Managing Crops for Climate Change Can Also Manage Pests | SRI Global News: Nov. 2023 - Jan. 2024 ** -- System of Rice Intensification |

Emphasis in the literature is placed on cropping practices that may help to mitigate or improve crop resistance to the abiotic effects of climate change, such as drought, temperature, or erosion from increased frequency of storm events. However, climate change is also predicted to affect the biological communities in cropping systems.

Fortunately, a review of the recent literature found that many of the agricultural practices recommended to mitigate climate change (primarily by reducing greenhouse gas emissions), or to improve crop resilience under climate change conditions, may also help to reduce insect pest pressure... ...Fertilizing crops with manure can also reduce pest populations, or slow their growth, compared to fields in which synthetic fertilizers are applied. The System of Rice Intensification (SRI), a planting strategy for rice fields that spaces plants more widely and reduces the number of times the field is flooded, not only reduces methane emissions from the fields but also reduces infestation by multiple insect pest species.