whether you’re a professional or educator representing a business or nonprofit, will help you efficiently and effectively build your online presence. is a one-stop-shop for social media and content curation publishing. When you post on your topic page, you can easily share to your social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Advance analytics available on Pro and customizable pages, post scheduling and Wordpress integration available on Business.


About our CEO

Guillaume Decugis is the CEO & co-founder of, the publishing-by-curation platform based in San Francisco. Guillaume’s previous company, Musiwave, became the leading Mobile Music Service Provider in Europe and was sold to Microsoft for $120 million in 2006. Guillaume also launched Goojet, a mobile social media which topped 1m downloads in France at the end of 2010. He graduated with a Masters in Engineering at Stanford University

Guilluame has spoken at numerous conferences on technology and the future of the Web. Click on the links below for some of his interviews:

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