BYOD School Tells Students, "Buy a Calculator Because You Can Cheat with Your iPads!" | Technology in Education |

Can you believe this? 


My daughter goes to a 20th century school that mistakingly thinks it embraces 21st century learning simply because it allows students to bring their own device. This is particularly frustrating to me since I speak on this very subject at schools and conferences around the country. 


"Daddy, I need to buy a scientific calculator for math class!" I respond, "Oh sweetie, you're so cute. No one with a brand new iPad mini needs to buy a physical calculator any more. Just tell me what functions you need it to do and I'll help you find the right app." To which she says, "No. We're not allowed to use our iPads or phones. The teacher says we can cheat that way by texting, IMing, or emailing answers to each other." *facepalm*


I would like to crowdsource here and ask for comments as to how to best deliver my email to this school's academic director.


Thanks in advance!